This fanfic was inspired by Kate & Body Oil video. I've provide the link. Its 20 megs, so be prepared for a long wait to download it. I did. It took me two hours and it was well worth it. I still haven't stopped playing it.

But without out further ado, Toby, The Dark Lord of Hentai presents…………

Asuka & Baby Oil

(Subtitled: God Help Us All)

Shinji Ikari would have been, under any other circumstances a normal, meek boy. He would have had his head hung low as he walked home, thinking about how crappy his life was, not thanking the gods or cursing them, that he lived with two of the most gorgeous women in Tokyo 3, or even most arguably, the world. He would be starved for any kind of love or attention from his father. He would be pondering the human enigma known as Rei Ayanami.

He would not be cursing the boy known as Touji Suzuhara and threatening to stomp on him repeatedly with his Eva until there was nothing left. He would not be cursing class representative Hikari under his breath as he stomped up his stairs because Touji assumed she had a crush on Shinji and-

"I for one am never spending another weekend at Touji's again!" Shinji growled to himself, shouldering his backpack again, after wildly swinging it around. Misato was gone, on some sort of Nerv trip for some reason or another with Ritsuko, and Asuka was delighted to have the apartment to herself for the weekend. Now Shinji was going to have to deal with her berating him all weekend instead of relaxing on at Touji's place playing video games and, watching movies, and eating junk food.

"I'll never forgive, Touji." Shinji sighed, opening the door and preparing for the outraged call of BAKA! Closing his eyes as he kicked off his shoes he waited. Instead of the insult, his ears were instead assaulted by a gentle, low beat music.

"Oooooh, it's so hot, and I need some air.

And booooooy, it's almost dark because I'm halfway there."

"Wha?" was the dumb founded boy's response he cracked open his eyes. He saw nothing in the apartment and expected a darkened living room and beam of light coming from Asuka's room. Unknown survival instincts began to blare inside Shinji warning of danger, but he swallowed as the ever familiar mantra began to play inside his head again.

"I mustn't runway." He and his mind whispered together as he slowly crept to Asuka's room, intent on taking just a peek before leaving and coming back much later. What he saw couldn't stop the sharp intake of breath.

Asuka was lying nude on the floor, a bottle of warm baby oil next to her, and a clear sheet of plastic on the floor beneath her. She had her hair tied back in a tight, pony tail as she took the baby oil in her hands and squeezed some on her breasts, which where heaving in excitement. She set the bottle down with the thump and then ran her hands over herself with a soft moan, her nipples, already hard, seeming to grow hard as she gently tweaked them. All of this she gently swayed and moved in time to the music.

"You don't even need to touch me just-

Breeeeeeeathe onnnn meeeeeeee,

Oh baby just-

Breeeeeeeathe onnnn meeeeeeee,

We don't need to touch just-


Shinji couldn't help but stare as Asuka lay back against the sheet, reaching for more baby oil, squeezing more onto her legs, rubbing it all over legs, and as she did, spreading herself wide and giving him and clear wide view of her pussy. Shinji sucked in a breath as he saw her shaved pussy and licked his lips, wanting to shove the door aside, reach out and see how she tasted. Asuka moaned again as she reached her inner thighs, massaging them hard but slow. As she reached for more oil she sat up and Shinji ducked to the side panting.

~I'm such a pervert. Asuka would love it if she could really know if she could prove how much I really am. Well, maybe not right now, but still to prove to it.~ Shinji thought bitter, thinking of her beautiful pussy and how wet she must be as the lyrics continued on the song that was driving him just as wild as Asuka.

"My senses don't make sense any more.

Our imaginations, taking us to place, we've never been before.

Take me in, let it out, and don't even need to touch me. Just-

Breeeeeeeathe onnnn meeeeeeee,

Oh baby just-

Breeeeeeeathe onnnn meeeeeeee,

We don't need to touch just-


"I wonder if we can show this to the angels and torture them to death this way." Shinji mumbled to himself, peeking around to corner of the door. He froze as he found himself staring into a pair of ice blue eyes and a very red flushed face.

