ASUKA: Asuka/Yuna - Sisters in Slavery



Sisters in Chains

I opened the front door after Asuka knocked, then stepped aside for the petite schoolgirl. In the living room Asuka set down her bookbag, I caught her from behind, squeezing her little waist, brushing my nose through her sweet, shampoo-scented, scarlet hair. Asuka remained still while I held her close and kissed her soft right cheek. Leaning her head against my stomach, Asuka gazed up at me with her large, bright, blue eyes.

"Are we playing the game today?"

"It's all set up, honey. You want a soda or a snack first?"

"Nah, I'm ready to play," smiled Asuka, her cherry lips shining with gloss.

Asuka folded her slim legs beneath her and settled herself upon the shaggy carpet. I sat across from her, jacking in the wire cap before I set it over Asuka's fiery mane. Asuka leaned forward so I could place the wraparound visor over her brilliant eyes, then I stole a quick kiss before sitting back and donning my own VR gear. Reaching out, I fumbled for the power button, then Asuka and I both gasped when the dizzying swirl of colors exploded within our opaque ebony visors...


I was dozing when I heard the cabin hatch squeak open. Resting on my narrow bunk with my head pillowed upon my crossed arms, I smiled when I felt a small, warm body climb on top of me, cool fingers brushing across my scratchy cheeks, then warm, sweet lips pressing against my pursed mouth.

Rikku grinned down at me, kissing the tip of my nose as I stroked a braided gold bang framing the young girl's beautiful face.

"I have a surprise for you," beamed Rikku, her small hands roaming over my prone body. The Al Bhed girl bit her lip when her fingers found the bulge of my manhood.

"Are we hitting another village?" I inquired, sitting up carefully, Rikku pouting from her seat beside me.

"I told the captain to turn us back around, we took some captives," grinned the blonde girl wickedly.

"Rikku..," I sighed, hugging the teen's small shoulders. "Alright, let's see what you caught."

Rikku clung to my right arm as we negotiated the long, tight passages of the Al Bhed ship. We descended some stairs to the ship's large cargo holds, where the wandering Al Bhed stored their stolen booty..and sometimes nubile slaves. Rikku tugged open a hatch to the number four hold, we stepped through into a wide compartment empty of everything but two naked slaves and the Al Bhed currently whipping them into a sweaty lather. Rikku's hands on my arm tightened, I looked down and saw the teen girl's bright, hungry, green eyes, she licked wet lips, her heart racing as she watched the crewmen lash the chained, writhing prisoners.

Tearing my gaze from Rikku, I frowned when I noticed one of the sobbing slave girls had a mane of fiery red hair, her naked back and small, pubescent tits were covered in angry crimson welts, sweat coated every inch of her nude, petite body, and glistening rivulets of cunt honey were visible inside the whimpering girl's flushed pink inner thighs. Staring hard at the second weeping slave girl as Rikku and I drew closer, I recognized short, dark brown hair adorned with colorful beads, a small, compact body with dripping, shivering breasts, and those unique green/blue eyes that wept in helpless anguish while a three-pronged lash burned across her glowing, clenched buttocks.

Rikku snuggled against me as the two Al Bhed discarded their lashes and hefted hard wooden paddles. Asuka and Yuna squealed when the crewmen began slapping their throbbing asses with the whacking boards, each sharp crack of a paddle upon sweet ass flesh made Rikku shiver, I felt my cock straining within my trousers, I breathed raggedly, dizzy with the smells of female sweat and pussy juices that permeated the dimly-lit cargo hold.

Yuna lifted her hanging head and stared at me, her mismatched green/blue eyes pleaded with me to stop the paddling, but I merely continued to watch expressionlessly, Rikku rubbing her crotch against my right leg as she relished the furious spanking.

When Asuka sobbed and gushed vaginal honey over her quaking legs onto the cold deck, I addressed the two Al Bhed.

"That's enough, Rikku and I will take it from here."

The perspiring, winded crewmen nodded and left their instruments for our use. After the cargo hatch had closed shut behind them, I drew up to the chained, panting girls, I stroked Asuka's sweaty, sticky hair.

"So we meet again, I'm as surprised as you two," I said, using my left hand to stroke Yuna's gleaming, sweat-slick skin.

