Interactive Lover: Asuka
Asuka Pops Her Cherry



"Hai, Sensei?" greets Asuka Langley Soryu when you approach her in the crowded gym.
You look over Asuka's bright red hair at the other milling school girls who are taking a break between volleyball games. You lower your eyes to meet Asuka's curious blue orbs, she is sweating lightly from the game she just played, you can smell the perspiration on her flushed, young body, arousing and sweet, glittering droplets beading across her warm forehead, her scarlet hair damp and musky.
"Come with me, Soryu-san," you order, leading Asuka away from the other chattering young girls, walking down a narrow hall just off the gym until you reach one of the equipment rooms to your left. You open the white door and usher Asuka inside.
"Why do you need to speak to me here? Am I in trouble?" asks Asuka, a pouting frown upon her lovely face.
You ignore Asuka's question and pull a rolled up mat across the floor to block the storage room door. You reinforce the mat with a folded jumping hurdle to pin the door shut.
"Why..why are you doing that, Sensei?" stammers Asuka, fright making her voice tremulous.
"You've been a very bad girl, Asuka-chan," you finally declare, turning to stare down sternly at the school girl. "I've taken it upon myself to see to your punishment. You will do whatever I say without question or argument, disobey a single instruction and you will be expelled, is that clear?"
"H..hai, Sensei!" nods Asuka.
You draw close to Asuka, you sniff her wet, red hair, you stroke the warm, soft tresses gently.
"Do you ever masturbate, Asuka-chan?" you murmur, combing your fingers through the young girl's mane.
"Sensei?" gasps Asuka, tilting her blushing face up to regard you with large, astonished, blue eyes.
"Do you?" you repeat, running your index finger down Asuka's smooth left cheek, then sliding your fingertip across the school girl's pouting lower lip.
"H..hai," whispers Asuka, her pretty face burning. She averts her luminous eyes, you clasp her tiny chin until she meets your intense gaze again.
"That's good, Asuka-chan. I want you to do something now, I want you to unbutton your blouse."
Cheeks glowing, Asuka drops her eyes to unbutton her light uniform blouse. The white shirt clings to Asuka's small breasts, the fabric damp from her exercise. You watch the school girl free the last button of her blouse, you let go of Asuka's chin and spread open her unbuttoned shirt, Asuka bites her lower lip but doesn't cry out.
"You have very pretty breasts, Asuka-chan," you smile. "Reach up and grab them with your hands."
Asuka reluctantly cups her own little breasts with her hands. She stares down at the floor, her damp red hair veils her young face.
"Now play with your little tits."
Asuka slowly begins squeezing and rolling her small breasts. You watch the school girl avidly, a droplet of perspiration slides down between Asuka's pert, ivory tits, Asuka moans softly as she fondles herself.
"You like playing with your tits, don't you, Asuka-chan?"
Asuka doesn't answer, her blush deepens, she milks her little breasts with her slender fingers, her small, round, pink nipples are very stiff, swollen with blood.
Your smile widens when you reach down and pinch both of Asuka's little nipples between your thick fingers. Asuka gasps sharply and looks up at you, her lips are trembling violently, her blue eyes enormous as you tweak her tiny, swollen nipples, rolling the hard nubs between your fingertips.
"Does that feel good?"
Asuka moans as she stares up at you. You pinch the young girl's nipples even harder, she grimaces but doesn't cry out, tears well beneath her brilliant, blue eyes while you twist and tug upon her rose pink tit buds.
You lean down and kiss the gasping school girl even as you continue to twist her shivering nipples. Asuka moans weakly into your mouth while you suck upon her sweet, pink lips, stroking her wet tongue. You slowly part lips with Asuka, saliva clings from the tip of your tongue to the young girl's trembling lower lip.
"Raise up your skirt."
Asuka's eyes never leave yours while she reaches down and hikes up her pleated blue skirt. You glance down between Asuka's thin, ivory legs, she's wearing pink cotton panties, the front panel has a damp stain molded in the shape of Asuka's puffy-lipped cunnie.
"Wet already, Asuka-chan?" you inquire with an arched eyebrow. "Then you should relieve some of your tension. Go ahead, rub your wet, little pussy."
Staring up at you, moist, pink lips quivering, Asuka obediently places her right hand between her legs and starts rubbing the damp fabric over her young cunnie. You comb your hand through Asuka's warm, red hair as you watch her masturbate for you, her little fingers stroking the wet, pink cotton surface of her underwear, the aroma of her soaked pussy filling your nostrils, making your mouth water as you stroke the young, flushed girl's scarlet mane, her lovely face tilted up towards yours.
"Does your pussy feel nice, Asuka-chan?"
"H..hai!" gasps Asuka, leaning against you while she fingers herself faster, her small, milk-white breasts heaving as she digs her index finger into her soaked panties, scratching the swollen lips of her young sex.
You pull away from Asuka and unroll a gym mat near a pile of folded bleachers.
"Sit down on this, Asuka-chan."
Asuka stops fondling her pussy and sits down on the soft mat where you indicate.
