ASUKA: Asuka's Sleepover




At the ring of the doorbell, I rushed to the front door and unlocked it. Asuka was waiting on the porch, carrying a small case for her weekend stay with me.

"Everyone thinks you're staying with a friend?" I asked Asuka as I let her inside.

"Uh, huh," nodded the red-haired teen, both of her hands holding the handle of her case while she walked tentatively into the living room.

I closed and locked the front door, then I took Asuka's case and carried it to my bedroom.

"Do you want something to drink or snack on?" I called from down the hallway.

"I'm kinda thirsty," replied Asuka.

Leaving the schoolgirl's case leaning against the foot of my bed, I made sure my present was properly laid out over the mattress, then I left my bedroom for the kitchen, where I poured Asuka a tall glass of cold milk.

"Good for growing bones," I smiled, handing the glass to Asuka.

Asuka sipped her milk while I trailed my fingers through her thick scarlet hair, I brushed a warm cheek with my fingertips, inhaled Asuka's sweet scent.

After Asuka had finished her milk, I took her empty glass and placed it on a side table. I took both of Asuka's small hands and pulled her after me to the easy chair, I sat down, and Asuka stood between my open legs, cheeks burning, small ivory teeth nibbling her lower lip apprehensively.

I ran my hands up and down Asuka's smooth, luscious legs. Caressing the schoolgirl's warm limbs, my hands slipped underneath Asuka's pleated blue skirt, she whimpered softly when my hands enfolded her small, pert buttocks over her soft cotton panties, I squeezed and fondled Asuka's lovely little ass cheeks, then I worked my hands inside Asuka's underwear, kneading the beautiful teen girl's tight buttocks that were so warm and pliant beneath my grasping fingers.

"Unbutton your shirt, honey."

Asuka unknotted the red tie at her throat, then she started working the buttons of her white uniform blouse, fingers trembling while she slowly opened her school shirt. I fondled Asuka's yielding buttocks lovingly while she finished freeing all of her blouse buttons, after she was done, I peeled open Asuka's shirt with my teeth, then I kissed the schoolgirl's fluttering tummy, licking around her quivering navel, savoring the taste of Asuka's warm, bare skin.

I let go of Asuka's little ass and lifted the soft cups of the teen girl's training bra from her small, budding, pink tits. Asuka moaned as I fondled and gently milked her soft pubescent breasts, I rubbed her hard cherry nipples between my fingers, I licked Asuka from belly button to the swells of her shivering teenage mammaries, the schoolgirl moaned again and leaned into me, her slim arms wrapping around my head as I hugged her small waist, licking, relishing Asuka's slender torso.

Moaning in bliss, I filled my hungry mouth with Asuka's left breast. Asuka hugged my head tighter as I suckled on her warm, delicious mound, drooling over her small tit, licking the sweet, swollen nipple of the whimpering schoolgirl. After switching to Asuka's right tit, slurping and licking the luscious teen breast, I slipped my right hand underneath Asuka's uniform skirt again, my hand entered Asuka's damp panties, the cotton wet and sticky from the honey already oozing from the schoolgirl's hot cunnie. Gnawing on Asuka's throbbing right nipple, I fingered my sobbing angel's moist pussy, dipping two eager fingers into Asuka's warm honey pot, wriggling my digits deep through the teen redhead's sucking vulva.

Asuka bucked against me softly while I devoured her small, flushed breast and stabbed my fingers through her sopping wet cunt. Pressing her sobbing face into my dark hair, Asuka climaxed with a violent shudder, warm nectar flowing from her finger-filled teen sex.

Dragging down Asuka's honey-soaked panties, I dropped my head underneath the schoolgirl's skirt, I nuzzled between Asuka's shivering thighs, lapping the intoxicating juices flowing from Asuka's puffy twat. Asuka clenched my shoulders, rubbing her musky crotch over my face as I licked her sticky pussy clean, when I was done I kissed Asuka's hard little clit, the schoolgirl squeeked, an electric tingle racing through her petite frame.

