ASUKA: Papa's Girl III



Asuka Climbs Into My Bed
I was lying awake on my bed, arms crossed beneath my head, staring at the dark ceiling, listening to my beating heart in the silence.
A week had passed since my illicit tonguing of my young daughter in the shower. During the past week, I had applied ointment to Asuka's many bruises, rubbing down my sweet girl every night before bed, Asuka lying so compliantly still for me upon her bare tummy, her naked, nubile body laid out before me as I rubbed healing ointment over every inch of Asuka's warm, satin-soft skin, her small hips that were filling out so quickly, the little, perky swells of her pubescent buttocks, firm from constant training and workouts, so lush even with the raw bruising that still marred both cheeks.
The nightly rub-downs had been sensual from the very beginning, Asuka would sometimes look over one of her bare shoulders at me, her large, blue eyes shining, she held me with that bright, sparkling gaze as I adorned her small body with ointment, vigorously rubbing the perfumed oil down her spine, cupping and squeezing my daughter's small ass mounds, coating them with ointment as I worked and kneaded them.
Recalling those flushed, heart-racing nights, I slipped my right hand underneath my single bedsheet, I found my hard, aching member and began stroking it, savoring every memory of Asuka's small body beneath my caressing hands, her skin hot and slick from the ointment, the little sighs she would make when I rubbed down her slender thighs and let oil drip between her tiny buttocks to cling to the petals of her teenage sex.
I must have moaned louder than I thought, because a few moments after I started jerking off, my bedroom door creaked open. Asuka stood in the doorway, bright, fiery hair cascading down her small shoulders, her lean, petite body covered by a light yellow sleeping gown that ended at her milky thighs, just a little hint of her pink cotton panties peeking from beneath the short gown's lacy hem.
"Are you alright, Papa?" murmured Asuka, rubbing her drowsy blue eyes.
"I'm okay, baby, go back to sleep," I urged, bringing my right hand out from beneath the bedsheet and smoothing it to cover the bulge of my erection as best I could.
"I want to sleep with you, Papa," grinned Asuka sleepily, padding across my bedroom on bare feet, then tossing back the bedsheet to climb in next to me.
I gritted my teeth when I saw Asuka's eyes widen, she stared at my stiff cock poking against my briefs.
"Papa, you're so hard!" giggled Asuka. My daughter's bright blue eyes narrowed wickedly, "Were you dreaming about me?"
" course not, honey," I blushed, coughing to cover my embarrassment. "Now you just settle in there and go back to sleep, you've got school tomorrow."
Asuka laid back and watched me while I tucked her in with the bedsheet. I leaned down and kissed Asuka softly on the lips, suddenly, my small daughter's pale arms were around my neck, she pressed her mouth hard against mine, her sweet pink lips parted, then her tongue was brushing across my mouth, her breath warm upon my trembling lips.
I began to jerk back, then I stopped, I returned my daughter's kiss, my fingers combing through her soft, crimson hair, my body pressing against hers, our mouths sucking, our tongues stroking and exploring.
"No, Papa..don't stop!" panted Asuka when I tore myself away from her. I sat up beside my teenage girl, gasping for air, my face burning, my lips quivering, I licked them, I could still taste Asuka upon them..her tongue rubbing mine..
" better go back to your room, baby. It's a bad idea for you to sleep with me, you're too grown for that."
"I am grown, Papa, I'm a woman, and I want you to make love to me."
Asuka slipped her little right hand underneath the bedsheet, I gasped when she touched my throbbing prick. My young daughter smiled up at me while she fondled and squeezed my pulsating erection, I leaned back against the headboard of my bed, moaning, biting down hard upon my trembling lower lip as Asuka caressed my cock with her tiny, cool fingers, her small body reclining against mine, her enormous blue eyes drawing me in, drowning me in twin, storm-tossed seas of azure.
I could finally breathe again when Asuka lowered her hypnotic gaze. Feeling dizzy and disoriented, I groaned when I felt Asuka's little lips enfolding the swollen tip of my cock.
"!" I moaned, burying my shaking fingers in my daughter's thick red hair while she swallowed half the length of my jutting prick, her tongue stroking the throbbing veins until I thought I would explode inside her little mouth that instant. Moaning softly around my thick shaft, Asuka closed her eyes and began bobbing her small head, slurping upon my stiff manhood, her saliva cascading down my member's length to the black curls of my pubes, her little cool fingers wrapped snugly around the bulging base of my cock.
Shuddering, my prick on fire, swelling with a rush of mounting seed, I couldn't help myself, I started thrusting into my young daughter's tight, sucking mouth. Asuka's twinkling blue eyes opened, she looked at me, smug and satisfied that I was succumbing to her advances. While she continued to eagerly devour my cock, Asuka reached up and tugged my clenching right hand from her bright scarlet tresses, she guided my twitching fingers to her crotch, she shoved my hand inside her pink panties, my fingers pressed against her hot, wet cunnie.
I started to rub my daughter's damp pussy while she went down on me, completely swallowing my cock down her slim throat, her saliva completely soaking my prick, her tongue coaxing my rushing seed from my trembling balls to the moist, puckered opening of my hard manhood.
When Asuka tasted my pre-cum, she raised her beautiful young face from my shivering crotch, she licked her wet lips slowly, her little hands stroking my meat, keeping it hard and engorged.
"Take off my panties, Papa," whispered Asuka huskily, tossing her long, crimson mane over her small shoulders.
I obediently pulled down my teen daughter's honey-stained panties, I had to stop at her knees where she knelt upon the bed.
Freeing her left hand from my stiff shaft, Asuka slipped her lowered panties down her calves and over her raised ankles, she tossed the balled up underwear to the bedroom floor, then she stood up on my bed to straddle my extended legs, she squatted over my erection, reaching between her splayed legs to open the gleaming pink lips of her small, hairless pussy.
"Please,'s not right..," I begged.
Grinnng like an imp, Asuka lowered herself onto my stiff cock, she whimpered as my hard shaft pushed up through her vagina, penetrating her, thrusting up into her little quaking tummy, splitting her in two.
Leaning forward with her open palms pushing against my heaving chest, Asuka started humping me, her little ass bouncing, soft moans and sighs falling from her pouting lips as she rode my impaling spear.
I threw my head back, panting, groaning while my daughter fucked me, my grasping hands finding Asuka's bucking ass, I squeezed her warm, taut cheeks, pulling Asuka to me, slamming her soaked twat harder against my cock, sheathing myself to the balls within my wanton little girl.
Asuka's trembling arms found their way around my neck again, we clung to each other as we writhed and humped, cum-drenched crotches slapping together, my hands roaming over my teen daughter's shivering little ass. Asuka was staring down at me, drooling over my panting mouth. I raised my flushed face to my daughter's, our mouths locked together, we shared tongues, saliva, and hot breath, even as Asuka humped me faster and harder, grinding her sucking young pussy between my parted thighs, her moist, soft-walled vagina contracting around my thick shaft, squeezing, milking, until I exploded inside her, gushing warm cream deep into Asuka's shuddering tummy.
Exhausted, Asuka remained on top of me, her head resting on my working chest, her thin, ivory arms coiled around my neck, her warm, wet pussy still filled with my spent member. I gently squeezed one of Asuka's luscious buttocks, I kissed her damp red hair, she murmured something and snuggled against me, a lustful angel finally tired enough to sleep. With my free arm I hugged my sleeping daughter's small waist, I relished the warmth of her petite body lying over mine, drew in deep the musky, arousing scent of my teenage girl. From that moment on, I knew that I would never refuse Asuka anything, I would love her in any way she wanted.