"A..are we..hostages?" asked Yuna between mouthfuls of sucking breath, beads of perspiration running from her hot forehead into her blinking eyes.

"No, you're slaves of the Al Bhed now. You'll service everyone on this ship until we make landfall, then you'll probably be taken to one of the brothels in our city."

I turned to Asuka when I heard the chained teen girl moan. I shook my head when I found Rikku kneeling between the redhead's splayed legs, lapping the dripping honey from Asuka's gaping pink twat.

"Please, please help me and my sister!" begged Yuna, her green/blue eyes wide and urgent.

"I can't, Yuna, I can only make your captivity as pleasant as I can," I sighed, pinching the summoner girl's tiny, drool-flecked chin. I lifted Yuna's heavy head, then kissed her pouty, moaning lips. My eager hands roamed across Yuna's naked, sweaty body, I licked her bare, creamy shoulders, cupped and squeezed a soft, pert breast. I reached above Yuna and adjusted her chains so she could kneel in the puddle of Asuka's spent love juices, I freed my erection from my baggy trousers, then I rubbed the bloated head across Yuna's softly protesting lips.

"Make me cum and I'll let you stay in my cabin, Yuna, no one else will rape you," I murmured, pressing my meat against the summoner girl's flaring nostrils.

Yuna stared up at me with her gorgeous, mismatched eyes, then she opened her mouth wide for my hard prick. Smiling, I slipped my stiff dick through Yuna's yawning lips, her mouth was warm and tight when she locked her cherry lips around my veined rod, her cheeks becoming taut when she began sucking deep on my plunging shaft. Combing my fingers through Yuna's wet hair while she nuzzled my crotch and slurped furiously on my thrusting cock, I noticed that Rikku had lowered Asuka's chains as well, the Al Bhed's tight rubber leggings were down to her ankles, she was humping Asuka's beautiful young face, grinding her blonde bush over the teen redhead's sucking, tugging lips.

Never taking her eyes from my face, Yuna fastened her mouth on each of my hanging testicles in turn, sucking and slurping my hairy balls while her gentle, cool fingers stroked up and down my saliva-drenched pole, milking my cum into my meat cannon for a mighty blast of spunk. I heard Asuka's soft moan when Rikku filled her slurping mouth with squirting, sweet nectar, cunt juices poured down Asuka's working chin, mingling with the pool of vaginal cum gleaming beneath the teen redhead's curled knees.

Yuna was ravenously devouring my pistoning cock, her angelic face pressed hard to my thrusting crotch, her lips milking my ramming dick, her tongue a sinuous, stroking thing, saliva oozing down the summoner girl's chin in long, glistening strands, her gulping mouth a sticky mess of drool and pre-cum as her head rocked back and forth, Yuna's dripping tits rolling as she put her whole naked body into servicing my swollen schlong. Panting, I wrapped my shaking arms about Yuna's head and held it between my parted legs, I groaned when my cock finally exploded inside Yuna's urgent mouth, great streams of fuck venting down the naked, chained, summoner girl's furiously gulping throat.

As Rikku and I held each other, we watched the naked slave sisters lick their sibling's flushed body clean of lingering pussy honey and pale jizz.

"I still see a few drops on Asuka's left labia," teased Rikku, her smile wicked and not a little cruel.

Blushing, Yuna lowered her face to her younger sister's puffy pink pussy, she extended her tongue and softly licked Asuka's cunt petal until not a drop of Rikku's honey remained. Asuka's chained hands worked helplessly, she squeezed her blue eyes shut, gnawing her trembling lower lip while her naked sister licked and kissed her tingling cunnie mound before her watching captors.

"I'm jealous!" pouted Rikku, lifting her young face up to meet my eyes. "Yuna got to have that nice big cock of yours all to herself!"

"I think I've got enough energy left to give you a quick ride in my cabin," I sighed wearily, shaking my head and ruffling Rikku's shining gold hair.

"Uh, uh! I want a nice, slow ride on that thick monster of yours!" giggled Rikku, pinching my butt before she claimed my right arm again possessively.

Just before I walked through the cargo hatch with Rikku in tow, I looked over my shoulder at the chained sisters.

"I'll give orders that you and Asuka belong to me and Rikku now, the other Al Bhed won't bother you anymore," I promised, closing the hatch on the two hugging, teary-eyed siblings.