"Do you want me to suck your cock now?" asked Asuka breathlessly after I lifted my head from between her quaking legs.

"Not yet. I bought you a present. Go into my bedroom and change into it, honey."

Asuka nodded and left the living room, disappearing down the hallway. I sat back in my chair, breathing heavily, savoring the taste of Asuka's cunnie juices on my wet lips, my cock straining against my pants, yearning for release.

I waited in the easy chair until Asuka returned dressed in the lingerie I had bought for her online. Asuka looked like a little angel in her white lace teddy, lace g-string panties, and sheer white silk hose. Asuka wore a little garter belt around her slightly rounded hips, delicate white ribbons ran from the lace belt to Asuka's leg hose.

Asuka smiled shyly at me, her cheeks flaming as brightly as her thick, scarlet curls. Asuka's small hands were adorned with white lace fingerless gloves, she held them behind her back, her hose-clad feet shuffling across the shaggy carpet.

"Turn around for me, honey."

Asuka turned slowly for me, glove-sheathed arms outstretched while she displayed her bare little ass to me, a string of pale lace flossing between Asuka's creamy, pert buttocks.

"You're so beautiful, Asuka," I murmured, catching the lingerie-clad schoolgirl in my arms and kissing Asuka's warm tummy, my hands enfolding her naked little ass cheeks.

Staring at me with her wide, bright blue eyes, Asuka folded to her knees and reached for my zipper, she held her tongue between her teeth while she slowly dragged down my zipper, then she slipped her small, cool fingers into my pants, she found my aching cock and began stroking it gently, caressing my member from engorged tip to swollen base.

"Does this feel good?" asked Asuka, her blue eyes hopeful as she worked my stiff meat with her small, fondling hands.

"That..feels wonderful, honey," I moaned, clutching the armrests of my leather easy chair.

Asuka grinned and rubbed my prick faster, I sobbed softly, feeling my load rising, ready to explode across Asuka's angelic face.

"Suck it, Asuka!"

Asuka opened her small mouth and obediently began sucking on the beading tip of my cock. Moaning, running trembling fingers through Asuka's fiery, silky hair, I drove my rod deep down the schoolgirl's gulping throat. Asuka swallowed as much of my pulsating cock as she could handle, her cheeks ballooning, soft moans escaping from around the wad of cock meat stuffed between her salivating lips. Asuka's head bobbed furiously as she sucked me off with all she had, lips locked and milking my length, eager tongue stroking every driving inch of dick slamming down her tight esophogus.

I hugged Asuka's head between my splayed thighs, my pelvis reflexively thrusting as I blasted hot fuck through Asuka's loudly slurping mouth. Asuka whimpered, but never let go of my squirting shaft until every last drop of salty discharge had passed between her wet, sticky lips.

I cupped Asuka's upturned face in my palms, I kissed her bright red hair, then her flushed forehead, then her perky little nose. Asuka smiled and wrapped her lace-adorned arms about my neck, she climbed into my lap, and we exchanged hot, hungry kisses until we were ready to go to my waiting bedroom.



I trailed after Asuka as we made our way to my bedroom. I loved watching Asuka's little g-string flossed ass wiggle in front of me, all too soon she disappeared into my room, I followed, and watched Asuka climb into my wide bed.

"Can I suck your cock some more?" asked Asuka, her large blue eyes hopeful.

"Sure, honey, as much as you want," I smiled as I stripped off my clothes and left them piled on the bedroom carpet.

Asuka grinned, then leaned forward on her hands, opening her small mouth as wide as she could for my prick.

