ASUKA: Masturbation Punishment



"I'm home!" announced Asuka from the open front door. No one replied, so Asuka shrugged and slipped off her sneakers, attempting to maintain a firm grip on her shopping bags with her other hand. Asuka padded down the hallway in her ankle-length white socks, she entered the living room, Misato wasn't there, hopefully she really had gone to work today. Asuka was too scared to check Misato's room, so she walked to her own bedroom instead, sliding back the paper wall screen, then slamming it shut behind her with her right foot.

Asuka grinned, dropping her shopping bags and kneeling down on the carpet. She grabbed a framed mirror from her vanity table and set in on the carpet before she began pulling off her loose black t-shirt she had worn to the mall. Tossing away the tee, Asuka stuck her tongue between her lips while she unbuttoned and tugged down her red shorts, followed by her pink cotton panties. Asuka slipped off her socks, then reached into one of her shopping bags, removing a new white bra with matching panties. The underwear set was made of silk with lace trim, Asuka hummed to herself as she poked her slim legs through the panties and pulled the underwear up across her luscious, young thighs. Asuka smiled when the panties were snug against her little buttocks and tender pussy, the silk felt nice on her flesh. Asuka stuck her thin arms through the slender straps of her new bra, then clasped the undergarment shut where the two small breast cups met. The white silk enfolded Asuka's young tits, the girl adjusted the cups slightly so they supported her breasts better, the silk caressed her little nipples, a flush of pleasure warmed Asuka's beautiful face.

Glancing over her shoulder first at the closed bedroom screen, Asuka faced the framed mirror on the floor before her and pouted at herself. The young girl grinned, then lowered her left hand to her crotch, lightly stroking the slick silk of her dove-white panties, enjoying how the fabric felt over her puffy, pink cunt.

"So that's where you've been! Buying lingerie like some little whore!" hiccuped Misato from the open bedroom screen, her face red from drinking, her eyes bleary and unfocused.

Asuka covered her breasts with her slim, white arms, she blushed hotly beneath Misato's angry gaze.

Misato burped, then took a long pull from her can of beer. The young woman staggered into Asuka's bedroom, dressed in a beer-stained sleeping shift that only hung from one shoulder, her raven hair tied up clumsily in a loose bun. "Huh? What's that I see?"

Asuka turned her head from side to side, trying to see what had caught Misato's drunken attention.

Misato fell heavily to her knees next to Asuka, she pointed a trembling finger at Asuka's crotch.

"You've already stained your new panties!" accused Misato. "You were touching yourself, weren't you?"

"! I wasn't, Misato-san!" stammered Asuka, dropping her guilty eyes and clasping her hands together on her lap.

Misato's flushed face became sly. "You like fondling yourself, Asuka-chan? I bet you play with yourself at night!"

"Don't say things like that!" blushed Asuka, her cheeks burning crimson. "I don't play with myself!"

"Liar!" snarled Misato, slapping Asuka hard with her right palm.

Asuka whimpered and clutched her inflamed cheek, bright tears welled in her large, blue eyes.

Misato crawled behind Asuka on her knees, swaying drunkenly until she knelt behind the sniffling girl. Misato snatched Asuka's right wrist, she pushed Asuka's hand between the girl's creamy thighs.

"You like watching yourself masturbate, little slut? Fine! I want to see you stroke your cunt!"

"Iie!" sobbed Asuka, her wrist hurting in Misato's rough grip as the woman guided her hand over her panties, fingertips sliding over the slick, warm fabric.

"Feels nice, doesn't it?" hissed Misato in Asuka's right ear, her fingers tightening around Asuka's thin wrist, making the girl fondle herself harder.

"S..stop it!" sobbed Asuka, tears pouring down her scarlet cheeks, her face turned away so she wouldn't see the reflection in the mirror.

"Hmph! You're no fun at all!" snorted Misato, gulping down more beer with her free hand. Misato let go of Asuka's shaking wrist to wipe beer from her lips. A malicious smile spread across Misato's alcohol-flushed face. "Take those nice underclothes off!"

"No," murmured Asuka, clenching her hands between her legs, refusing to look at Misato.

"Do it, you little bitch!" spat Misato, slapping Asuka again.

Asuka broke out into fresh tears, but she rose from the carpet and obeyed Misato, first pulling down her panties, then unhooking the front clasp of her bra and slipping out of the silk undergarment.

"Ooo, your little nipples are so hard!" giggled Misato, reaching up to tweak Asuka's tiny left nipple.

Asuka turned her blushing face away, sniffling back tears.

"Get back down on the floor here," smiled Misato, patting the carpet.