Rikku's Ride

Rikku's small right hand was inside my trousers before I could even secure the hatch of my cabin. The petite blonde girl pressed against me, gazing up at me lovingly with her sparkling green eyes while her cool fingers worked enthusiastically up and down my growing prick.

"I jerk you off better than Yuna, don't I?" pouted Rikku, using her free hand to tug down the zipper of her orange rubber skinsuit. After the zipper of her suit was down past her puckered navel, Rikku caught my right hand and slipped it inside her rubber bodysheath, holding my palm over her warm left breast.

"Squeeze my boobie hard," breathed Rikku, her fingers stroking my length faster when I started milking her small, pliant tit.

Pinching Rikku's hard left nipple, I put my mouth over her whimpering lips, we kissed hungrily, Rikku's tongue and saliva rushing into my greedy mouth. I peeled down the orange rubber from Rikku's small shoulders, the skinsuit dropped down to the young Al Bhed girl's short boots, I lifted Rikku into my arms and carried the feather-light angel to my waiting bunk.

Kneeling on the edge of my bunk, leaning forward on her splayed fingers, Rikku slurped my erection furiously, drool oozing down her tiny chin while her head rocked back and forth, her tight cherry lips working around my dripping dick. I buried my shaking fingers in Rikku's golden braids, I humped the teen girl's sucking mouth, driving my shaft hard down Rikku's gulping throat. Rikku rubbed her saliva-soaked lips back and forth along my veined pole, she nuzzled her young, beautiful face against my hanging balls, licking and sucking on my hairy nutsacks. Wrapping her fingers around the base of my cock, Rikku smiled up at me before opening her sticky lips wide and swallowing all of my throbbing meat, soft moans of bliss emanating from her dick-filled mouth as she wetly slurped down my engorged prick.

Rikku pouted when I pulled her ravenous lips from my gleaming shaft.

"I want to swallow your cum!" begged Rikku, her green eyes urgent.

I stroked Rikku's hot left cheek, then I relented and gave her a nod. Grinning, Rikku didn't waste a moment swallowing my beading cock, she pressed her blushing face into my crotch, sucking and tonguing my pulsating rod until she coaxed a gush of warm fuck down into her gulping, greedy throat.

When Rikku had consumed all of my salty load, I withdrew my spent prick from the naked Al Bhed's cum-framed lips. Rikku squatted on her bootheels and licked her glistening mouth clean with a pink tongue.

"Now it's your turn," smirked Rikku, spreading her pink thighs apart, displaying her puffy, moist twat surrounded by silky, golden curls.

I knelt beside my bunk and held onto Rikku's knees, I pressed my lips to the blonde teen's pouty cunt, my tongue stroking Rikku's dripping gash, my lips suckling on her stiff clit, making Rikku shudder in ecstasy, her head falling back, golden braids draped across her bare, creamy shoulders.

Rikku rolled her pelvis while I tongued her melting snatch. Grinding her furry batch over my sucking lips, Rikku laid back on her splayed fingers, humping my nuzzling face pressed to her musky pussy. Releasing Rikku's knees, I cupped her little ass, lifting it from the hard bunk mattress, squeezing Rikku's little ass cheeks as I buried my slurping lips inside the teen girl's gaping cunnie, lapping the delicious juices pouring from Rikku's clenched vagina.

Rikku threw back her beaded braids, she sobbed raggedly when she climaxed, warm honey flowing over my open mouth and cum-drenched chin.

Rikku pulled me onto the bunk with her, then she pushed me onto my back, ripping open my tunic, straddling my legs so I couldn't escape her. Leaning over me, Rikku stuck out her pink tongue and started licking my dark, stiff nipples. I sobbed when Rikku gnawed on my hard buds with her small, ivory teeth, her nails dragged down my bare stomach, then her fingers were around my cock again, caressing, stroking my member back to full erection.

While she fondled my dick back to life, Rikku pressed her sweet left nipple onto my panting lips. I eagerly suckled on Rikku's tender breast bud, swallowing most of her soft, luscious, pubescent mammary, soaking the Al Bhed girl's young tit in my clinging saliva.