Standing beside my bed, I set my hands on my hips and watched Asuka lick my dangling member, her puckered lips soft and thrilling as she rubbed her mouth up and down my swelling dick. Gazing up at me with her large, beautiful, blue eyes, Asuka enfolded the heavy knob of my shaft with her wet, rosebud lips, she suckled the tip of my rod, making soft little moans while she slurped the warm beads of cum already oozing from my urethra. Murmuring with pleasure, Asuka held my dripping cock inside her warm mouth, her tongue lapping the salty beads emerging from my throbbing manhood.

Tugging my aching prick free from Asuka's greedy lips, I peeled back her lace teddy from her small, budding, pink tits. Keeping my stiff erection firmly in hand, I rubbed the moist tip over Asuka's wide, cherry pink nipples, coating the teen redhead's goose-pimpled, hot pink areola with sticky jizz. Moaning softly, Asuka cupped her pubescent mammaries and sandwiched my prick between her soft, milky mounds. Throwing back her thick scarlet hair, Asuka worked her little tits over my veined shaft, rubbing my hot member with her gleaming cleavage. Squeezing her teen breasts against my pumping cock, Asuka stuck out her tongue and lapped my throbbing knob, she murmured while she tasted my salty spunk, then she swallowed more of my hard prick, her working mouth making soft slurping noises as she milked my engorged rod with her enthusiastic rosebud lips.

I hugged Asuka's head and humped her ravenous little mouth. Harder and deeper I plowed down Asuka's yielding throat, until I climaxed and gushed warm fuck, Asuka moaning while she struggled to gulp down all of my squirting seed.

Lifting her blushing face from my hairy crotch, Asuka panted for breath, licking fat drops of semen from her glistening lips. I pushed Asuka onto her back and yanked her slender, hose-clad legs apart, I yanked down her lace g-string panties, then my eager face was nuzzling between the petite schoolgirl's musky young thighs, licking and slurping on Asuka's puffy, hairless cunnie.

Asuka sobbed and clutched the bedsheets, her small pelvis quaking as I ate out her sweet teenage pussy, her juices warm and delicious upon my questing tongue. Reaching inside Asuka's open teddy, I milked the red-haired angel's soft, pliant breasts as I dug my tongue through Asuka's moist vulva, coaxing more of the schoolgirl's honey from her melting vagina. Asuka held her legs spread-eagled apart, her small hips rolling while she pressed her sopping wet cunt against my greedy mouth, her sticky labia lips kissing me warmly.

I rolled Asuka over onto her tummy, I hiked up her little, perfect ass, licking her luscious teenage buttocks with my drooling tongue. I kissed both of Asuka's delicious ass cheeks, then I pressed my urgent face into Asuka's musky crack, running my dripping tongue from the schoolgirl's pouty pussy to her cute, puckered, pink bung. Squeezing Asuka's hanging breasts, I buried my mouth in the little redhead's honey-drenched pussy, sucking, gulping down the steady flow of warm juices from Asuka's hot teen sex.

Lifting my gleaming lips from Asuka's gaping twat, I rubbed the fat knob of my prick up and down Asuka's drooling gash, then I was inside the schoolgirl, humping Asuka's upraised bottom, clinging to her rocking young hips as Asuka sobbed huskily and tossed her bright red hair, saliva running down her hanging chin.

The mattress creaked and groaned while I rode Asuka's tight little butt. Letting the schoolgirl's dangling tits sway beneath her, I gathered Asuka's thick, silky mane in my hands, I tugged Asuka's bobbing head back as I slammed between her rolling buttocks, Asuka sobbed softly and clawed at the bedsheets, her pussy clenched around my plowing dick, squeezing the swelling semen within my spearing cock.

Just before I blasted inside Asuka's slurping cunt, I pulled free my shaft and rammed it through Asuka's tight sphincter. Asuka squealed when I penetrated her virgin anus, shoving deep into her warm rectum, slapping my crotch into the sobbing schoolgirl's upraised butt. Tugging back on Asuka's shimmering scarlet hair, I impaled the teen girl's squeezing bung till I finally couldn't hold back anymore, a load of spunk overflowing Asuka's throbbing anus, dribbling from the cock-plugged hole down the narrow cleft of Asuka's clenched ass crack.

