ASUKA: "Let me give you a ride"



I saw her standing on a street corner, the open gates of her high school about a block away. The rain was coming down in sheets, the schoolgirl had a pink umbrella, but she still shivered beneath the downpour, her bare knees knocking. I slid my car up to the curb, then powered down the passenger window and leaned over to speak to her.

"Looks like you're getting drenched! Come inside and I'll give you a ride home!"

The schoolgirl was beautiful, with thick red hair that framed an angelic face, her blue eyes large and bright. The schoolgirl bit her lip, she glanced back at the open gates and the giggling girls streaming out to waiting parents. Without a word the schoolgirl opened the passenger door and slipped inside, she shook out her umbrella and folded it while I turned the corner and followed the slow stream of traffic.

"What's your name?" I asked, holding the wheel and glancing at my petite passenger.

"Asuka," murmured the teenage redhead, avoiding my eyes, her hands clenching the handle of her umbrella.

"That's a pretty name," I replied. "Where do you live?"

Asuka gave me instructions, relaxing a little when I headed the car in the direction she indicated. At the next stoplight, I let my left hand leave the steering wheel, in the nook between seat and door I found the bottle of chloroform, I poured some onto a wad of cloth, then grabbed the wheel again with both hands when the light changed.

Asuka was holding her bookbag on her lap with her umbrella between her slim legs when we drove up to her house. Just as I slowed to a stop, I grabbed the wet cloth and slapped it over Asuka's mouth, the schoolgirl made a muffled scream, fighting and kicking while I pinned her to the passenger seat, holding the treated cloth over Asuka's gaping mouth until her struggles ebbed and she slumped forward against me.

Resting Asuka against the locked passenger door as if she were sleeping, I drove away from the girl's house and began the drive across town to my place. Whenever I reached a light, I ran my right hand up and down Asuka's smooth legs, I slipped my fingers between her warm thighs, sighing with pleasure when I touched her soft cotton panties underneath her pleated blue skirt.

I drove into my garage and used the remote to close the door. I got out of the car and crossed to the passenger door, I opened it carefully, catching Asuka's limp body when it fell out, I gathered the unconscious schoolgirl into my arms and carried her inside, I opened the cellar door and descended the steps to the space I had cleared. There was a new mattress, a bucket, and a heavy steel ring bolted to the cellar wall. I lowered Asuka to the soft mattress, then I reached for the leather collar, which I cinched tightly around the schoolgirl's slender neck, locking it in place with a small padlock. I locked one end of a chain leash to the O-ring dangling from Asuka's collar, I secured the other end to the ring bolted to the wall, I tested the chain, everything looked fine.

Asuka woke up while I was tugging off her loafers. Frightened, Asuka tried to pull back, but the leash prevented her from leaving the mattress.

"W..what do you want?" whimpered Asuka, her blue eyes welling up.

"Just a friend," I smiled, pinching Asuka's little toes through her bobby socks.

Asuka squeaked and folded up her legs underneath her. I drew closer to her, reaching out to stroke her bright red bangs, to caress a blushing cheek.

"Please, just let me go!" sobbed Asuka, tugging vainly on the chain shackling her to the wall.

"I can't do that, you're mine now, Asuka," I murmured, gently unbuttoning Asuka's cream blouse, peeling it away from the shivering schoolgirl's budding breasts clad in a cotton training bra.

"," whimpered Asuka, slapping at my hands as I unhooked her bra and pulled it from her flushed pink pubescent tits.

I caught Asuka's thin wrists and pinned them to the small of her back. I kissed Asuka hard, savoring her sweet, trembling lips, then rubbing my nose in her thick, red hair, growing hard just smelling the schoolgirl.

Pinning Asuka to the mattress with my weight, I sucked on her small tits, gnawing, biting her tender pink nipples which grew swollen and hard between my teeth. Asuka was crying, quaking underneath me as I suckled and drooled over her creamy young breasts, running my tongue down her lush cleavage, kissing between her ribs, licking her fluttering tummy, her puckered belly button.

Holding Asuka's wrists over her head, I tasted her delicious nipples, sucked on her rosebud lips, then my right hand slipped inside her cotton panties, scratching her soft hairless cunnie mound, then wriggling my index finger into her moist vulva, Asuka sobbing beneath me, her small body a sensual, writhing thing.

I fingered Asuka's teenage pussy until it was nice and wet, then I withdrew my hand from her underwear to unzip her skirt and toss it aside. Stroking Asuka's flushed, hot thighs, I rubbed her crotch, peeling her panties away from her sopping wet twat, inserting two fingers into the schoolgirl's warm, yielding gash.

Asuka arched her spine, moaning as I brought her to orgasm. I muffled Asuka's ragged sobs with my lips, I kissed her deeply, slipping my tongue past her moist lips, caressing her little pink tongue while I drove my fingers to the knuckles into the writhing schoolgirl's oozing cunt.

Slowly dragging out my sticky digits from Asuka's throbbing pussy, I licked my fingers clean of the flame-haired angel's sweet nectar, then I positioned her on hands and knees upon the mattress, a beautiful slave girl clad only in honey-soaked panties and white bobby socks, a leather collar adorning her pale throat.

Asuka blushed furiously when I stripped in front of her. Kneeling down on the mattress, I cradled my cock and rubbed the swollen tip over Asuka's pouty lips.

"Kiss it."

Staring up at me with her tear-filled blue eyes, Asuka puckered her rosebud mouth and kissed the knob of my prick.

"Now lick it."

Sticking out her little pink tongue, Asuka stroked my veined shaft with it, moaning softly as she drooled over my aching meat.

"Mmm, that's a good girl!" I groaned, burying my hands in Asuka's red mane. "Now suck on it!"

Opening her mouth, Asuka swallowed my thick rod, her small teeth raked over my cock as she struggled to take it all in, I moaned in bliss, shoving my dick all the way down Asuka's throat, the chained schoolgirl gagging on a mouthful of prick. Slowly easing my member from Asuka's tight throat, I held it inside the sucking schoolgirl's warm mouth, she stared up at me while she slurped away, sweet lips locked around my engorged cock, saliva spilling down her tiny chin as she slurped hard on my pulsating manhood.

Watching Asuka devouring my swollen prick, I couldn't hold back, I blasted hot semen down the leashed schoolgirl's throat, Asuka's blue eyes grew wide, she gulped and gagged on salty spunk, jizz poured down her chin, but I kept my dick in Asuka's mouth until she swallowed most of my spewing fuck.

Popping my cock out of Asuka's cum-splattered mouth, I kissed her perfumed hair and pinched a perky nipple. Rising from the mattress, I threw Asuka a towel to clean herself up with, then I left her in the cellar, closing the door behind me and locking it until I wanted the captive schoolgirl again.