ASUKA: Papa's Girl



When I opened the front door of my apartment I frowned, I could hear the water running in the kitchen, there were the distinct sounds of dishes being washed.

I closed the door behind me and noticed the two stuffed satchel bags bearing the NERV logo. That could only mean one thing, my daughter was here.

"Asuka?" I called out, dropping my briefcase and rushing across the living room to my apartment's small kitchen.

"Hi, Papa!" grinned Asuka widely, standing next to the sink in a white, frilled apron, soap up to her elbows from her washing.

"Asuka!" I smiled, opening my arms for the small girl who rushed to hug me tightly.

I nuzzled Asuka's bright red hair and held her close, savoring her small body against mine, the sweet smell of her soft hair. Asuka had grown a few inches in the year she had stayed in Japan, I could feel the swell of her little breasts on my stomach, her hips were a little rounder, but she was still as slender as a reed, and so beautiful I could barely breathe.

"How long can you stay, honey?" I whispered, kissing the top of Asuka's head.

"A week, Papa," sighed Asuka, still holding me firmly, her cheek resting on my stomach. "I missed you terribly."

"And I missed you, little one," I murmured, stroking Asuka's long, scarlet hair.

Looking a little closer at Asuka, I finally noticed her lack of clothing, she was naked except for the apron tied around her small waist.

"Do the Japanese go around naked in their homes? I had no idea," I said, placing my hands on Asuka's little shoulders and holding her out before me.

Asuka's cheeks turned crimson, but she looked up at me intently with her brilliant, blue eyes.

"I'm a woman now, Papa."

"Really?" I countered, raising one eyebrow. "When did this happen?"

"I've been through alot while I was working for NERV, Papa. I'm much more mature," frowned Asuka, crossing her thin arms beneath her small breasts.

"I can see that," I agreed, the corners of my lips curving upward. "I'm very proud that you've grown into a mature, brave, young woman."

"I am a grown woman, Papa!" insisted Asuka, snatching the hem of her apron and pulling it up. "See?"

I could see my daughter's pussy quite well. It was still pink and puffy-lipped, but now a small tuft of red pubic hair adorned the top just above her tiny clitoris. I looked up from Asuka's crotch and met her blue eyes again, she was quite excited and defiant.

"You have a very pretty pussy, Asuka," I complimented.

"Did you see this?" demanded Asuka, scratching her fingers through her small red bush.

"Yes, honey. Very nice."

Asuka pouted. "You're making fun of me, aren't you, Papa?"

"Maybe a little, I'm sorry," I smiled, stroking the top of Asuka's head. "You've proved to me that you're a woman. Why don't you go put some clothes on, I'll finish the dishes."

Glittering tears formed beneath Asuka's eyes, she sobbed and pressed her face into my shirt, she reached up and clung to me while she cried.

"You don't take me seriously! No one ever does!" sobbed Asuka, her small body shaking.

"Asuka! Don't cry, little one! I didn't mean to upset you!"

I reached down and cupped Asuka's tiny chin. I tilted her pretty face up and smiled down at her. "Don't cry, honey. I'm sorry."

Asuka stopped crying and sniffled loudly. "Really?"

"Yes," I nodded, leaning down and softly kissing my daughter's trembling lips. "I apologize for not taking you seriously."

Asuka blinked up at me when our lips parted. She traced her lower lip with an index finger. Slowly, Asuka smiled, she took my hands and guided them underneath her apron onto her bare breasts.

"Don't these feel like a real woman's breasts?" purred Asuka, guiding my fingers over her little, pert nipples.

"Yes, honey," I agreed, enjoying the sensation of my daughter's soft tits beneath my hands, her flesh warm and yielding.

Asuka left my hands underneath her apron and draped her slim arms around my neck. Pulling herself up my torso, she kissed me hungrily as I fondled her little breasts.

I turned toward the kitchen counter so Asuka could sit up on the countertop. Asuka spread her bare legs apart but kept her hold around my neck, she slipped her tongue into my mouth, exploring deftly and running her little fingers through my hair while I squeezed her small tits and gently pinched her erect nipples.

"Your hands feel good, Papa, don't stop," moaned Asuka into my right ear before she started planting kisses down my neck, her lips tender and warm against my skin as she hugged me tight, the scent of her fiery hair filling my nostrils.

I slipped out of Asuka's arms and smiled warmly at her. I kissed my daughter passionately, massaging her little tits underneath her apron, tweaking her tender, pink nipples until she moaned blissfully into my mouth, our lips sucking and tasting each other.

When our wet lips parted, I plucked the straps of Asuka's apron and slid them down her smooth, ivory arms. Asuka's little breasts were creamy white and perky, I smiled as I crouched down to lick my daughter's swollen, pink nipples with my tongue.

Asuka gasped sharply while I soaked her small tits with my saliva, stroking her engorged buds with the wet tip of my tongue, then sucking gently on her soft mounds, relishing the sweet taste of my little girl's luscious skin.

"Papa! Oh, Papa!" moaned Asuka into my hair, her little fingers clinging to my shoulders as I savored her young breasts, drenching them in gleaming saliva.