Rolling the limp, gasping schoolgirl onto her back, I filled her gaping mouth with my cum-drenched prick. Moaning weakly, Asuka sucked my sticky shaft clean, her small tongue stroking my spent meat, her lips locked around my plunging rod.

With Asuka cradled in the crook of my right arm, I kissed the scantily-clad teen girl's wet red hair, she murmured and snuggled closer to me, a small, cool hand over my chest, her soft, young breasts pressed against my ribs. Brushing my lips over Asuka's warm forehead, I fondled her little bare ass with my right hand, massaging the tight perky cheeks, scratching the cleft between the luscious young buttocks.

Asuka smiled and trailed her hand down my naked torso. I moaned when the teen girl's cool fingers wrapped about my limp cock, slowly Asuka fondled my prick back to hardness, when she was done Asuka stared up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes, then she climbed onto my lap, her warm cunnie lips brushing across my right thigh just before she straddled my erection and sheathed my stiff cock within her yielding, ravenous, pink pussy.



I groaned softly when Asuka slipped out from beneath my arm and left the warm, sweat-soaked bedsheets. I grinned after I heard the toilet flush, then I stretched my arms over my head when I heard the shower switch on.

Tugging my naked limbs free from the tangle of sweaty sheets, I padded on bare feet over the carpet to the bathroom. The bath was filled with warm mist, I watched Asuka's nude outline through the fogged shower glass, when my cock was at full attention I slid open the stall door and joined the dripping schoolgirl inside.

Asuka giggled as I lathered her nubile teen body with the soap bar. Asuka turned about so the hissing shower spray could rinse off her bright pink skin, she shivered when the hot torrent pounded between her little bare buttocks, drenching her puffy little cunnie mound.

Asuka pressed her blushing cheek against my stomach while I soaped her small, soft breasts. Cupping Asuka's warm little tits, I slipped my throbbing prick between her slippery pubescent mounds, Asuka whimpered and bit her lower lip as she looked up at me with her large, bright, blue eyes, her small palms were cool upon my dripping belly as I pumped my stiff rod between her flushed pink breasts, moaning softly when Asuka's young tits enfolded my thrusting dick.

I pinched Asuka's upraised chin and kissed her tender rosebud lips. Asuka moaned softly upon my mouth, her young cheeks burned, she gnawed her lip when I caught her hard, swollen nipples and tugged on the cherry buds.

Turning Asuka about so she faced the misty spray, I slipped my right hand between the teen redhead's hot, shivering thighs. Asuka whimpered when my fingers found her puffy, hairless pussy, I spread her soft, wet labia wide apart, my index finger scratched Asuka's tingling clit, the naked, shower-soaked schoolgirl sobbed, her small hands squeezing my working wrist as I wiggled two urgent fingers into the beautiful red-haired teen's parting vulva.

I buried my face in Asuka's thick, dripping, red hair while I fingered the young girl to shuddering climax beneath the hot, foggy spray. When my withdrawing fingers came away dripping with sweet cunnie juices, I placed them over Asuka's quivering lips, tentatively the naked teen beauty wrapped her soft lips around my sticky digits, licking her own nectar from my hand with a slow, languid tongue.

Asuka and I left the shower just as the spray began to grow cold. I rubbed Asuka's petite body dry with a fluffy towel, then I kissed the blushing schoolgirl's pert nose before I let her leave the bathroom. While I dried off, Asuka set her small case on my bed and opened it. My red-haired angel slipped on pink cotton panties, then settled a fresh training bra over her perky pink tits. Perching on the edge of the disheveled bed, Asuka tugged on clean white bobby socks before she wriggled into a tight pink halter top and a matching, hip-hugging, mini skirt.

I was wrapping a towel around my waist when the front doorbell rang.

"Who's that?" I frowned.

