An Angel's Desire

Kaworsu's PoV

I am an angel, not blessed with the gift of emotions at my creation. It is something that I'm dying to possess, since my birth. Perhaps that is the reason why my kind attempted to invade and annihilate the human race. They cannot accept the disparity of humans to them, they could not admit that a race lower than them would be bestowed with the ability to feel and respond through emotions. Yes, to other's eyes, I can smile even with the presence of loneliness, as they say it. But I am unable to feel those words they spoke. I am not even familiar with everything they stated towards me. I'd say, I myself envied all humans. And I envied them more when I saw the youth's eyes well with tears, and their mother's face carved majestically with immense fear during my brothers' assault to their homeland. Pitiful, but quite amusing.

I continue to envy the race that thrived from the apes, until I have reached the headquarters of NERV. I saw this woman that eventually caught my attention. Although she was resting on a comma, I couldn't help but stare at her face. She was glaring at me, while I stare at her back, wide- eyed with amazement. Perhaps she sensed that I am far different from her species. But it cannot be, I sighed. She does not possess the same aura as we angels do. And she's not even different to Shinji, my new found acquaintance. Her look was so powerful, like we have been rivals since childhood, which was a sign that she was not like me. She can easily reveal her emotions to others, to let them know how she feels at a certain moment.

"What are you looking at, Nagisa?" Her sharp, hoarse voice brought me back from nowhere. Her facial features remained constant. Which forced me to asked her personally.

"I have caught you staring at me yesterday, when Shinji and I visited you here. I noticed that your eyes were not so friendly, so I have come to ask you now, while my friend is not around." I smiled down at her attractive eyes, which maintained the malicious look forming upon my lips.

"So you have not only taken my EVA but you also took Shinji away from me. How long do you want me to be pissed at you?"

"I never wanted to piss you off, Azuka, but.."

"I have not given you the right to call me by my name, Nagisa!" She had cut me off, her voice echoed inside the four corners of the white walled room. Her eyes were angrier now, I noticed. But not only from her wonderful eyes, but also on the heated tone of her voice.

"I am sorry." I bowed my head slightly, my amused looks still etched on my face. "I didn't mean to make you angry, Soryuu-san, for I worry about your condition. I know NERV wouldn't want to lose an excellent fighter like you."

She avoided my eyes when I decided to look though it to see her soul. All I could see now was her cheek, and the striking folds of her red hair in contact with the pillow underneath her head. I suppose the touch would be as fine as the appearance.

"Thanks for the concern, but I don't need it. Leave, now."

I chuckled, she turned her head to me and glared at me once more. Her eyes were so inviting, and her hair.. well, I just hope that it is as fine and wonderful to the touch as it looks.

"I wish for your good health soon, Soryuu-san. I look forward on seeing you well again."

I gave a final bow. And left the room, smirking. She is really amusing, I thought. I have let my lips mumble a few words as I walk along the white corridors of the headquarters.

"I will see you again..."


I found it difficult to sleep that night, All I could think about is my Asuka. She really caught me off-guard this morning. And I thought right now, that I wouldn't be able to accomplish my mission on retrieving the Lance, as long as I have an unfinished business with Azuka.

I hoist myself off the futon and dressed quickly. Slipping my shoes on, I took long, smooth strides towards the clinic. A smirk was affixed upon my lips, an action I created with reason I don't know myself.

I reach for the smooth door knob and turned it silently. I peeked through the small opening I created after pushing the door careful not to create a squeak.

A faint noise of panting was coming from the room. She's having a nightmare... My smile turned malicious now. Taking a couple of steps towards the bed, I kept my gaze fixed to her form. She was turning her head to the sides while groaning and panting. The noise she makes is music to my ears. How I longed forcing her to make those noise in my ears. But not tonight, I thought. My desire can wait, until she gets well.

That's when my plan steps in.

I walk closer to her and raised a knee to the soft futon and leaned down to her face and caressed her skin with my hand. Nobody cared to fasten her pink night gown, it revealed some skin and the top of her breasts. No noise came out from her lips, much to my disdain. Her skin was marvelous. Her cheeks were slightly flushed, perhaps she was thinking of something sensual when I touched her skin, what my spell really induced upon her.

