ASUKA: Where I Give Asuka A Physical



Asuka clung tightly to my outstretched right hand, leading me down the hallway and into the empty infirmary. Asuka leaned against the infirmary door after she closed it, her face gleamed with a bright sheen of perspiration, we had just escaped from gym class. I admired Asuka's small, heaving breasts underneath her sweat-stained white cotton gym t-shirt, Asuka's navy blue bloomers clung snugly to her small crotch and tight, little buttocks.

"The nurse will probably be back from her break soon," panted Asuka, pushing herself away from the infirmary door, her large, blue eyes shining like two sparkling pools.

Asuka stood close to me, she enfolded my hands with her delicate, cool fingers, she pressed her small body against me, her head resting lightly against my taut stomach. I wrapped my arms around Asuka, pinning the young girl's hands to the small of her back, my nose running through her warm, damp, red hair, deeply inhaling Asuka's sweet, musky scent. My hot forehead touched Asuka's, we rubbed our noses against each other, then our trembling lips met, we kissed hungrily, sucking upon each other's sighing mouths, our tongues flicking out to touch, to caress.

Moaning softly, her blue eyes smoldering, Asuka took a step back from me, my enfolding arms fell away from her. Smiling shyly, her smooth cheeks burning rose-pink, Asuka took the hem of her damp t-shirt and slowly raised it from her sweat-soaked tummy, when she reached her white cotton training bra Asuka hiked it up as well so I could see her pale, perky, young tits.

I drew close to Asuka, cupped her small, slippery breasts, and squeezed them gently, rolling the little pink mounds in my eager hands. Asuka moaned and bit her quivering lower lip, she looked up at me while I played with her pliant tits, tweaking her cherry-pink nipples to hardness with my thumbs, pressing my fingers into her creamy tit flesh, milking her sweet little breasts. Lowering my face to Asuka's, I kissed her hard while I fondled her titties, Asuka moaned inside my mouth, she stroked my tongue with hers, her sweet, gasping breath filled my mouth and I drank it in.

Asuka draped her slim arms across my wide shoulders when I lowered my flushed face to her shivering, glowing breasts. I hugged Asuka's little waist while I licked her stiff, luscious, tiny nipples, I slipped my right hand inside her snug bloomers, I groped and squeezed Asuka's tight little buttocks as I ran my tongue between Asuka's gleaming, budding tits, tasting her warm, sweat-coated skin.

"Let's get on a bed," suggested Asuka with a seductive smile, slipping out of my loose grasp to climb up onto the closest infirmary bed. I sighed and joined Asuka atop the bed, she knelt with her back towards me, grinning at me over her left shoulder while she tugged down her blue bloomers and white panties till they clung to her parted thighs just below the small swells of her shapely, alabaster buttocks.

"Let me get my cunnie wet first before you fuck me," sighed Asuka, digging her left index finger between the puffy pink folds of her pussy, vigorously scratching her hot pink vulva while she groaned and bit down hard on her quaking lower lip. I pulled down my own gym shorts and boxers, I grasped my hard, erect cock and stroked it as I watched Asuka fondle her tender cunt, her left index finger slipping into her gasping cunnie hole, her digit coming out gleaming in musky honey before she rammed the slippery finger back into her clenching pussy.

I watched Asuka reach out with her right hand, holding on tight to the metal headbar of the infirmary bed as she let her body lean forward, her little ass hiking up into the air while she thrust her dripping index finger harder and harder into her drooling, hot pink cunnie. The smell of Asuka's naked, honey-drenched crotch overpowered me, I dropped down onto my hands and knees, pressing my hot face between Asuka's shivering little buttocks, licking the sweet juices dribbling from her swollen, moist sex. Asuka dragged her wet index finger up to scratch the lip of her pussy while I lapped the nectar flowing from her melting vagina, I pressed my tongue through the damp, sticky folds of Asuka's delicious, young cunnie, my feverish cheeks were caressed by the dove-soft skin of Asuka's warm little ass.

Making one last, long lick up Asuka's quivering, dripping pussy, I smacked my wet, honey-drenched lips and grabbed hold of my yearning cock, I placed the engorged, purple head of my member between the inflamed lips of Asuka's labia, I rubbed my prick up and down the small schoolgirl's sticky cunnie, teased her perky clit, then slowly pressed my throbbing meat into Asuka's tight love hole, gasping when her vagina closed snugly around my shaft, squeezing my entire length.

Asuka was holding onto the creaking headbar with both small hands now, her head hung between her outstretched arms, she moaned raggedly when I began humping her little upraised ass steadily, sheathing my cock in her contracting young vagina, her cunnie honey soaking and lubricating every pulsating inch of my manhood. At first I squeezed Asuka's tight, silky buttocks, then I wrapped my arms around her small waist, pounding into her ass harder and harder, the infirmary bed squeaking shrilly underneath our humping, rocking bodies. Clinging to Asuka's little waist, ramming myself inside her while listening to her labored, husky moans of pleasure, I lowered myself over Asuka, clutching her small, rocking body to mine, nuzzling my sweating face in Asuka's rich, musky, scarlet mane. Asuka pressed her little ass into my crotch, she squeezed my swollen cock with her strong vaginal muscles, making me gasp and blink stars from my glazed eyes as her cunnie milked my prick.

My panting lips were pressed onto the musk-scented nape of Asuka's neck when we both climaxed at the same time, her pussy closing around my exploding cock like a iron vice as glob after thick glob of semen sprayed into Asuka's small, perspiring tummy.

I rubbed my pleasantly aching crotch between Asuka's slippery, warm, outspread thighs, she turned her head so our weary eyes could meet, she smiled wanly, then we kissed for a long time, relishing the taste of each other as our exhausted bodies cooled.

Asuka reluctantly let go of my wet lips, she looked up at the clock set over the infirmary bed. "Gym class is over in five minutes."

Quickly climbing off of the disheveled, sweat-soaked bed, I yanked up my boxers and gym shorts while Asuka wriggled back into her panties and bloomers. Giggling, Asuka adjusted her training bra over her damp little breasts, then smoothed down her gym t-shirt before reaching out for my hand. Clinging to each other's fingers, we left the infirmary just as the school nurse appeared at the far end of the hallway returning from her long break.

The End