"Hikari!" replied Asuka. "I told her I was staying with you, since she has to cover for me. We're going to a matinee!"

"Okay," I nodded, following Asuka down the hall to the entry foyer.

I opened the front door while Asuka slipped her sneakers on. Hikari was a petite little thing like Asuka, her glossy raven hair was bound up in two thick pigtails that draped over her small shoulders, she wore a canary-yellow summer dress and open sandals.

"Um..hello," smiled Hikari shyly. "Is Asuka ready to go?"

"Yep!" beamed Asuka, hugging my arm tightly before she rushed outside to join Hikari on the porch.

"I'll order some pizza for supper, then," I called out to the two giggling schoolgirls. "You're welcome to stay, Hikari!"

"Thank you!" smiled Hikari before Asuka took her arm and dragged her down the street.

I sighed wistfully before closing the front door. I had plenty of time now to change out the bedsheets.


I was standing by the wide window watching the swollen sun slowly descend when I caught sight of the two girlfriends walking up the street towards my house. I tried to act casual when I opened the front door for Asuka and Hikari.

"How was the movie?" I asked while the two young girls filed past me.

"It was cool," smiled Hikari, her cheeks flushing while Asuka dropped down heavily upon the living room couch.

"Why are you blushing, Hikari? Was there sex in it?"

"Yeah, they got naked and everything!" grinned Asuka, her blue eyes sparkling.

"Was that the first time you saw something like that, Hikari?" I inquired gently.

"Uh, huh!" nodded Hikari, her hands clasped behind her back, her sock-clad feet shuffling across the thick shag.

"Show her one of your hentai videos!" suggested Asuka with a wicked grin.

"Asuka!" I warned, reluctant to draw Hikari into the snare of sex I had Asuka in.

"I..I'd like to see it, Sir," blushed Hikari hotly, before she retreated to the couch to sit with Asuka.

"Alright then," I shrugged helplessly, walking to my DVD shelf to pluck out the first installment of Bible Black.

Hikari snuggled close to Asuka when the scene between the school nurse and a sexy green-haired schoolgirl began. The eyes of both young teens were locked upon the television as I sat down in my easy chair, enjoying the spectacle of Hikari's reaction to the explicit hentai.

As the lesbian scene dragged on, Asuka brushed her lips across Hikari's burning cheek. Tentatively, Asuka laid her left hand over Hikari's small left breast, Asuka gently squeezed the soft tit through Hikari's light dress, the pigtailed girl whimpered, her lips shivering while her best friend fondled her aching young mammary.

My cock started bulging through my pants as I watched Asuka release Hikari's heaving breast and sneak her fondling fingers underneath the panting schoolgirl's skirt. Hikari moaned and rested her hot cheek over Asuka's bright red curls, her eyelids fluttered while Asuka scratched her warm, throbbing cunnie through her damp cotton panties.

Asuka looked over Hikari's rising breasts at me, her rosebud lips curved into a nasty smile. I grinned back and stood from my leather easy chair, I approached Hikari and dragged down the zipper of my pants, the pigtailed girl glanced at me, reluctant to tear her dark brown eyes away from the drooling schoolgirl getting ass-humped by the thrusting dick-girl nurse.

Gently, I caught Hikari's limp right hand and set it upon my veined erection. Hikari stared at my stiff meat, hesitantly she ran her cool fingers back and forth along my pulsating rod, she bit her lip, growing more confident with every caress over my jutting member.

"Suck on the tip, you'll taste a nice surprise," purred Asuka, digging her hand inside her best friend's sopping wet panties, stroking Hikari's sticky cunnie.

Pursing her glossy pink lips, Hikari looked up at me, then put her little mouth on the engorged knob of my erection. I closed my eyes and sighed with pleasure while Hikari shyly suckled on the heavy tip of my dick, her little tongue darting to taste the fat beads of semen emerging from my puckered urethra.