Squatting over my stiff prick, Rikku held my jutting meat and rubbed the wet, dribbling tip back and forth over her yawning pussy. When Rikku's snatch was covered in sticky jizz, the teen girl dropped down upon my cock, her wet labia enfolding my spearing prick, her vagina squeezing my erection as it pushed up deeper and deeper into Rikku's shivering belly.

"It's so hot and big!" moaned Rikku, clenching her green eyes shut, placing her cool palms on my bare chest before she began bucking upon my lap, driving my cock in and out of her drooling, sucking cunt.

I kneaded Rikku's bobbing ass, digging my fingers into her ivory buttocks while she bounced wildly upon my impaling dick, her bright braids flying, her small pink tits rolling as she humped me as fast as her small hips would work. I stroked Rikku's sweaty back as she swayed and rocked atop me, my left index finger wriggled through Rikku's tight crack, then I was digging into the blonde girl's sphincter, making Rikku moan and drool across my heaving chest.

Squeezing my splayed knees, Rikku laid back, thrusting out with her pelvis, her cock-filled pussy slurping up and down my gleaming, spearing member. I squeezed Rikku's clenching cheeks, pulling her onto my driving lance, sheathing my hot meat completely inside the Al Bhed girl's insatiable love passage.

We both sobbed when we orgasmed in tandem, Rikku's vagina constricting around my blasting cock. Rikku moaned softly while spunk dripped from her prick-stuffed pussy, she lay upon my outstretched legs, her small hands stroking my parted limbs, her young cunnie warm around my jizz-oozing dick.

I left Rikku sleeping on my bunk, her petite body gleaming with a sheen of love sweat, her flesh warm with a soft golden afterglow. Tugging on my loose pants, I left the cabin bare-chested, following the corridors back to the cargo hold where Yuna and Asuka were being kept. I nodded in satisfaction when I found the two slave sisters freed from their chains, two Al Bhed women draping loose cotton shifts over both naked siblings.

"We were going to bring them to you after Rikku left your cabin," grinned a red-haired Al Bhed, her green almond-shaped eyes glittering.

"Have they been fed yet?" I asked, accepting the chain leashes linked to Yuna and Asuka's iron slave collars.

"No," replied both Al Bhed, shaking their heads.

"Please send enough food and drink for four to my cabin right away," I ordered, tugging the heavy-footed slave girls after me.

"Gonna have quite a party, aren't you, sir?" asked the redhead when I reached the cargo hold hatch. "Mind if I drop by sometime?"

"Sure," I answered, ushering Yuna and Asuka through the hatch, then closing it with a firm push.


The Long Goodbye

"I'm getting tired of this game!" protested Asuka, sitting across from me on the living room carpet. "I wanna have sex for real!"

"Just one more session, honey bunny," I cooed, settling the wire cap over Asuka's soft red mane.

"Fine!" sighed Asuka, rolling her blue eyes.

I placed on my own cap, then activated the VR unit...

I woke up to find Asuka curled against me, her naked body wonderfully soft and warm, her puckered lips almost touching my bare chest. I rolled onto my back and discovered Yuna sleeping on my other side, she drowsily clasped my arm with her naked limbs, rubbing her cheek over my skin and smiling.

Feeling mischievous and a little randy, I slipped my hands between both naked slave girls' creamy young thighs, I gently caressed their soft, puffy cunts, working my index fingers slowly, peeling aside tender labia petals to finger the sleeping sisters' pouty vulvas.

The beautiful slave sisters stirred in their sleep, Asuka's flushing thighs closed around my delving hand, Yuna's pale legs opened wider, she rolled onto her back, her crotch rising as my questing finger dipped into her yielding vagina.

The girls began moaning softly while I wiggled my fingers deeper and deeper into their moist, clenching, love holes. Asuka's bright blue eyes opened, she kissed my right shoulder, rolling her small hips, impaling her sopping wet pussy onto my digging digit.

Yuna's green/blue eyes fluttered as she bucked sensually upon the bunk, honey dribbling from between her splayed thighs, her caramel nipples hard and erect, her young mammaries flushed pink while I fingered her slurping cunt to frothing orgasm.

Asuka's small hand found its way to my rising member. Smiling up at me, the petite redhead began fondling my veined pole, she licked my heaving chest, then gnawed on a stiff nipple, her cool, inflaming fingers stroking up and down my erection's throbbing length.

"Can I suck it?" murmured Asuka huskily, licking glossy cherry lips with wanton expectation.

