ASUKA: The Gynecologist



Asuka tentatively opened the waiting room door. Still dressed in her blue skirt and white school uniform blouse, Asuka gently closed the door behind her before crossing the empty lobby to the nurse's station.

"Hello, there, angel, what's your name?" smiled the pink-haired young nurse who couldn't have been more than three years older than Asuka.

"Soryu, Asuka," answered the flame-haired schoolgirl, tightly clasping the handle of her satchel bag with both little hands.

"Ah, here you are, Asuka-chan," nodded the pretty nurse. "Just have a seat, the doctor will see you soon."

"Hai," bowed Asuka politely before turning away from the nurse station. Asuka brushed her bright scarlet bangs out of her wide blue eyes while she pondered which empty chair to take. The schoolgirl decided to drop into a seat by the coffee table, she set down her satchel bag on a nearby empty seat, then she bent over the low table to see what there was to browse through.

Asuka's cheeks flamed when she saw all the hentai manga and porn littered about the long table, the only non-erotic periodical was the latest issue of a popular scientific journal.

Glancing quickly to see if the pink-haired nurse was watching, Asuka quickly snatched a bondage manga. Pressing the thick manga onto her lap, Asuka began flipping through the hentai, her face burning hotter as she looked at page after page of cruel bondage and the merciless spanking of young schoolgirls.

Breathing heavily, Asuka shot a swift glance at the nurse station, then wriggled her right hand in-between her curled legs. While she flipped more pages, Asuka bit her trembling lower lip and started to scratch her warm cunnie over the soft cotton of her panties.

"The doctor is ready for you, Soryu-san," announced a raven-bunned nurse in the open office doorway.

Yanking her hand out of her skirt, Asuka kept her terrified blue eyes to the floor while she replaced the manga and picked up her satchel. Walking up to the waiting nurse, Asuka got out of the way of a petite blonde girl dressed in a pleated crimson skirt so high her blue silk panties were visible. The young blonde's pink blouse was almost completely unbuttoned, in the flushed girl's hot pink cleavage nestled a gleaming red stone hanging from the blonde's slim neck by a silver chain. The blonde girl had a glazed look within her ice-blue eyes.

"Follow me, please," smiled the brunette nurse, turning smartly on one pink stiletto heel.

Asuka couldn't help but admire the dark-haired nurse's sensually rounded buttocks that swayed seductively beneath a short, tight, hot pink nurse's uniform. The nurse led Asuka into the first examination room, where a hard-backed chair waited.

"Please take off your clothes and sit in the examination chair, the doctor will be here in just a few minutes."

Asuka nodded and the nurse walked back out, closing the exam door behind her. Blushing crimson, Asuka reached up for the ribbon tie at her throat, after the tie was removed, Asuka slowly unbuttoned her cream-colored blouse, then she climbed out of her blue skirt. Tugging down her white cotton panties adorned with a single pink ribbon above the crotch, Asuka dropped the balled up underwear over her folded blouse and skirt. Wearing only her white cotton ankle socks and brown loafers, Asuka approached the massive examination chair.

Asuka climbed nervously into the large chair, the seat was hard and uncomfortable no matter how Asuka squirmed, her small feet dangled off the floor when she sat back. Lifting her thin arms onto the high chair rests, Asuka shivered when she looked at the raised stirrups on either side of her closed legs. Asuka's heart was rabbiting in her small chest, trying to distract herself, Asuka looked around the sterile office, it was then that Asuka finally noticed the open leather cuffs attached to the arms of the enormous chair. A tiny whimper escaped Asuka's quivering lips.

The examination door opened and the gynecologist stepped inside. The tall doctor's face was covered by an operating mask, only his glittering dark eyes were visible above the swath of white fabric.

"A new patient, how delightful," smirked the gynecologist before he pulled up a stool and sat before Asuka.

"Now let's get these luscious legs in the stirrups," coaxed the doctor while he plucked each of Asuka's little feet and set them in the metal stirrups.

When Asuka's feet were secured, the doctor slowly spread the stirrups apart, Asuka's supple legs opened wide, the schoolgirl's bald pussy pouted.

Dark eyes smoldering as they drank in the sight of Asuka's naked twat, the gynecologist left his stool to cinch leather cuffs tight around both of Asuka's tiny wrists. Placing a cold palm on Asuka's hot forehead, the doctor guided the naked schoolgirl's head back until it rested on a lowered cushion, another leather cuff cinched around Asuka's pale throat.

"This examination can be painful to some girls. I see that you have an extremely small vulva, so I'm going to give you some gas so that you'll experience a minimum of discomfort during my probing."

"H..hai," nodded Asuka, her small breasts heaving.

"Relax, Asuka-chan," murmured the gynecologist, brushing his rubber-gloved hand over Asuka's bright red hair before he twisted open a cylinder of gas and placed a black rubber mask over Asuka's little mouth and nose.

Asuka's frantic breathing slowed, her eyelids fluttered and grew heavy. The gynecologist removed the rubber mask and switched off the gas tank, he returned to his low stool, then snapped his rubber gloves tight about his fingers before leaning close to Asuka's open crotch, poking at the tender petals of the drowsy schoolgirl's labia.

"Your records say you just had your first cycle a week ago?"

"Hai," murmured Asuka dreamily.

"So, you're a woman now, a very beautiful young woman," whispered the gynecologist as he spread open Asuka's twat with two thick, rubber-encased digits.

Asuka moaned when the doctor inserted both fingers into her warm snatch. The doctor opened Asuka's pussy wide, revealing luscious pink vaginal flesh, and a tight, puckered corridor leading to the drowsy young girl's teenage womb.