"It tastes funny," blushed Hikari, wrinkling her perky freckled nose.

"It tastes better when you get a whole lot in your mouth," grinned Asuka, licking Hikari's delicious honey from her gleaming fingertips. "Suck real hard on it."

"Okay," nodded Hikari, closing her dark brown eyes and opening her rosebud mouth wide for my dripping cock.

I hugged Hikari's small head and sobbed as the schoolgirl sucked long and hard upon my aching shaft. Moaning around a mouthful of hot prick, Hikari slurped my stiff cock down her tight throat, saliva running down her working little chin. Leaning over Hikari's shoulder, Asuka gazed up at me with her gorgeous blue eyes, she smiled and stuck out her pink tongue, lapping my dangling balls, licking the thick base of my swelling cock as Hikari gulped down every inch of my hot dick, drool and spunk spilling from her greedy, slurping lips in long, thick strings.

With their flushed foreheads pressed together, Hikari and Asuka sucked on the oozing tip of my shivering pole. I sobbed as I felt the young girls' bright pink tongues lapping my cum as I let it flow free, Asuka rubbed my purple length with her wet, adoring lips, then she wrapped her rosebud mouth around my dribbling knob, sucking on my prick head so fiercely I felt like blasting my load down her throat that very second. However, since this was Hikari's first time, I gritted my teeth and held back until Asuka slowly let my heavy dick fall from her drooling lips, Hikari sucked it up without pause, her blushing cheeks tight while she stared up at me and filled her warm mouth with my dribbling cock.

Gathering up Hikari's pigtails, I groaned, my hips rocking as I exploded inside the pigtailed schoolgirl's locked, slurping mouth. Hikari whimpered around my gushing prick, but her slim throat worked furiously to gulp down all of my warm, salty fuck. After the deluge was done, Hikari let go of my sticky shaft with a ragged gasp, her small breasts heaved, her nipples hard through her cotton bra and light yellow dress.

"Are you going to fuck me now, Sir?" asked Hikari once she caught her breath, Asuka hugging her friend's little waist.

"Do you want me to, Hikari-chan?" I retorted, switching off the flatscreen.

Asuka kissed her best friend's glowing cheek. "Please say yes! We can all fuck together on his bed!"

"Okay," smiled Hikari softly, standing from the couch with Asuka holding her hand, the two teen schoolgirls heading for my bedroom.

Making sure the front door was locked, I turned off the living room lights before following my two young, nubile guests down the hall.



When I reached my bedroom, Asuka was already helping her friend Hikari out of her canary yellow dress. Asuka grinned at me around Hikari's left arm while she unhooked the schoolgirl's training bra, Hikari was trembling softly, her sweet little buttocks clenched.

Taking off my shirt, I watched Asuka slip her small hands into Hikari's cotton panties, Asuka massaged her best friend's small butt, running her tongue up and down Hikari's bare arm to the whimpering teen's creamy shoulder.

Tossing my trousers to the carpet, I dragged down my briefs, then approached the two young girls, Asuka kissing Hikari, their cherry lips sucking and tasting each other.

I stood behind Hikari, I ran my hands down the nubile schoolgirl's petite body, then I caught the elastic band of her panties, I tugged down her underwear, the fabric stained from Hikari's beading juices. As Asuka suckled gently on Hikari's swollen nipples, I rubbed my palms over the pigtailed girl's warm, flushed pink inner thighs, the knob of my stiff prick poked between Hikari's luscious little ass cheeks. Catching Hikari's tiny chin, I pulled her mouth from Asuka's, then I savored those pursed, wet lips, devouring Hikari's moaning mouth, my tongue working inside the girl's warm, wet orifice.

I lifted Hikari easily from the carpet, I carried her to the bed while Asuka stripped, I laid Hikari down gently upon the mattress, then I pried her slim legs apart, smiling at the sight of the pigtailed girl's sopping wet gash.

