ASUKA: Hot Afternoon by the Pool



I was relaxing in a patio chair, soaking in the sun and sipping from a dripping glass of lemonade while Asuka splashed and swam in the new pool I had installed in our small backyard. Eventually, Asuka got tired and climbed out, her lean body glistening in the bright sunlight, droplets of water sparkling like diamonds when she tossed her long, shimmering, scarlet hair. Grinning happily at me, Asuka walked to my chair and sat down on my lap, she draped her small body over mine, she planted a soft kiss close to my left nipple.

"Thank you for the pool, Papa," murmured Asuka, her small, wet breasts rubbing over my bare torso. Asuka was wearing her favorite white and red-striped bikini, it clung to her maturing curves at hip and breast, and I could feel the warmth of her teenage body through the soaked fabric, even the stiff buds of Asuka's little nipples caressed my suddenly flushed, oiled skin.

"Will you play with me, Papa?" grinned Asuka mischievously, taking my free left hand and setting it over the slick material of her bikini bottom. I couldn't help myself, I began to rub the warm contours of my daughter's pussy mound, Asuka's puffy labia soft to the touch.

"Mmm, it feels so good when you touch my honeypot, Papa," sighed Asuka huskily, guiding my hand inside her bikini, where my fingers scratched her throbbing cunnie itch, making her little twat tingle so much she bit down upon her trembling lower lip to keep from squealing with delight.

As I wiggled my index finger into my young daughter's yielding pussy, Asuka draped both of her thin arms over my shoulders.

"Fuck me, Papa! Take me right here by the pool!"

"I can't do that, baby, the neighbors might see!" I blushed, even though our backyard was surrounded by a solid plank fence that was eight feet tall.

Reluctantly, I drew my hand out of Asuka's damp bikini. Asuka moaned with disappointment, but I slapped her little butt and she climbed off of me, flouncing her bright red hair as she padded over to an empty patio chair.

Sitting down, Asuka flashed me her wicked grin again. Plucking the tongue of her bikini top's zipper, Asuka opened her striped top, then shrugged out of her bikini and dangled the top at me before letting it drop to the water-soaked concrete. Stretching out on her tummy, Asuka dangled her little feet in the air, she rested her chin on her crossed arms and looked at me.

"Put some coconut oil on me, Papa."

Sighing to myself, I rose from my chair and went over to my waiting daughter. Asuka wiggled her toes at me while I squirted sweet-smelling suntan lotion into my left palm. Putting the bottle aside, I straddled Asuka's thin thighs, my erection poking through my swimsuit and rubbing between Asuka's perky buttocks, which sent her into a fit of fierce giggling.

Smiling, I started to rub the lotion in my hand all over Asuka's bare back. Asuka let her dangling feet fall down to the chair, she hummed happily as I coated every luscious inch of her young, pink flesh with coconut oil.

"Get my arms and boobs too, Papa," reminded my daughter, glancing at me over her little right shoulder, her large, blue eyes sparkling.

"Yes, honey," I agreed, putting more lotion on my hand and rubbing it up and down Asuka's slender arms, which she stretched out before her helpfully, wiggling her fingers as I coated her creamy limbs. When I slipped my oiled hands underneath Asuka to cover her small breasts, my fiery-haired daughter giggled shrilly, which set me to laughing as I massaged her budding tits and tweaked her tiny pink nipples.

I spilled oil down each of Asuka's supple legs before rubbing and kneading the fragrant lotion into my daughter's skin from her ankles to the lower swells of her small buttocks.

"Get all of my butt, Papa," murmured Asuka sleepily, thoroughly relaxed from my firm massaging and rubbing.

We both knew she didn't need suntan lotion there, but I couldn't deny that I was as aroused as my daughter after stroking every luscious inch of my little girl's nubile body. Gently plucking the elastic band of Asuka's striped bikini bottom, I dragged the wet, clinging fabric down my daughter's gleaming thighs to her knees. I squirted two dollops of coconut oil over both of Asuka's pert ass cheeks, with both hands I kneaded and squeezed Asuka's tight little buttocks, oil dripped into Asuka's ass crack, I slipped my right hand between her warm cheeks, rubbing the oil into my young daughter's tiny bung and bald cunnie.

