ASUKA: Afterschool Lessons



Hiro Oshi was a quiet, unassuming fellow who taught English Literature. Hiro had led a serene, almost boring life until an exchange student from Germany arrived at his class, a fiery-haired young woman named Asuka Langley.

It was common knowledge at the school that Asuka was an Evangelion pilot. Asuka quickly became the star of the student body, admired by the girls and desired by the boys. Asuka's sharp tongue was also well-known, she was infamous for challenging her teachers, every day a new story was told in the teacher's lounge of Asuka's latest impertinence.

Hiro listened to the stories about Asuka hungrily. He lusted for the young woman, he fantasized of what he would like to do with her every waking moment. Then, one day, Asuka challenged him.


Asuka sat sullenly at her desk. Hiro had ordered her to stay after the other students had filed out. The pretense was that Asuka had spoken rudely and out of turn to a teacher, but Hiro had other plans for the young girl.

Hiro locked the only door of the classroom and tugged down the window blind. The window blinds opposite the door were already turned down, no one would be able to see inside the classroom.

"Oshi-sama, I deeply apologize for offending you," offered Asuka reluctantly, rubbing her ankles together beneath her small desk.

Hiro returned to his desk, opened a drawer, and removed a ruler. "That will not do, Asuka-san. Come to my desk."

Frowning, Asuka rose from her seat and crossed the empty classroom to Hiro's wide desk. Hiro moved to the desk's corner, tapping the ruler against his left thigh.

"Climb onto my desk."


"NOW!" snapped Hiro, slapping the back of Asuka's right thigh with the ruler.

Asuka squealed and clambered onto the desktop. Hiro nodded in satisfaction, he moved to stand directly behind Asuka. Skin flushing, Hiro took the hem of Asuka's uniform skirt and raised it. He let the raised skirt fall over Asuka's spine so he could caress her ass with his right hand.

"Oshi-sama, what are you doing?" asked Asuka, looking at her teacher wide-eyed over her right shoulder.

"Silence!" hissed Hiro, slapping Asuka's left buttock with the ruler.

Asuka whimpered and dropped her head. Hiro was smiling widely as he grasped the elastic waistband of Asuka's white cotton panties and tugged them down her slim thighs. The panting teacher raised the school girl's underwear to his nostrils, he inhaled the musky perfume of her pussy clinging to the fabric. Pressing Asuka's panties to his nose, Hiro lashed out with the ruler, snapping it over both of Asuka's little buttocks, adorning the young girl's ass with angry red bruises. Asuka was sobbing when Hiro was done, her small ass and thighs burning from a network of cris-crossing welts.

"Insolent girls must be punished," gasped Hiro, wiping sweat from his gleaming brow. The teacher went around the desk to open a drawer, Asuka raised her head slightly, tears poured down her crimson cheeks. Asuka gasped softly, her eyes huge when she saw her teacher remove a pink vibrator from his desk. Hiro offered the vibrator to Asuka.

"Take it and use it."

"Iie!" refused Asuka with a violent shake of her head.

Hiro slapped Asuka's right hand with his ruler. Asuka yelped and yanked back her bruised hand to her chest, Hiro slapped the left hand, Asuka clutched both burning hands to her shivering breasts. Hiro lowered the ruler and thrust out the vibrator a second time. Reluctantly, blushing hotly, Asuka reached out with a trembling right hand and took the offered vibrator.

"Turn it on and stick it inside you."

Sniffling back tears, Asuka twisted the base of the vibrator. Instantly the pink rod began to hum. Flicking her eyes at Hiro, then quickly lowering them, Asuka lowered the humming vibrator to her crotch, she positioned her legs slightly further apart on the desktop so she could reach her pussy easier. Asuka bit her lower lip hard when she pressed the humming plastic rod onto her cunt. The young girl moaned as she slowly stuck the vibrator deeper into her cunnie, the little pink lips of her sex enfolding the buzzing rod.

"You like that vibrator in your little cunt, don't you?" teased Hiro, relishing the sight of Asuka masturbating on his desk. "Naughty girl."

Asuka's tear-streaked cheeks were glowing scarlet as she shifted the vibrator in and out of her moist pussy. Asuka pressed her open left palm onto the desktop, supporting herself while she pumped the buzzing toy faster through her slit, droplets of honey pooling between her quivering legs.

Hiro walked around the desk and fondled Asuka's tight, bruised buttocks. He lowered his face and licked each of the young girl's crimson ass cheeks, grasping her buttocks, stroking the warm, firm mounds. The teacher sniffed the musky aroma of Asuka's damp cunt, he licked around the buried vibrator, savoring the taste of Asuka's tender, pink pussy.

Asuka moaned, she pumped the vibrator harder, her juices soaked the pink rod, rivulets of honey flowed down her slender legs. Hiro placed his right hand over Asuka's, he rammed the vibrator almost to the base inside Asuka's wet hole. Asuka groaned weakly, her thighs quaked as she orgasmed, a flood of vaginal honey pouring from her sex.

Asuka's teacher took the drenched vibrator from the girl's small hand and set it aside. He lowered Asuka's uniform skirt. "Turn around and sit on the edge of my desk."

Wiping at her eyes, Asuka obeyed Hiro, sitting on the edge of the desk with her legs dangling in the air. Hiro reached out and started unbuttoning Asuka's school uniform blouse, Asuka looked down and watched, her lips trembling. When all the buttons were undone, Hiro slipped the blouse off of Asuka's small shoulders. Licking his lips, Hiro unclasped the front of Asuka's bra, he pulled the undergarment away, Asuka's young breasts dropped free.

Hiro crouched to lick Asuka's pert, brown nipples. Asuka whimpered softly, closing her eyes while her teacher sucked on her bare tits, his tongue coating her flesh in drool.

Slipping his right hand underneath Asuka's uniform skirt, Hiro fondled Asuka's honey-soaked pussy while he slurped on each of her tits, filling his mouth with the young girl's luscious flesh. Asuka rested on her palms, panting as Hiro devoured her young breasts.

With a trembling hand, Hiro unzipped his trousers and took his throbbing erection. He eased his cock into Asuka's little cunnie, the girl's pussy squeezed around his thick member. Hiro began thrusting into Asuka's pussy, squeezing and crushing the school girl's yielding tits. Asuka threw back her head, red hair swaying as she moaned, eyes squeezed shut in denial.

Hiro was panting raggedly, sweat soaked his face as he fucked the beautiful, young school girl. He tugged and pinched Asuka's swollen nipples as he stabbed between her dangling legs again and again, his cock buried deep in Asuka's little vagina. Hiro licked Asuka's perspiration that slipped between her shuddering breasts, he nuzzled his face between Asuka's rolling tits, her skin was hot and silky. With his face pressed into Asuka's chest, Hiro slammed into the young girl's crotch. Asuka moaned weakly, her mouth open and gasping, her face and hair gleaming with perspiration.

Hiro impaled Asuka with his cock one last time before it exploded inside the young girl. Asuka whimpered softly, her thighs trembling while white cream dribbled out of her stuffed cunt.

The sweating teacher straightened, resting his palms on Asuka's slick tits.

"You will stay after class tomorrow and every day after that," ordered Hiro sharply.

"Hai, Sensei," whispered Asuka, dropping her head to her heaving chest, eyes lowered submissively.

"Good girl," praised Hiro, combing his right hand through Asuka's warm, thick, scarlet hair.