Hikari sobbed, her knees buckled when I began sucking on her sweet, puffy pussy, my face pressed firmly to the teen girl's musky crotch. Asuka slipped her small right hand between my legs, she caught my dangling cock and started milking my prick, her fingers squeezing and cool as she fondled my hanging meat from hairy balls to dripping tip. I moaned with pleasure from Asuka's stroking, I buried my greedy mouth in Hikari's yielding twat, digging my tongue through her sticky vulva, licking the moist, tender lips of the teen girl's drooling snatch.

I sobbed softly when I felt Asuka's small mouth swallow my hard dick, I could hear her urgent slurping, her lips caressing my veined shaft up and down, her tongue licking my aching manhood. Hugging Hikari's little waist while I ravenously ate out her delicious cunnie, I pumped my hips, thrusting my cock down Asuka's sucking mouth, sheathing my member inside the teen redhead's gulping throat.

Hikari threw back her pigtails and arched her spine when I brought her to climax, her lean thighs spread apart wide while her pelvis quaked, warm honey flowing from her pouting, oozing cunt. Squeezing Hikari's tight little ass, I lapped the teen girl's hot pussy clean, then I ran my gleaming tongue across Hikari's fluttering tummy, around her puckered navel, then up to the pert, heaving swells of Hikari's blushing pink tits.

I pounded my engorging cock down Asuka's gagging throat, then with a gasp I orgasmed inside the wildly slurping schoolgirl's warm mouth, squirting thick loads of spunk through Asuka's semen-soaked lips.

While Asuka licked Hikari's stiff clit, I humped the petite redhead's upraised ass, plowing my slick cock through Asuka's milking vagina, spanking the moaning schoolgirl's pert buttocks till they glowed scarlet. Before venting my fuck into Asuka's tight cunt, I tugged free my heavy schlong and drove it through Asuka's pouty bung, Asuka threw back her thick red curls, sobbing as I filled her clenched rectum with throbbing dick, then exploded inside her little ass, jizz spewing from Asuka's cock-stuffed sphincter.

Lying on their bare backs side by side, Asuka and Hikari fondled and pinched each other's teen breasts while I took turns shoving my erection through each of their gaping wide, hairless pussies. Watching the naked schoolgirls tongue each other, little fingers pinching and tugging on perky nipples, I groaned and rammed my prick into Asuka's belly while my fingers spread open Hikari's honey-drenched cunt, my index finger dragging down the wet, sticky slit of the teen beauty's sweet sex.

Draped across my sweaty thighs, Asuka and Hikari both licked and sucked on my full to bursting cock. When the first fat drops of semen emerged from my urethra, the naked teen girls held their small mouths open over my shivering prick, they squealed with delight when my dick geysered warm cream into their hanging mouths, their little pink tongues flicked to catch the flying drops of salty treat, then each schoolgirl locked her soft lips over my squirting knob, swallowing mouthful after mouthful of intoxicating man juice.

Hikari smiled at me as she licked my cock clean, a drop of semen clinging to the tip of her freckled nose. Asuka's blue eyes held me while she suckled on my prick tip as if it was a lollipop, her tongue rubbed across my urethra, collecting every last drop of my spent seed. I reached out and caught Asuka's soft right breast, I fondled the warm little milk mound, rubbing Asuka's swollen cherry nipple beneath my thumb.

The nude teen girls snuggled against me, one on each side. I draped a light sheet over our sweat-slick, naked bodies, I kissed Hikari's hot forehead, then I nuzzled my face in Asuka's sweet-scented scarlet hair, the young beauty lifting her angelic face so we could share a long, breathless kiss.

"Go to sleep, honey. I'll take you two girls home tomorrow morning," I murmured, my left hand fondling Asuka's sweet little ass.

"I had fun this weekend, I want to do it again," murmured Asuka sleepily, her warm cheek pressed to my bare chest.

"Anytime you want, angel, anytime," I smiled, holding Asuka tightly to me.

The End