I licked between Asuka's shivering tits and ran my tongue up her throat to her panting lips. She kissed me as hard as I kissed her, our tongues stroking each other, lips locked as she combed her hands through my hair.

"My pussy is so hot!" moaned Asuka over my lips when we paused to draw breath.

"Will you suck Papa's cock first?" I whispered over my daughter's wet, pink lips.

"Yes, Papa," smiled Asuka, sliding off the countertop and dropping to her bare knees.

I lowered my eyes and watched my young daughter unzip my slacks. She slipped her small hands into my shorts and grabbed my already hard prick, she drew my member out and began kissing the tip and shaft, her lips moist and gentle when they pressed upon my throbbing cock.

"Put it in your mouth, honey," I coaxed Asuka, caressing her red hair.

"Yes, Papa," sighed Asuka before she opened her mouth wide and let my cock drop between her gaping lips. When my prick was resting on her tongue, Asuka closed her mouth and started sucking intently, her wide, blue eyes staring up at me as she slurped wetly on my thick member, her little mouth wonderfully wet and tight.

"Umm! That's perfect, honey!" I groaned, bucking forward gently with my hips, pushing my cock deeper into my daughter's slurping mouth. Asuka's cheeks tightened with effort as she sucked my cock harder, she lowered her eyes and pressed her beautiful face into my crotch, her nose buried in my dark pubic hair while she deep-throated my member, her little tongue stroking the bottom of my shaft the entire time, coaxing the building semen in my prick.

I moaned raggedly as I humped Asuka's young face, clutching the crown of her head, staring while she sucked eagerly upon her father's cock, pink lips stroking every veined inch of my engorged member. I slipped my cock out of Asuka's drooling lips, I rubbed the bulging head over her pert nipples, between her soft, gleaming tits. Asuka wriggled her torso so my prick touched every inch of her young breasts, leaving trails of gleaming pre-cum across her small chest. Asuka giggled and licked the heavy tip of my cock, her blue eyes glittering with arousal.

"Can I drink your cum, Papa?"

"Yes, honey," I nodded with a smile, raising my cock to Asuka's waiting lips.

Asuka lowered her face underneath my prick and opened her mouth. She slurped up my cock into her throat and moaned around my shaft while she looked up at me and sucked as hard as she could. I rested my hands on my daughter's bare shoulders, squeezing my fingers into her milky skin while she slurped my prick faster and faster, her tongue caressing the pulsing veins of my meat, her cheeks growing taut, her lips locking around the base of my shuddering cock.

I met my daughter's upraised blue eyes when I climaxed inside her mouth, hot cum gushing from my prick down into her throat. Asuka's bright eyes narrowed, her cheeks and throat worked to swallow the flood of semen filling her small mouth. A few dribbles of milk escaped down Asuka's tiny chin, but she managed to swallow most of my load, she gasped for air after the torrent slowed to a trickle.

"That was good, Papa," grinned Asuka brightly before she licked her lips clean of jizz and wiped the cream sticking to her chin, then licking her cum-stained fingers clean as well.

"Does that hot little pussy down there want some attention too?"

"Yeah, it sure does, Papa!" smiled Asuka.

I helped Asuka back onto the kitchen countertop, then raised up her apron until her sweet, pink pussy was visible. My daughter opened her slim, pale legs widely for me, she held her thighs apart, her naked breasts shivering with anticipation.

"Here I go, honey!" I grinned, lowering my face to Asuka's cunnie, then licking her young sex. My daughter's cunt was succulent and delicious, sweet with her dripping vaginal juices that soaked the swollen, pink folds of her labia.

"You're making me wet, Papa!" moaned Asuka, her little bottom wriggling on the countertop as I sucked upon her soft labia and stiff clit, my tongue pushing deep into her cunnie, quickly emerging drenched in my daughter's flowing nectar.

I rested my palms on Asuka's inner thighs and pressed my mouth hard onto my little girl's pussy, sucking wetly inside her pink hole, thrusting my tongue into my daughter's melting vagina, stroking every soft fold of flesh that dripped with warm honey.

"Papa! Oh, Papa! I'm going to cum!" moaned Asuka, grinding her musky crotch over my face, her hands clutching my head while she bucked and writhed on the countertop, little tits bouncing as I slurped louder and louder on her cunnie, my nostrils tickled by the silky red strands of my daughter's pubic hair.

Asuka arched her back and moaned sharply, her pussy pressed firmly over my lips when her river of honey burst free. I slurped eagerly at my daughter's flowing cunt, her juices spilling over my lips, chin, and cheeks. Asuka relaxed and sat limply upon the cum-stained countertop, her small breasts heaving as I ran my honey-soaked tongue over her trembling cunt, cleaning her rose-pink pussy of vaginal dew.

"You are indeed a woman now, Asuka," I murmured, caressing my daughter's slick breasts while I kissed her deeply.

"I love you, Papa," smiled Asuka, brushing her wet lips over mine, then hugging me tightly, pressing her face into my shoulder while I held her.