"Sure, honey," I grinned, kissing Asuka's hot forehead.

Asuka lowered her eager mouth to my cock, enfolding the knobbed tip with her wet, rosebud lips. Moaning softly, Asuka began suckling upon my dick, licking the emerging beads of salty jizz from my oozing urethra.

"You taste so good, master. I want more!" whimpered Asuka, running her pink tongue along my rod while she looked up at me, then swallowing all of my manhood, my cock disappearing inside the teen angel's gulping, tight throat.

I sobbed with Asuka's head bobbing between my legs, Yuna arched her spine and moaned, her trembling cunnie drooling sweet nectar between my plunging fingers onto the bunk's sheets.

With a sharp thrust into Asuka's sucking mouth, I blasted my seed down her throat, the young redhead closing her blue eyes ecstatically while she drank down my load.

Rikku entered my cabin to find me and the slave sisters gasping together, the blonde teen smirked and closed the hatch behind her, tossing her golden braids and dragging down the zipper of her orange rubber diving suit.

"I didn't have any luck in the water today, but I think I've discovered quite a find here," purred the sexy Al Bhed girl, shrugging out of her skintight sheath before climbing onto the crowded bunk.

Rikku kissed Asuka's semen-smeared lips, then both girls licked my spent shaft clean, their tongues slick and soft upon my tingling prick.

Yuna leaned her flushed face close to mine, we kissed hungrily, then the naked summoner girl sat up and climbed atop me, straddling my face with her musky, gleaming, pink thighs. When Yuna pressed her cunnie lips to my greedy mouth, I sucked hard on her delicious, sticky labia, slurping her tender pink petals into my mouth, then lapping her engorged clit until Yuna was bucking on top of me, squeezing her soft breasts and sobbing at the ceiling.

Rikku squatted over my freshly aroused cock, using her right hand to spread her pussy petals apart for my wide knob. With my dick working up her tight, contracting vagina, Rikku bounced upon my crotch, tweaking Asuka's swollen cherry nipples while the naked slave girl licked the bouncing blonde's small, ivory tits.

Rikku, Yuna, and I all climaxed at the same breathless moment, spewing semen and vaginal juices everywhere. Asuka dipped her head between Rikku's wobbling legs, lapping the mingled cum dripping from my glistening member.

All three girls lifted their perky asses and rested on elbows upon my sex-soaked bunk while I took turns plowing through each naked beauty's gaping, ravenous pussy. As I humped Asuka's bucking ass, I fingered Rikku's sopping hole and wiggled a digit into Yuna's puckered sphincter, making the young summoner girl whimper and wriggle her creamy little butt cheeks.

Asuka moaned with disappointment when I tugged my prick from her slurping cunt to fill Rikku's hungry pussy. The sweaty redhead rolled onto her back, spreading her ivory legs wide, snatching my left hand and stuffing three of my fingers into her clenched, honey-drenched, pink gash. Asuka rolled her small hips and humped my pistoning digits, her little pink tits rocking as I fingered her melting cunnie to dripping climax.

Rikku pounded her bucking ass into my thrusting crotch, her golden braids flying while she rocked like a young, lathered mare in heat. Yuna nuzzled the panting Al Bhed girl, they kissed sloppily, extending dripping tongues and molding drooling lips together. I spread open Yuna's rosebud bung, then drove two fingers into her warm rectum, Yuna arching her spine and spearing her beautiful ass on my invading fingers.

Once again, everyone cried out in uninhibited orgasm. The girls lay sprawled across my bunk, panting, stroking each other's slick, slender limbs. I dropped into a nearby chair and tried to catch my breath. Asuka climbed out of bed and came to me, she wiggled onto my lap, then cupped my flushed face in her small palms, leaning close to kiss me tenderly.

"Fuck me forever, master," murmured Asuka, rubbing her nose against mine, then hugging my neck tight as we embraced passionately, our sweaty bodies pressed close.

I opened my eyes the same time Asuka did. The schoolgirl caressed her hot right cheek, licking her cherry-glossed lips.

"Mmm, I really liked that game."

"Ready to call it a night?"

"Uh, uh! Now I want you to fuck me for real!" grinned Asuka, plucking off both of our caps, then tugging me to my feet before leading me by the hand to the bedroom.

The End