Asuka knelt down on the floor, left hand clasping right elbow.

"Now get down on all fours and play with yourself like the slut you really are!"

"I won't!" whimpered Asuka, eyes glittering with unshed tears.

Misato snarled furiously and snatched a handful of Asuka's red hair. She yanked Asuka down by the hair, the naked girl grimaced and thrust out her palms to catch herself, her little buttocks thrust up into the air.

"Now finger that cunt!" snapped Misato, slapping Asuka's bare ass with her open palm.

Asuka whimpered again, but she reluctantly extended her right arm beneath her belly, until her fingertips brushed against her warm cunnie. Squeezing her damp eyes shut, Asuka started fondling her pussy, slender fingers rubbing back and forth across her young sex, scratching the soft folds of her tender cunt.

Misato watched Asuka masturbate as if she were hypnotized, she licked her beer-flavored lips, her own pussy itched tremendously.

"Yeah, that's it, that's a good little whore," leered Misato, eyes locked on Asuka's small, working fingers that wriggled inside the naked girl's pussy. Asuka's smooth cheeks were glowing crimson, she bit her trembling lower lip, gasping softly while she fondled her hot cunt hole, pressing her sticky fingers deeper into her yielding slit, her bare ass bucking gently with the plunging motions of her fingers.

"You like it, don't you?" purred Misato, sipping from her nearly empty can of beer.

"I .. like it," moaned Asuka, shoving her dripping fingers further into her honey-soaked cunt, droplets of nectar gleaming along the insides her pink thighs.

Draining the last drop of beer from her can, Misato struggled to her feet and swayed to the open bedroom screen. "Don't stop, I'll be right back."

Asuka barely heard Misato, she was lost in pure ecstasy, fingers driving up into her drenched pussy, her left hand clutching at the carpet as her little buttocks rolled, her thighs shivering and wet from the endless thrusting of her slick fingers into her tight, throbbing cunt. Asuka raised her left hand to her mouth, she bit down on a finger, stifling a cry of pleasure as she orgasmed, honey pouring from her cunt hole, soaking her slim legs.

"You're making a mess on the carpet, you naughty girl," giggled Misato, dropping to her knees again next to Asuka. "You can clean that up later."

Asuka glanced at Misato but didn't stop masturbating while Misato reached out with a violet silk strip, the belt from one of Misato's kimonos. The beer-flushed woman laid the silk belt over Asuka's eyes and tied the strip snugly behind Asuka's head. Asuka couldn't see through the blindfold, but that didn't stop her from continuing her fingering, cum-soaked fingers ramming up to her small knuckles, musky juices clinging to the back of her flexing hand and running down her thin wrist.

"Take your fingers out for second," said Misato from Asuka's left.

Reluctantly Asuka slipped out her wet, sticky fingers from her drooling pussy. Asuka rested on her knees and left palm, she began scratching her itching clit with her cum-covered fingers, moaning softly through moist, pink lips. Asuka felt Misato press something against the lips of her cunt, it was hard and bumpy, it felt cool on Asuka's wet labia as Misato rubbed the wedge-shaped object up and down Asuka's trembling cunnie. Asuka dropped her right hand from her clit and pressed her open palms into the carpet, she rolled her bare buttocks, rubbing her pussy against the object Misato pressed upon it, moaning as fresh cunt juices oozed free and covered the bumpy lump digging into the naked girl's pink twat.

"There, nice and gooey," murmured Misato, removing the bumpy object from Asuka's dripping hole and bringing it to the gleaming girl's moist lips. "Have a taste, Asuka-chan."

Unable to see what she tasted with the purple blindfold across her eyes, Asuka slowly opened her small mouth and licked the thing Misato held for her. Asuka tasted her cum on something cold and sweet, she brought her lips around the object, sucking on it, her tongue rubbing over the wet tip. Misato held the berry for Asuka as the naked girl sucked hungrily upon it, her lips tight around the bulbous little fruit, drinking its sweet juices, her own vaginal honey clinging to every inch of the tart berry. Misato felt her own pussy growing wet, she caressed Asuka's naked back with her free hand, the young girl's skin was hot and incredibly soft, Misato slid her palm along Asuka's spine to the rise of the young girl's small buttocks, Misato squeezed Asuka's pert left cheek, the girl moaned softly around the fruit between her slurping lips, red juices spilling down her small chin.

Misato slipped her finger through Asuka's warm crack, coating her index finger with Asuka's sweet vaginal honey. Watching Asuka slowly devour the cum-drenched berry, Misato licked her finger clean of Asuka's nectar, moaning softly at how delicious the girl's cum tasted upon her lips.

The End