Asuka was moaning softly, her little ass quivering from my lingering, fondling touch. Asuka rolled over onto her back, she slipped off her lowered bikini bottom, then spread her thin legs wide apart, displaying her puffy, pouting, bright pink cunnie to me. I licked suddenly dry lips, my hungry eyes locked on my teenage daughter's sweet snatch.

"Fuck me, Papa, right now, please!" begged Asuka, her small breasts swelling, her cheeks glowing crimson, her little pink tongue licking across puckered, rosebud lips.

I couldn't stand it anymore, I jerked down my swimming trunks and wrapped my arms around my little girl's tiny waist. I shoved my heavy, aching cock through Asuka's parted vulva, Asuka whimpered as I penetrated deep into her fluttering tummy, her small vagina squeezing my plunging prick like a vice as I slammed between my naked daughter's spread-eagled legs.

Asuka and I were both moaning softly while we bucked against each other. I draped my daughter's perfumed, oiled legs over my naked shoulders, I caught Asuka's tiny ankle with my left hand, I sucked on my panting daughter's little pink toes, I licked the soles of her small, wet feet while I thrust hard into Asuka's small belly, our crotches slapping wetly together, the patio chair creaking as Asuka and I writhed together wildly upon it.

Hugging Asuka's raised knees, I humped between my gasping daughter's warm, satin-soft thighs, her pubescent cunnie sucking on my stabbing, shoving cock. I ran my tongue along Asuka's creamy, oiled calves, I dropped my right hand to my rocking daughter's stiff clitoris, I rubbed and pinched the tiny cunt bud, until Asuka was sobbing and shuddering in wanton ecstasy.

"Fuck my butt, Papa!" demanded Asuka, grabbing my buried member and easing it out of her yawning snatch with a moist slurp before rolling over to rest on her splayed knees, her little ass lifting high from the chair, her thin, gleaming arms hugging the back of her patio chair.

I didn't require anymore coaxing, I grabbed my little girl's perky bottom, spread the small, oiled, pink cheeks, and slowly pressed my veined meat through Asuka's tiny puckered sphincter.

"Mmm, that feels so naughty, Papa!" giggled Asuka while I pushed my thick shaft ever deeper into my daughter's incredibly tight rectum.

Hugging Asuka's slick little waist, I began humping my daughter's raised ass, pounding into her glowing ass cheeks with greater and greater ferocity.

Asuka bucked underneath me, tossing her head and bright red hair like a young mare in heat, clutching to the rocking back of her patio chair as we both moved together as one melded creature, our oil-slick, naked bodies shifting against each other, Asuka's little ass clenching, milking my stabbing, probing cock.

I gathered two handfuls of my daughter's thick, scarlet hair while we began bucking together faster and faster. Asuka arched her gleaming spine, grinding her little oiled ass between my flexing thighs, forcing my prick to the hilt inside her constricting asshole. Tugging on Asuka's silky mane, I humped my daughter harder, faster, deeper, until at last I exploded inside Asuka's slurping rectum, cum overflowing from my little girl's bung to spill in long, pale rivulets down quaking, heat-flushed, young thighs.

Without a word, Asuka withdrew her cum-soaked butt from between my legs. Shifting her knees until she faced me, Asuka stared up with a wide smile, her blue eyes luminous and filled with love. Placing her little palms upon my stomach, Asuka opened her mouth and lowered her face to my crotch, she started to lick my cock clean of sticky jizz, her little pink tongue gently stroking my limp member.

Not caring if the neighbors saw, I buried my trembling hands in my daughter's thick red hair, when she sucked my spent meat into her small, hot mouth, I groaned with pleasure, grinding my hairy crotch onto my beautiful teenage daughter's blushing, heart-shaped face.