As Shinji Ikari felt all the blood felt all the blood run from his face as he knew he had been caught watching Asuka Langley Sohryu masturbating many things ran through his mind.


I hope Misato buries me in a suit and not my plug suit.

She has very nice breasts.

I'm gonna die a virgin!

"I ran out of baby oil." Was not the expected response.

All Shinji could do was stand there, flabbergasted. Gently taking his hand, Asuka pulled him into her room and closed the door after them. She looked at him with a glare and then nodded.

"You tell anyone of this third child and it never happens again, understood?" Asuka asked, nodding at him her tits bouncing. He nodded, mesmerized.

"Good, now strip." She commanded, pointing at his still clothed body. Shinji stumbled to reply and Asuka tapped her foot on the plastic. Witt a d huff she placed an oily hand on his shoulder.

"You need help with everything, don't you?" She muttered at him, smiling at him. He laughed nervously as she leaned down to his trouser front, gently unbuttoning it. As he watched Asuka unzip him he had to ask on thing on his mind.

"Asuka, how do you know about this?" he muttered and she looked up at him.

"I went through puberty in collage. Where else do you think you silly little boy?" she asked boy, yanking his trousers down. Shinji gasped as he felt her warm mouth engulf his manhood in movement. It was slow at first, she teased him, moving slowly up and down and he gripped the sheets. He stared down at her, watching him up at him but eventually she began to go faster and faster with her mouth, licking the under side of his cock with each upward stroke. Shinji groaned, clutching at her bed sheets, before trying to warn her but not even words could come out, but Asuka seemed to know. She went all the way back down as he convulsed one, then twice, cumming in her mouth. Asuka swallowed all she could but some of it escaped from the edges of her mouth and this she scooped up with her fingers then licked them up. Shinji lay back on her bed as she released his spent cock from her mouth. She let him rest before lying back on the plastic sheet and calling to Shinji.

"Alright, third child, my turn, Come down here and see if you can learn something." She order and Shinji got down to his knees, shrugging off his shirt, now totally nude. Asuka took his hands with hers guides them to her pussy.

"I ate you, you eat me. Fair trade, no?" she asked and Shinji licked his lips. He gently leaned down and extended his tongue, tasting her gently at first. Asuka let out a small sigh of pleasure and Shinji took that a sign of encouragement. He moved his tongue up and down, slowly at first, and as Asuka moans got louder he began to move it faster and harder. He reached his hands up to gently rubs her breasts, and she began moving against him. He sucked on the little bump above her pussy and she gave a startle little cry and Shinji then licked it. Asuka yanked him up by the hair, kissing him hard before letting him go, to pant for a moment. The she shoved a piece of rubber in his hand and he looked t it for a moment before knowing what it was.

"Put it on stupid." Asuka ordered and Shinji nodded, slipping the condom on and was about to get over Asuka before she rolled them over and forced him to lie on his back. Puzzled he looked at him and saw she had another bottle of baby oil in he hands. She slowly eased herself down around his cock. She let out a deep moan, settling down onto of him. Shinji closed his eyes at the huge sensation of pleasure coming from there. He desperately wanted to move but before he could Asuka began to spread baby oil over their bodies and he looked up at her smirking face. He watched transfixed as she spread it over her breasts, making them bounce before his eyes.

Then, ever so slowly, she rose up and then down on his cock. Shinji moaned as did Asuka. He clutched at her hips and she dug her finger nails into his shoulder as she rode him. Up and down she moved, going harder and harder, her tits bouncing up and down, oil dripping from her naked body onto Shinji. Her cries got louder and louder, until finally, she threw her head back and screamed her tits arched forward. Shinji bucked under her as he felt her pussy contract around him and he lunged up into her, her climax triggering his own. Asuka then collapsed onto of him and they lay there for a moment catching their breath.

"When's Misato coming back?"

"Monday morning."

"How much baby oil do we have left?"

"I just used the last of it."




With their new song still playing, Shinji followed his lover into the shower to be the oil off and learn the benefits of cost effective same-time-showering.