ASUKA: Early Morning Lover



Since it was Saturday Asuka slept in. With the warm, golden light of the sun bathing Asuka's beautiful face, the girl blinked sleepy eyes and sat up. Asuka's half-open sleeping shirt fell down her right arm, baring her shoulder and most of her right breast. Asuka yawned widely, everyone would be gone for the day either working or spending time with friends, she had Misato's apartment to herself, which suited her fine.

Asuka rose from her futon and retrieved her toothbrush and rinsing cup. She padded across the living room and down a hallway still dressed in her half-buttoned shirt and panties. Asuka flicked on the bathroom light, then bathed her face with a white washcloth. After drying her face, Asuka vigorously brushed her teeth. The girl was just done spitting water from her cup into the sink when Misato staggered into the bathroom.

"Misato-san!" exclaimed Asuka, surprised that Misato had not reported to work.

Misato winced, "Don't talk so loud! I've got a major hang-over."

"You were up drinking last night," frowned Asuka.

"Just four or five beers," grinned Misato, standing next to Asuka at the sink so she could wash her face.

"I'm done," said Asuka, gathering her toothbrush and cup.

"So it's just you and me, huh?" whispered Misato loudly, wrapping her left arm around Asuka's small waist.

"Let me go, Misato-san!" protested Asuka, trying to break free from the half-drunk woman.

"Remember when we shared a hot spring, Asuka-chan?" purred Misato in Asuka's ear while she unbuttoned the struggling girl's shirt. "We washed each other, touched each other everywhere."

"Iie! Let me go, please!" panted Asuka, her wet eyes widening when Misato spread open her shirt, baring both of her small breasts.

"Just relax, Asuka-chan," whispered Misato, cupping Asuka's right breast, fondling and tugging on the soft mound.

Asuka whimpered, she pushed on Misato's stomach with her left palm while the grinning woman massaged her shivering breasts, releasing one pert tit to grope the other. Misato kissed Asuka's soft, red hair as she fondled the girl's tits, she licked Asuka's left earlobe, planted warm kisses on Asuka's white shoulder.

"Stop it!" moaned Asuka when Misato lowered her fondling hand to the girl's crotch.

"Then why are you so wet already, Asuka-chan?" teased Misato before she licked the blushing girl's crimson left cheek.

Asuka grabbed Misato's wrist with both hands, but she couldn't stop the woman from tugging down her honey-stained pink panties.

"Your pussy's so smooth and pink!" whispered Misato in Asuka's ear.

Asuka bit her lower lip and blinked tears from her eyes as she looked down and watched Misato stroke her damp cunnie. Misato gently caressed the puffy, pink lips of Asuka's pussy, she playfully scratched the panting girl's trembling clit.

"This feels good, doesn't it, Asuka-chan?" smiled Misato, her alcoholic breath brushing over Asuka's quivering lips while she wriggled her index finger into Asuka's moist slit, dipping the digit deeper and deeper within the blushing girl's tender sex.

Asuka's hips shuddered. She leaned back against the sink, panting raggedly, her small breasts shaking as Misato probed her cunt with a long, slim finger. Asuka grasped the edge of the sink with both hands, her pelvis quaked as Misato inserted two fingers into her wet pussy, burying them both to the knuckles inside Asuka's little cunt. Misato pressed her body next to Asuka's, she licked Asuka's small left shoulder while she fingered the moaning girl's slick hole.

"Cum onto my fingers, Asuka-chan! I want your juices all over my hand!"

Asuka whimpered and closed her weeping eyes. The flushed young girl's thighs clamped around Misato's working hand, Asuka moaned, her whole body shuddered, honey poured from her hot pussy, soaking Misato's thrusting fingers.

Misato pulled out her dripping digits and licked Asuka's nectar eagerly. When her fingers were clean, Misato took Asuka's left hand and guided it to her own damp crotch.

"Now it's your turn, Asuka-chan," purred Misato into the panting girl's neck, laying Asuka's palm on her inner right thigh, using the girl's hand to caress herself.

Asuka turned her face away, she cried softly while she felt her palm slide up and down Misato's warm, firm thigh. Asuka bit her lower lip to keep from sobbing when Misato pressed her small hand against the woman's wet crotch. With firm fingers over Asuka's slim digits, Misato used the sniffling girl's hand to pull down her damp panties. When her underwear dropped down to her knees, Misato raised Asuka's limp hand back to her burning cunt. Misato moaned with pleasure when Asuka's fingers brushed over her moist pussy, she rubbed Asuka's little hand up and down her cunt, covering the girl's palm in her vaginal juices.

"Doesn't my pussy feel nice, Asuka-chan?" moaned Misato, pressing two of Asuka's small fingers between the lips of her cunt.

Asuka moaned softly, tears glittering down her scarlet cheeks as her trapped fingers stroked Misato's sticky hole. Asuka closed her eyes when Misato stuck her fingers into the oozing orifice, the walls of Misato's vagina closing around Asuka's little digits. Misato groaned with bliss, bucking against Asuka's honey-drenched hand, driving the girl's fingers deeper into her hot pussy. Misato's gyrations became faster and faster, she gasped and buried Asuka's fingers in her cunt as she climaxed, a flood of nectar pouring over the weeping girl's trapped hand and wrist.

Moaning softly and licking moist lips, Misato slowly removed Asuka's cum-drenched fingers from her relaxed cunt. She still firmly held the girl's small wrist, she raised the sticky fingers to Asuka's quivering mouth.

"Lick them clean!"

Reluctantly turning her head and looking up at the flushed young woman, Asuka obediently opened her mouth and began licking Misato's honey from her slender fingers. Misato smiled in satisfaction and lowered her face so it was level with the blushing Asuka's, she stuck out her tongue and licked her own cum from the girl's fingers. When Asuka's hand was clean of honey, Misato kissed the sniffling girl's lips, sucking lustfully upon them. Asuka moaned weakly in protest, but she stopped when Misato slipped a tongue inside her small mouth. Misato hugged Asuka's little waist, holding the slender girl tightly to her while she devoured the blushing girl's mouth and fondled Asuka's small, pliant, left breast.

The End