ASUKA: Angel In Bondage




Hiro sat indolently within his plush easy chair, the fingers of his right hand wrapped lightly around the tapered neck of a half-empty bottle of dark beer. The high school teacher's pulse jumped when there was a soft, almost tentative knocking upon his front door. Rising from the leather-upholstered chair that creaked when his weight was removed, Hiro set down his beer bottle on a nearby end table before walking across the living room to the tiny foyer of the front entrance. Hiro didn't bother to glance through the peephole first, only one person visited Hiro at four o'clock on a weekday afternoon.

Asuka Soryu, fourteen years old, stood pensively on the other side of the screen door as her homeroom teacher unchained and opened his front door. The young red-haired schoolgirl adjusted the heavy bookbag draped over her right shoulder, she dropped her large, blue eyes when Hiro pushed the screen door open for her, even after all this time, after the weeks of coming here to satisfy her teacher's lecherous desires, Asuka still couldn't meet Hiro's dark, hungry eyes.

Hiro ushered Asuka quickly into his house. Fear made Hiro close and lock the front door hastily behind the young redhead, if the principle or the school board ever heard of one of Hiro's students visiting him regularly at home, Hiro's career would be finished.

Licking his lips, Hiro joined Asuka in the living room. The room was dimly lit by the afternoon sunlight that managed to slip in underneath the shuttered front windows, the easy chair was in the far left corner, to Asuka's right was the couch, upholstered in black leather like the chair, behind Asuka was the entertainment center, where Hiro had made Asuka watch porn videos, then copy what the underage girls had done, glittering tears in her wide, blue eyes as she used her mouth to pleasure her groaning homeroom teacher.

Hiro stood behind Asuka. He lifted the schoolgirl's bookbag off her small shoulder and set it down by her right foot, he wrapped his fingers around Asuka's slim, alabaster legs, gently squeezed her smooth calves, then slid his hands up Asuka's trembling limbs, over her firm, young thighs, up her pleated blue uniform skirt to her pink cotton panties.

Asuka closed her eyes and whimpered softly as Hiro pushed his right hand inside the front of her panties, his cool fingers caressing Asuka's puffy, warm labia, his thumb rubbing her tiny clit to hardness.

As he fondled Asuka's soft pussy, Hiro used his left hand to unbutton the schoolgirl's white uniform blouse, when the lower five buttons were freed the homeroom teacher ran his hand up underneath the shirt to Asuka's pert left breast, he enfolded the small tit, fingers clasped over the cotton training cup of Asuka's bra, hand closing around the soft, warm mound, kneading the breast as if it were a ball of dough, thumb stroking the little nipple until it pressed through the cotton of the bra cup.

Asuka leaned back into Hiro. The young schoolgirl parted her legs as her teacher worked her cunnie to wetness, her small right hand wandered to Hiro's bulging crotch, she unzipped his trousers from long practice, her little hand disappeared inside Hiro's pants, her gentle fingers wrapped around her teacher's pulsating erection, she began massaging Hiro's member, her eyes still clenched shut, a barely audible moan falling from her shivering lips.

Hiro groaned into Asuka's right ear. While his wet lips brushed down the schoolgirl's pale neck, Hiro's left hand released Asuka's pliant left breast long enough to finish unbuttoning the rest of the girl's white blouse. Parting the open flaps of Asuka's blouse, Hiro rested his chin on Asuka's right shoulder, he looked down as he unclasped the blushing schoolgirl's training bra, he slipped the small cups from Asuka's perky young tits, he let his left hand fondle each of the heaving little mounds, pinching the rose-pink nipples until they were swollen with blood, relishing Asuka's whimpered sighs as he caressed and tweaked her small breasts even as his right hand explored her young pussy until it was sticky with warm honey.

Placing a lingering kiss on the nape of Asuka's slender neck, Hiro used both hands to slip down the young girl's damp pink panties. Asuka bent over to open her bulging bookbag, flashing her teacher with her bare, tight ass as she removed a set of leather cuffs and a matching choke collar.

Hiro took the choke collar and opened it. Asuka tilted back her head, long, blazing, red hair cascading down her back as she offered her throat to her teacher. Hiro fastened the black leather collar securely around Asuka's milk-white neck, a wide leash ring hung from the throat of the collar, Hiro curled a finger around the leash ring and tugged Asuka's beautiful face close to his, he kissed her roughly, hungrily, savoring the sweet taste of the schoolgirl's tender pink lips.