You kneel in front of Asuka and reach out underneath her pleated skirt. Asuka bites her lip as she watches you slide her drenched pink panties down her slim legs. You leave Asuka's panties wrapped around her right ankle as you lean towards her, kissing her hungrily, cupping her soft right breast while you devour the school girl's tender, pink mouth.
Asuka gasps for breath when you let go of her lips. You smile at her, then begin licking her right nipple, squeezing her little, ivory tit in your strong grip as you flick her stiff bud with your tongue, soaking her rose pink nipple with your drool. You shift to the young girl's left breast, gently gnawing upon her nipple with your teeth, then sucking on Asuka's creamy breast, slurping the soft mound into your mouth, gazing up at her blushing, panting face as you suckle on the school girl's small tit.
When you're finished with Asuka's little tits, both small mounds are drenched in your saliva, the nipples glowing red from your gnawing teeth.
When you look up into Asuka's blushing face, tears fill her blue eyes again.
"What's wrong, Asuka-chan?" you ask, stroking the young girl's warm cheek with your right hand.
"My nipples are sore," sniffles Asuka, blinking glittering tears from her beautiful eyes.
"Forgive me, I bit down a little too hard, they tasted so sweet," you smile, pinching Asuka's tiny chin between two fingers.
Asuka smiles wanly, you kiss her firmly.
"Open your legs for me."
Asuka sniffles softly as she spreads her thin, pale legs for you. You hike up Asuka's skirt to reveal her gleaming pussy, the pink mound is completely hairless, tender and moist.
"Have you had a man inside you before, Asuka-chan?" you ask softly.
"Iie," whispers Asuka, face flushed, eyes lowered.
"I'll get you nice and wet first," you promise, lowering your face between Asuka's smooth, little thighs, then extending your tongue, licking up her virgin cunnie to her tiny, engorged clit.
Asuka shudders against the folded bleachers and digs her small fingers through your hair. You groan with pleasure and bury your face in Asuka's warm, musk-scented crotch, slurping eagerly upon her puffy snatch, your nose rubbing over her stiff clitoris, her smell filling your nostrils while you lick and suck on the school girl's tender labia, then plunge your tongue into her little hole, making Asuka shudder and writhe upon the squeaking floor mat.
The aroma of the young girl's pussy drives you crazy with lust. You caress Asuka's warm inner thighs with your lips, you scratch her tiny clit while you tongue her pussy wildly, coaxing more and more honey from Asuka's gaping cunnie. Asuka clings to the top of your head, she bucks against your face, thighs pressing into your cheeks as she grinds her pussy over your eager mouth, nectar dripping from her yawning cunt, her cries of pleasure urging you on.
With vaginal juices dripping from your lips, you raise your face from Asuka's sweet-smelling crotch. You kiss the panting school girl ravenously, she moans softly, tasting her honey on your mouth.
"Are you ready for me to go inside you?"
Asuka nods. She holds her legs open for you, blue eyes glittering as she gazes up at you, lips parted as her breath quickens with anticipation for her first time.
You place your left palm upon Asuka's little upraised right knee. Never breaking your gaze with Asuka, you unzip your trousers and pull out your erection. Asuka stares down at your thick cock, then she locks gazes with you again, her lips trembling.
You sigh as you push your cock into Asuka's small pussy. The school girl's cunt is wonderfully tight, you have to push hard as you slip into Asuka, until you meet the resistance of her hymen.
"This is going to hurt a bit, Asuka-chan, but not for long," you warn the school girl before you thrust hard into Asuka's tight pussy.
Asuka whimpers, tears slide from her bright, blue eyes while you begin humping her, driving your cock back and forth inside her little cunt. You lick away Asuka's salty tears, you cover her moaning lips with your mouth as you buck between her open legs, burying your long prick in Asuka's small belly, her pussy squeezing the length of your throbbing member. Asuka wraps her thin arms around your neck, you continue to plant kisses on her warm cheeks and throat while you pound into the young girl's crotch, groaning when her young vagina tightens even more around your cock, milking it.
Asuka's open legs shudder as you hump her faster and faster, flesh slapping loudly in the confines of the storage room. Asuka's head lolls back, she moans weakly as you lick down her pale throat, kiss the warm flesh of her shivering breasts. You pin Asuka to the floor mat as you thrust into her ever harder, running your open fingers through her slick, glowing, red hair, kissing the young girl, sharing her warm breath when you impale her with the entire length of your cock, then exploding inside her, gushing an endless river of semen into the moaning school girl's tummy.
Asuka lies limply beneath you, breathing heavily, young body drenched in love sweat. You lick Asuka's pert breasts, relishing the taste of her warm, flushed tits gleaming with perspiration and saliva. Asuka combs her small fingers through your wet hair, she looks up at you with her large, blue eyes and smiles at you. You kiss the warm school girl's soft, moist lips, then her flushed forehead. Asuka nuzzles your throat, brushes her pink lips against your neck.
"Can we do it again, Sensei?" whispers Asuka huskily in your left ear.
You smile, kiss Asuka's cheek, then drop onto your back while Asuka climbs onto your lap, slim, white legs parting to straddle your waist.