ASUKA: Papa's Girl IV



I was running the vacuum cleaner in Asuka's room when I heard my daughter come in through the front door giggling. I flicked off the cleaner and rolled it out into the hallway just as Asuka appeared with another young teenager trailing behind her.

"Hi, Papa!" grinned Asuka. She stepped aside so I could see her friend more clearly. "This is Rei!"

"Hello, Rei," I smiled. "Dinner won't be for a few hours, would you like a soda or something to snack on?"

"No, thank you, Mr. Soryu," replied Rei softly, meeting my eyes briefly then quickly dropping her gaze.

I noticed that both girls were in sweaty gym clothes, their gray halters clung wetly to their small breasts, their navy blue bloomers were skintight over their pert, little asses.

"We have to use the shower, Papa, they made us work out in school today, to make sure we're still in shape for the Evangelions."

Rei rushed past me, but I managed to snag my small daughter's waist when she tried to race around me.

"You should have let me know we were having company tonight," I chastised Asuka, holding her close to me.

Asuka smiled warmly and ran her nails lightly across my chest. "I'll make it up to you, Papa, I promise."

"Mmm, that sounds interesting," I grinned, before I lifted Asuka up and kissed her on the mouth.

Asuka wrapped her thin legs around my waist, she hugged my neck, kissing me with equal fervor, her tongue a wet, teasing thing over mine. We both laughed after our mouths parted, our lips moist with each other's saliva. I gave my little girl a tight hug, then I set her down so she could clean up. While Asuka slipped free of my arms, I noticed Rei standing in the doorway of Asuka's room, watching me with an unreadable expression.


Since it was a Friday night, I treated the girls to pizza and videos. As we watched TV in the living room, Asuka climbed into my lap and snuggled against me, I snaked my arms around my girl's little waist, I kissed her soft, shampoo-scented, red hair, then I simply relished having Asuka in my embrace, I rested my cheek atop her head while we watched the movie, then my gaze strayed to Rei, she sat motionless in my oversized leather armchair, her slim legs dangling, her cool eyes intent upon the TV screen. Every few moments, Rei would glance at me and Asuka, her lips would thin, then she would look at the TV again.

Asuka squirmed until I let her go, she hopped off my lap, heading down the hall for the bathroom.

Rei slipped off the leather easychair, she crossed the carpet to me, then knelt by the couch I lay out upon.

"Do you have sex with Asuka, Mr. Soryu?" asked the pale girl without warning.

I coughed in surprise, my heart suddenly pounding like a drum.

"Why, no, of course not!" I stammered, my cheeks flaming.

"Asuka told me you do, she was very descriptive," countered Rei, her stare unwavering.

"She shouldn't have done that, I'll have to have a very long talk with her about making up stories!"

"I won't tell anyone, Mr. Soryu," said Rei softly, laying a small, cool hand on my right thigh. "I..I was would have sex with me."

"You're just a young girl, Rei, I'm as old as your father."

Tears suddenly welled in Rei's eyes. "I..I have no father."

Rei hugged me, I tried to soothe her with soft words and by stroking her silky, light blue hair, but nothing I did seemed to calm her. Then, I felt Rei's fingers on the zipper of my jeans, she dragged the tongue down, then her cool fingers were inside my shorts, fondling my limp cock.

" shouldn't do that, honey," I groaned as my prick became stiffer, quickly bulging beneath my straining jeans.

"Is this how Asuka does it?" smiled Rei wickedly, looking up at me with her bright, golden eyes, then turning away as she drew out my erection, her small, soft lips enfolding the head of my shaft, her little tongue flicking out, stroking my tingling prick tip.

I buried my right hand in Rei's thick, pale blue hair as her head dropped, her face pressed into my crotch, her tight throat gulping down every swelling inch of my cock. While Rei slurped wetly on my jutting member, I hiked up her white t-shirt, pinched one of her little pink nipples to stiffness, making Rei moan softly around the meat stuffed inside her drooling mouth.

Asuka giggled and jumped onto the couch. "I knew Papa would let you!"

I gasped and shivered while my daughter and her friend took turns sucking and licking my thick pole. The girls pulled off their t-shirts, then they tongued each other before lowering both of their puckered, moist mouths to my aching cock, each girl rubbing one side of my veined meat with her tender, wet lips.

Rei climbed onto my shoulders, I tugged down her bloomers, then nuzzled my face between her creamy, ivory thighs. Rei's pussy was bald and puffy-lipped, I licked the teen's clit to hardness, then I lathered both of Rei's swollen labia with my dripping tongue. I groaned inside Rei's musky twat, Asuka was sucking off my cock fiercely, I climaxed uncontrollably, filling my daughter's mouth with warm, salty jizz. Rei combed her fingers through my dark hair as I ate out her sweet virgin pussy, plunging my tongue deep into the young girl's wet cunnie.

When my meat was hard again, I rolled Rei off of me. I positioned both naked teens on the couch with their little asses lifted up high, their hairless pink cunnies gleaming with their honey. Rei and Asuka kissed each other while I fondled their hiked up, luscious buttocks, then I cradled my heavy cock and rubbed the oozing head up and down my daughter's pouty twat, Asuka sighed with pleasure, then she squealed when I shoved my cock deep into her slick, clenched vagina. I bucked against my little girl's ass for a few minutes, relishing how tight and slippery Asuka's snatch was, my palms lightly spanking my daughter's bobbing ass. When Rei looked at me over Asuka's rocking shoulder, her golden eyes begging, I slowly drew my dripping prick out of my daughter's sucking pussy, I brought my meat up to Rei's gaping love hole, I set the engorged tip of my shaft onto the pink, wet mouth of the pale teen's cunnie, then I carefully penetrated Rei's constricting vagina, tearing through the young girl's hymen as gently as I could.

Rei whimpered as I slipped deeper into her belly. Asuka soothed Rei with hot, hungry kisses, then she brought one of her small, swollen, pink nipples to her friend's quivering lips, Rei latched on to the little tit bud, nibbling on it with her small, ivory teeth, making Asuka shiver in ecstasy while I pumped between Rei's lifted buttocks, the passage through Rei's vagina becoming easier with each long stroke into the naked girl's small womb.

Eventually, I pulled out of Rei so she could rest and so the soreness between her thighs could ease. Asuka flipped over onto her back, she spread her thin legs wide for me, an eager grin on her angelic face. Smiling, I leaned over my naked daughter, I pushed my throbbing cock into her yawning, drooling snatch, then we were humping each other enthusiastically, Rei watching with a grin and lightly fingering her wet cunnie as I sheathed all of my swelling prick inside Asuka's little tummy. Asuka snaked her slick arms around my neck, her legs curled around my flexing thighs as I slapped into my little girl's crotch harder and harder, the couch creaking beneath us while we writhed and bucked against each other. Asuka let go of my neck, she lay back and arched her spine, her pelvis thrusting out, her soaked pussy lifting to be impaled by my stabbing cock. I held Asuka's small waist, pounding into her, driving my prick deep. Rei leaned over, she suckled on Asuka's gleaming left breast, stroking with her little pink tongue, lips pinching, sucking the tiny cherry nipple until it was swollen with blood.

Asuka arched her back until she was nearly folded over double, her spread-eagled legs quaked when I exploded inside her, pale cream spilling out of her cock-filled young sex, running over her trembling buttocks to drip onto the couch.

I pulled out of my limp daughter and panted, watching Rei lower her head between Asuka's splayed legs, Rei's tongue lapping at the salty cum dribbling out of my little girl's pouting cunnie. Spent and sore, I left the girls to their love play while I cleaned up and went to bed.