Asuka dropped her face when Hiro let go of her moist lips, her creamy cheeks flaming. Without a word Asuka stretched out her thin arms, Hiro cinched a leather cuff to each small wrist, then attached the cuffs to each other with a short length of chain with clips on either end.

Asuka lowered her cuffed hands before dropping to her bare knees on the thick carpet. Pressing her angelic face into her teacher's crotch, Asuka opened her mouth and stuck out her little pink tongue, she began licking Hiro's erection, moist lips brushing over the length of Hiro's manhood, her bound wrists resting between her splayed thighs.

Hiro combed his fingers through Asuka's warm, thick, red hair while she slurped upon his jutting meat. Groaning, Hiro rested his palms against the base of Asuka's skull, he held her head in place as he humped her small, gaping, sucking mouth. Asuka held her eyes shut as she sucked off her homeroom teacher, little tongue lapping the throbbing vein that ran the length of Hiro's prick.

Hiro laid his palms over Asuka's flushed cheeks while she swallowed his cock down her tight throat. Hiro tilted the young schoolgirl's pretty face up so he could watch her suck upon his engorged prick, her ruby lips gleaming with her saliva as she lathered his thick meat pole in dripping drool. Asuka opened her lust-clouded blue eyes, she stared up at her rocking, grunting teacher as she devoured his veined member, her small pink lips pursed around the bloated, milk-spilling head of Hiro's cock.

"Swallow it..Asuka! Swallow..all...of it!" gasped Hiro, his clenched fingers slipping back up into Asuka's bright scarlet hair while his crotch pumped faster, cock driving deep into the moaning schoolgirl's yawning little mouth.

Hiro climaxed with a sharp groan between Asuka's widely parted lips. Thick, syrupy, white jizz gushed down Asuka's gulping throat, warm drops of cum ran across Asuka's tiny chin, more cock cream spilled onto the kneeling schoolgirl's hot, glowing cheeks, Asuka's small tongue darted out to lick oozing rivulets of salty milk from her homeroom teacher's shuddering, drooping member.

Stroking Asuka's flaming hair, Hiro rubbed his hanging prick across the young girl's pouty lips and pert, little nose. Asuka looked up at her panting teacher, deft tongue licking her teacher's limp shaft clean, small fingers wrapped around Hiro's aching testicles, milking every last drop of pale jizz from the gasping man's sex.



Asuka dug her fingers into the shaggy living room carpet as her homeroom teacher lapped her throbbing pink cunnie, drooling lips plucking gently at the schoolgirl's swollen labia petals, greedy hands groping at Asuka's upraised little buttocks.

Asuka bit down on her full lower lip to keep from crying out, she squeezed her large blue eyes shut, her scarlet hair veiling her down-turned, blushing, young face.

"Thrust out your ass more, Asuka, so I can bury my mouth in your sweet little pussy," groaned Hiro before he tugged the splayed-limbed schoolgirl's pert cheeks as far apart as he could, then he nuzzled his face within Asuka's warm ass crack, licking the stream of luscious honey running from Asuka's pouting vulva.

Asuka moaned raggedly, lowering her chin to the thick carpet, shoving her small bare bottom higher into the air so her teacher could lick and fondle it. Asuka shivered when Hiro let his open hands roam across her taut, creamy buttocks, he squeezed and pinched her aching bottom, his tongue slid across smooth, alabaster flesh, tasting the young girl, savoring every inch of her nubile teenage body.

The schoolgirl rocked gently as her teacher resumed eating out her tender, moist, hairless snatch. While Hiro languidly slipped his tongue inside Asuka's soaked vagina, the fiery-haired girl shuddered on the living room floor, her tummy trembling, her slim, pale thighs quaking as an orgasm rushed through her small frame. Hiro enthusiastically swallowed all of the sweet love juices gushing from Asuka's raised sex, his eager fingers pressed hard into Asuka's trembling buttocks, his stroking tongue slithered up and down the schoolgirl's hot crotch, relishing every thick, delicious drop of Asuka's vaginal nectar.

