ASUKA: Papa's Girl II



Mr. Soryu stalked across his living room, hands clenched and white behind his back, teeth gritted as he impatiently waited for his teenage daughter to come home. When the soft knocking sounded upon the front door, Mr. Soryu fairly ran to the entry foyer and threw open the door.

Asuka slowly lowered her hand, her pale fingers still curled into a tiny fist. The young girl lowered her face, thick red bangs dropped to veil her blushing features, she clutched her school satchel in both small hands, she visibly trembled beneath her father's gaze.

Mr. Soryu draped his left arm around his daughter's small shoulders, he pulled her into the house before closing the door, he could hear Asuka's sniffles, her short frame was taut as a drawn wire, ready to snap in an instant.

"I was getting worried, you come home from school later and later," admonished Mr. Soryu gently, kneeling in front of Asuka and enfolding her pale, clenched hands with his own.

"Oshi Sensei ordered me to stay after homeroom class again," murmured Asuka, her tremulous voice barely audible as she tried to stifle a pain-wracked sob.

When Asuka's father let go of her hands to cup her tiny, quivering chin, Asuka let her school satchel fall to the living room floor, she hugged her kneeling father's neck tightly, crying uncontrollably into Mr. Soryu's left shoulder.

"It's's okay, baby," soothed Asuka's father, wrapping the small girl in his arms, then freezing when Asuka flinched from his caressing fingers.

"What's wrong, Asuka-chan?" frowned Mr. Soryu, gently drawing back his arms from his weeping daughter.

Asuka's glowing cheeks burned brighter, she dropped her wide blue eyes to the floor again, her little breasts heaving underneath her white school blouse. "N..nothing, Papa."

Asuka shivered but didn't move to stop her father when he reached out to unbutton her blouse. Tugging the open shirt from his daughter's small, pale shoulders, Mr. Soryu sucked in a ragged breath when he beheld the angry purple bruises covering Asuka's small body, the long welts across her young, just budding breasts, the bruised flesh of her wrists, and the burning marks over her quaking tummy and alabaster thighs.

"How long has this been going on?" demanded Mr. Soryu in a deathly soft whisper.

"A couple months," sniffled Asuka, wiping at her wet eyes.

"You are not to 'stay after class' with Oshi Sensei again, is that understood, Asuka?" said Mr. Soryu sternly, his brown eyes boring into his daughter's blue. "You tell him if he ever touches you again, I'll tell the school board all about his extra-curricular activities? Neh?"

"Hai, Papa," nodded Asuka, a fragile smile forming upon her slightly bruised pink lips.

Mr. Soryu sniffed, "I know one little girl who needs a good shower. Go clean up, I'll fix you something to eat."

Asuka's father watched his daughter pad on tiny sock-covered feet down the hallway into the bathroom. Standing up, Mr. Soryu picked up Asuka's satchel and set in on the nearby couch before heading into the kitchen to make Asuka a sandwich. When the simple meal was ready, Mr. Soryu poured two glasses of milk, then sipped from one of the glasses, listening to Asuka switch on the shower.

"Papa!" called Asuka from the steaming bathroom.

Mr. Soryu set down his glass and quickly walked down the hallway to the open bathroom door.

"What's wrong, honey?" inquired Soryu-san, peering through the clouds of steam wafting from the hissing shower stall.

"I..I need some help..," stammered Asuka from the mist.

Rolling back the sleeves of his shirt, Mr. Soryu entered the warm, misty bathroom and waited before the closed glass door of the shower. Asuka slid the beading glass door aside, she stood naked beneath the shower spray, her little hands holding a lathered bar of soap between her welt-adorned young tits.

" hurts to soap my back, Papa. Could you do it?" asked Asuka, gazing up at her father with her large, bright, blue eyes.

"Hai, Asuka-chan," smiled Soryu-san, taking the slippery soap bar from his naked daughter and turning her so he could easily reach her bare, dripping back.

Mr. Soryu's face grew furious when he saw the ugly assortment of bruises and welts that practically covered almost every inch of Asuka's back from nape to the small swells of her little buttocks. Both of Asuka's trembling buttocks were themselves a uniform angry purple, Soryu-san could understand why his daughter was having so much difficulty in the shower, he wondered how she could move at all with the pain she must be suffering.

Applying the soap with extreme tenderness, Asuka's father lathered her back and small ass slowly, halting whenever his daughter squeaked in pain. When Asuka was completely soaped, Soryu-san gently laid his hands on the young girl's little hips and turned her again so that the hot shower spray could rinse her creamy flesh and soothe the many hurts covering her back and rump.

"Arigato, Papa," smiled Asuka, leaning forward to give her father a soft kiss on the mouth.

Soryu-san returned his young daughter's affectionate kiss, their lips lingered together, Asuka stuck out the tip of her pink tongue, licking her father's lower lip.

With his hands still resting upon his daughter's slick hips, Mr. Soryu brushed his ravenous mouth upon Asuka's pale throat, he lowered his flushed face to his naked little girl's perky pubescent breasts, he pressed his lips between his daughter's dripping little tits, licking her clean, luscious, young skin.

"Papa...," moaned Asuka, draping her slim, pale arms over her father's shoulders, hugging his head to her shivering, wet chest while her sire licked the warm cleft between her small, aching breasts.

"My beautiful Asuka..," breathed Mr. Soryu over his daughter's naked, shower-soaked skin before he started planting warm kisses down the young girl's body, his lips caressing her trembling tummy, the puffy, bruised, hairless mound of Asuka's pouting cunnie.

"Papa..!" panted Asuka, burying her little fingers in her father's thick, dark brown hair while he kissed and licked her tender, throbbing pussy, his outstretched tongue flicking past the soft pink folds of his young daughter's wet labia, delving inside Asuka's quivering teenage snatch, tasting the gathering honey within.

Asuka clung desperately to her father's head, her little hips bucking as Mr. Soryu slurped deeper inside his naked daughter's honey-drenched love hole, his covetous arms snaking around Asuka's small waist, squeezing her dripping young body to him. Asuka writhed against her father, throwing her head back, letting her long, fiery red hair slap down her arched spine, her lithe body shuddering, quaking in the arms of her sire as he sucked and licked her hot, gushing pussy to orgasm, his eager, wet lips capturing every sweet droplet of vaginal nectar that flowed from his moaning girl-child's melting pink twat.

"Are you ready for some food, Asuka-chan?" murmured Mr. Soryu over his panting daughter's sleek left thigh, the girl's honey covering his gleaming lips.

"Uh, huh," nodded Asuka impishly, her little fingers running over her father's wet shirt as he climbed back to his feet, her big blue eyes glittering with excitement and desire.