ASUKA: Super Angel



I was pouring candy into a bowl for tonight's trick or treaters when Asuka raced into the kitchen, wearing her new Supergirl costume.

"Isn't it great, Papa?" beamed Asuka, twirling about in her bright red boots, the pleated scarlet skirt of her costume flaring up to reveal her cotton pink panties underneath.

"You look wonderful, honey," I smiled, lifting Asuka into my arms, my beautiful daughter clinging to my neck.

"Could we have sex now?" blushed Asuka, brushing her glossy lips against my left cheek, her petite teen body snuggling close.

"Sure, honey bunny," I murmured, kissing my little girl's nose, then her soft, sweet lips.

I carried Asuka to my bedroom, then set her down upon the mattress. Asuka sat on her little butt, spreading her ivory legs wide for me, rubbing herself underneath her short skirt, her large blue eyes hot.

I knelt on the bed and started licking Asuka's crimson boots, my daughter giggling as her fingers stroked her puffy cunnie through her cotton underwear. My stroking tongue brushed inside Asuka's splayed thighs, she shivered but continued masturbating, sticking her rubbing fingers inside her panties, moaning as a wet stain spread across the soft cotton.

I reached my daughter's musky-sweet crotch. Lowering my head beneath Asuka's short skirt, I joined her damp fingers in stroking her hot pussy, sucking her swollen labia through her honey-soaked panties, nibbling gently on my little girl's tender clit.

Asuka laid back, tugging up her blue Supergirl tunic, her small, flushed pink breasts heaving while I dragged down her sopping wet panties, moaning when my lips met my daughter's moist sex. I kissed and licked Asuka's dripping, pouty slit, then I slurped hungrily on her delicious labia, my tongue lapping the flows of intoxicating nectar coming from my little girl's vulva.

Asuka wrapped her shivering legs about me, grinding her crotch into my nuzzling face. I tongued my teen daughter to a sobbing climax, then I licked her throbbing pussy clean.

Sitting up with her arms behind her, Asuka smiled at me, her heart-shaped face gleaming with perspiration, her scarlet bangs clinging to her damp forehead.

"Can I suck your cock now, Papa?"

"Uh, huh," I nodded, kneeling up between Asuka's spread-eagled legs, dragging down the tongue of my zipper.

Licking her cherry glossed lips in anticipation, Asuka folded to her bare knees upon my bed and leaned forward, grinning when my erection sprang forth in front of her face. Looking up at me with her bright blue eyes, Asuka puckered her rosebud lips and kissed the beading tip of my prick, she lapped the drops of semen already emerging from my urethra, then she moaned when she wrapped her small mouth about my engorged knob, suckling gently on my aching member.

Groaning in ecstasy, I ran my fingers through Asuka's thick, scarlet hair. I slowly worked my cock through my daughter's sucking mouth, sobbing when my little girl stroked my saliva-soaked meat with her tongue, inflaming my dick and making me shudder in bliss.

Asuka's head pumped faster between my quaking thighs, her drool-wet lips slurping loudly on my gleaming rod. I closed my eyes and moaned when Asuka milked my cock to orgasm, loads of spunk gushing down my teenage daughter's gulping throat.

"That was good, Papa," grinned Asuka, licking fat drops of cum from her cherry lips.

"What position do you want this time, angel?" I panted, caressing my daughter's bright hair.

Asuka's smile turned wicked. "I want to be on top!"

I stretched out on my back, smiling as Asuka worked my belt buckle with her little fingers, then tugged down my jeans. Squatting over my hardening prick, Asuka held up her pleated crimson skirt, her pussy gaping and wet, a puffy pink hole eager to swallow my veined length.

Slowly, Asuka dropped down onto my erection, she whimpered when my cock pushed up through her slick vulva, my knob shoving into my daughter's tight, clenching vagina. Letting her Supergirl skirt fall to her quivering thighs, Asuka put her small palms on my stomach, she began humping my dick, moaning, biting her trembling lip as her teen pussy worked up and down my thick shaft, her juices spilling all over the plunging rod.

I groaned with my daughter's cunt enfolding my jutting member, her vagina squeezing and milking my semen-filled schlong. I cupped Asuka's sweet buttock swells, I started thrusting into my little girl's slurping gash, pumping into Asuka's warm belly, my plunging knob stroking the teen redhead's spongy g-spot, making Asuka squirt love honey all over our grinding, slamming crotches.

Asuka fell onto my chest, her nails dragging over my skin as her little ass bounced up and down to the furious thrusts of my swollen cock. I squeezed my sobbing daughter's luscious little ass, spreading her cheeks apart so her pussy would yawn open wider for my plowing, penetrating dick. Asuka groaned weakly, kissing my heaving chest, her eyes gazing up at me while I humped harder and faster between her splayed teen thighs, our bucking crotches a sticky, cum-drenched mess.

Asuka's blue eyes fluttered when I climaxed inside her young womb, blasting her contracting love passage with my flooding seed, warm stickiness oozing from my daughter's cock-stuffed pussy, running down our sweaty, entwined legs.

"I think you'll have to wash my costume before I go out tonight, Papa," murmured Asuka sleepily, pressing her hot, flushed cheek to my sweat-slick chest, her little fingers trailing in slow circles around my hard nipples.

"I will, baby. Take a nap if you want to."

"Okay..," sighed my daughter, her petite body warm and so very soft lying outstretched over mine. I nuzzled my little girl's musky, scarlet hair, savoring her sweet scent, relishing her flushed pink skin pressed to my naked flesh.

The End