Rising from his crouch over Asuka's body, Hiro took a moment to regain his breath, then he flipped up Asuka's pleated uniform skirt so it lay across her back. Grasping each of Asuka's flushed, honey-coated thighs, Hiro spread the young girl's short legs apart even more, so that her pussy gaped open, a musky, sticky orifice with its mouth open wide for his pulsating erection.

Asuka looked over her left shoulder at her panting homeroom teacher while he unzipped his trousers to free his ready member. Asuka's white uniform blouse lay open, her small, milky breasts hung beneath her, they trembled when Asuka's lungs began working faster, her pulse quickening as she watched Hiro guide his thick shaft to her upraised, wet, open cunnie.

"Beg for it, Asuka-chan," purred Hiro, rubbing the young girl's small, rounded buttocks with his palms.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me, Sensei!" panted Asuka, tossing her long, thick, red hair over her little shoulders, her tiny rose lips pouting and wet.

"Good girl," smiled Hiro just before he rammed himself inside Asuka's tight pussy, his veined member penetrating easily into the schoolgirl's warm tummy, her juices soaking his cock, slipping down his manhood to drip from his swinging balls.

Hiro hugged Asuka's little waist, slamming into the prone girl's upraised ass again and again. Asuka whimpered every time her teacher's crotch slapped against her sore bottom, she pressed her sweating forehead to the carpet, her little tits bouncing within her unbuttoned blouse as Hiro speared her squishy, sucking pussy repeatedly.

Hiro released Asuka's bucking hips and reached underneath her to seize the panting schoolgirl's little tits. Asuka sobbed when her homeroom teacher twisted her swollen, cherry nipples, his rough fingers crushing and milking her barely formed pubescent breasts.

Moaning schoolgirl and panting homeroom teacher rocked together upon the living room floor, Hiro enthusiastically riding Asuka's raised bottom, her small bare buttocks glowing cherry red from the repeated impacts of Hiro's flexing, muscular thighs. Hiro gave Asuka's swaying, perky breasts one last, long tweak before he let them resume bouncing back and forth to the bucking motion of Asuka's petite body. Hiro's hands roamed down Asuka's clenched belly, he caressed the young girl's hot, sweat-soaked flesh, his left arm snaking around her small waist once more, his right hand dipping between Asuka's splayed legs, to the dripping, melting region of Asuka's warm crotch. As he impaled Asuka's contracting cunnie over and over, Hiro played with her bud-sized clit, rubbing it, covering it with Asuka's flowing honey, pinching it to make the young, panting schoolgirl whimper and shiver even as her pussy constricted around Hiro's cock ever more tightly.

Letting his honey-drenched fingers fall from Asuka's throbbing clit, Hiro buried his right hand in the bucking young girl's thick mane of flame-colored hair, he yanked back on Asuka's warm, damp, silky tresses as he humped her faster and faster, the slap of thigh flesh against buttocks reverberating through the dimly lit living room as the schoolgirl's homeroom teacher sheathed his swollen prick to the hilt within his teenage student's drooling, sucking fuck hole.

Asuka's right cheek was pressed to the carpet, saliva ran from her gasping lips while Hiro pounded her glowing buttocks till the red bruising grew darker to blue. Hiro was drooling over Asuka's burning ass cheeks, he shoved into her like a machine, relentless, insatiable, aware only of the young girl's honey-soaked sex squeezing and milking his beating, pounding member, her anguished sobs and moans driving him into a frenzy of wild humping.

Asuka screamed and Hiro roared when the homeroom teacher finally climaxed inside the prone schoolgirl's cock-stuffed pussy. Rivulets of pale milk spilled from Asuka's glowing cunnie onto the shaggy living room carpet, when Hiro freed his spent shaft from the young girl's open vulva a flood of white jizz gushed free, splashing across the hot, sweating inner flesh of Asuka's splayed thighs.

Panting lightly, Hiro yanked Asuka into an upright kneeling position by her long red hair, he roughly devoured Asuka's gasping, saliva-soaked lips, his left hand kneading and groping the compliant schoolgirl's soft, slightly bruised left breast. Asuka's cuffed hands dangled between her cum-drenched thighs, the leather collar around her slim throat chaffed her satin skin as she returned her homeroom teacher's demanding embrace, her little tongue stroking his while her lover reached underneath her uniform skirt to play with her cum-drenched young pussy.