She stirred a bit. Just as I thought, my little miss Soryuu is a light sleeper. I hope the spell I casted upon her affects a strong-willed, conscious woman. I wouldn't want to deal with her, while she's being stubborn.

Her eyes cracked open. She didn't even yelled at the stranger sprawled on top of her, which assured me that my spell worked. All she did was stare back at me, without even saying a word.

"Have I disturbed you?"

No answer. I guess the spell has it's own catch. Increasing the arousal upon her, but enabling her to speak. Or was it?

"Kaworu! " She tightly grasped my shoulders and arched her back, showing her breasts to me, while pulling me closer down to her. I smiled. She's making a big mistake.

"What do you want me to do for you, Azuka?"

A finger came across my lips. "Shhh.. don't speak. I want to feel you, right now... Do what you must... "

I brush her hand away from my face and kissed her slightly parted lips. My tongue traveled through the sweet opening in her mouth, mumbling slightly as I pushed myself closer to her to reach the deepest portion of her mouth.

She was sweet. I'd prefer having her during snack time than little packs of candies. I groaned when she touched my lips with her fingers and pulled the ends of her night dress up to her chest with the other hand. She's really inviting. So... so... erotic..

"Do it now." She whispered in my ear. It shocked me when she grabbed my hand and slipped it inside her underwear. I didn't' know she was very impatient..

"Asuka, wait. Time is not to be rushed."

"No... I can't wait any longer..." Azuka closed her eyes and unbuttoned my shirt using her both hands. The sound of her pants and the movement of my clothes are the only noise that dared to disturb us.

I grasp her hand to stop her from undressing me, and insisted that she undress herself. The bitch did what I said, and in less than a minute, she lay naked beneath me.

I kept my eyes on hers, making sure my spell is still affecting her. Before I grazed my fingers to trace the curves on her body.

I nibble on her earlobe. She shivered slightly as I cupped her cheek softly while letting my thumb rub her skin. I haven't done anything yet but she's already breathing heavily in my ear, mumbling all her plans for me. I smirked maliciously. She can teach me her ways, but I'll do mine. My hand left her cheek, and went down to her hidden center. I rub her cilt slightly, expecting her to scream again and tell me to rush. But she didn't. I guess she does have brains, making sure we will not disturb anyone from their sleep. She grasped my hair tight, but instead of pulling it away from her, she pulled my face closer to hers and kissed me. She had this awful habit of drawing her tongue into my mouth. Where have she learned that? I expected her to be innocent, so I guess she is not... Poor me, I was expecting to touch a virgin... But I guess she will do.

I thrusted a finger inside of her while we were connected from the kiss. She groaned softly and moved along with my hands, not wanting to let my lips free. She still had her hand entwined with my hair, while the other searched for the hand that was thrusting inside of her. As soon as she found it, she had forced it to go on deeper into her by holding my wrist and pushing it hard and keeping up with the rhythm. She was groaning and gasping. Soon enough she was panting when I forced her to let my lips go and concentrated it on sucking her left nipple. She whispered to me not to stop. She doesn't have to tell me though, I'm going to fuck her until my spell weakens.

I induced more delight in her by inserting another finger, and another. The force was too hard, I expected her to collapse but she didn't. Soon I felt something inside of her break. Alright, I'd admit that I was wrong of her not being a virgin. She orgasmed. I'm hardening. Finally I have taken the order from my longing cock and unzipped my smooth black pants and lowered the waistline enough to let it go. I found myself rocking on top of her soon after, panting softly in her ear, while she does the same thing to mine. I bit the junction between her neck and shoulder, it stained red when I let go. I lowered my head parallel to her neck then licked her skin, like a leech to a flesh.

We rocked in rhythm, the bed started to squeak. Our "moment" reached its end when I noticed my spell weaken. I slid out of her, much to her disappointment, and kissed her goodbye. When she persuaded me to go on again, I snapped my fingers and sent her to her dreamland. I dressed her while giving final kisses on her skin and stood up to dress myself. It was too short and I longed for more, but this wouldn't be my last.

If she was half conscious at that time, she'll come to me on her own. I said to myself as I headed back to my room, a wide smile grazed my face unknowingly.


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