"So sweet," growled the gynecologist, tugging down his operating mask, then shoving his face into Asuka's pussy, hungrily licking and sucking the bound schoolgirl's virgin sex.

Asuka's sleepy blue eyes widened, she wriggled in her bonds, whimpering while the doctor slurped inside her yawning cunnie, eagerly seeking the sweet, musky juices that were already starting to bead upon the clenching walls of Asuka's vagina.

Asuka's raised legs quaked while the gynecologist ate out her pubescent pussy. After a few minutes of drooling muff diving, Asuka's twitching twat was drenched in her sticky nectar, the gynecologist lifted his honey-coated lips, he reached toward an instrument tray, he acquired a thick black rubber vibrator.

Tears welled in Asuka's large blue eyes as the gynecologist switched on the vibrator and jammed it inside Asuka's tight cunnie. The doctor twisted the buzzing rubber dong in and out of Asuka's moist snatch, with one sharp push the gynecologist rammed the entire length of the pulsating vibrator into Asuka's yielding vagina, Asuka grimaced, her naked tummy writhing as the thick rubber shaft shuddered deep inside her.

Drawing out a length of sticky tape, the gynecologist secured the buzzing ebony rod inside Asuka's stuffed pussy. Asuka watched helplessly as the tall, lean doctor rose, unzipping his fly, a fat, veined prick dropping free.

With one rubber-gloved hand, the doctor gathered a handful of Asuka's thick, silky, scarlet hair, he yanked her collared head back, then rubbed the dripping tip of his purple meat across Asuka's shivering lips.

"Suck it, little whore."

Blinking tears from her blue eyes, Asuka slowly opened her small rosebud mouth. The gynecologist shoved his heavy prick down Asuka's throat, the naked schoolgirl gagged, then when the doctor painfully yanked on her hair again, she obediently started to suck on the throbbing man-shaft between her aching jaws.

Asuka wept as a black vibrator writhed inside her young cunt and an engorged cock pounded between her gaping, wet lips. The gynecologist was clinging to the top of the examination chair, humping Asuka's drooling mouth, thrusting through the bound schoolgirl's lips faster and faster until he climaxed. Pulling out his spraying member, the gynecologist shot warm, sticky cum all over Asuka's young, heart-shaped face. Asuka coughed semen out of her mouth, she wheezed raggedly for air.

Reaching behind the high-backed chair, the gynecologist tilted the chair back until it was almost horizontal. Stroking his dripping cock back to hardness, the lean doctor used his free hand to rip off the tape holding the black vibrator inside Asuka's honey-drenched twat. The doctor slowly withdrew the nectar-soaked black rod, he replaced the vibrator on the instrument tray, then he laid his gloved hands over Asuka's stirrup-held knees and impaled the schoolgirl's sucking cunnie with his thick meat.

Asuka sobbed as the panting doctor shoved through her torn hymen. The gynecologist let his rubber-clad fingers run up and down Asuka's flushed, creamy thighs while he plunged deep into Asuka's gleaming belly, the young teen's pussy slurping in every inch of the doctor's stiff member.

After his prick was coated in Asuka's sweet cunt honey, the doctor slipped out of the small redhead's pussy and rammed through her pink, puckered bunghole. Asuka screamed while her virgin anus was raped and plumbed, her anguished cries dropped to weak sobs as her naked body rocked within the enormous chair, the grunting doctor's cock thrusting hard into Asuka's clenched rectum.

Asuka sat glassy-eyed when the gynecologist opened the tight leather cuffs that bound her wrists and throat. Wrapping his arms around Asuka's little naked waist, the horny doctor sat the limp schoolgirl on his lap, he started bouncing Asuka on his jutting erection, the dazed teen moaned with the doctor's prick pistoning up into her sore pussy, his gloved hands groping and milking Asuka's pert, pubescent breasts. With her thin, bare arms hanging bonelessly at her sides, Asuka bounced faster and faster upon the gynecologist's bucking lap, her long, red hair was tossed about her gleaming bare back and alabaster shoulders, the slapping of the naked teen's crotch over the doctor's flexing thighs reverberated through the small examination room, then the gynecologist climaxed again, frothy cream sprayed from Asuka's cock-impaled crotch, running in milky rivulets down the glazed-eyed schoolgirl's splayed legs.


Asuka stumbled into the waiting room, her uniform blouse half-way unbuttoned, her skirt rumpled and riding high on the teen's flushed pink thighs.

A leggy beauty with a long french braid sat close to the office door, she wore crimson sunglasses perched on the freckled bridge of her pert nose, her hands rested between her tanned thighs, her large breasts strained within a small green halter, her round nipples poking through the thin fabric.

"Does the doctor want you to schedule another appointment, angel?" inquired the pink-maned nurse at the front desk.

"H..hai," blushed Asuka, hugging her satchel to her small breasts.

"We'll see you again next week, then," smiled the young nurse.

Asuka walked out the waiting room door, she closed it quietly behind her. The fiery-haired schoolgirl shuffled down the hallway a few steps, then she staggered to a halt, she dropped her satchel and pressed her left palm against the wall. Leaning forward against the wall, Asuka used her right hand to reach underneath her wrinkled skirt, the gynecologist had switched on the little pink vibrator remotely, the plastic rod now shivered inside Asuka's tight bung.

Biting her quivering lower lip, Asuka worked the little humming vibrator deeper into her rectum, whimpering softly, the front panel of her cotton panties soaked through with her flowing cunt juices.