Neon Genesis Evangelion

The A.L.I.A.S. Vignettes

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Asuka Langley Is A Slut Vignette 3


The Horaki living room is rather small by Asuka's standards, though most would probably consider it "cozy". From her seat on the floor, it is only a few feet to the opposite wall where the stairs lead up to the second floor. Against that wall a TV rests on a small table, and a wire runs from it to the middle of the room where it connects to the video game console that is currently occupying her friend's full attention. The two girls are leaning against the couch situated in the middle of the wall, enjoying the sporadic breeze that wafts through the screen door to their left. Both of them are dressed lightly - Asuka in a T-Shirt and shorts with Hikari in light pants a tank top - due to the warm weather.

"Wow, Asuka, you're not doing so hot today," Hikari teases, referring to the current score of the video game.

"Mm. I haven't played in awhile," the redhead responds.

It had been like this for a while now. Hikari would make a half-hearted attempt to strike up conversation with the other girl, only to be treated to a few words and maybe a grunting noise.

The two girls' relationship had been somewhat strained as of late, and Asuka knew why.

She tosses a small look over to see a hint of a frown on her companion's face. Whether it's caused by the game or something else, she's not sure.

She's probably heard the rumors, she snorts mentally. On one hand, she's angry that her friend has come to the point of suspecting something, and on the other she's upset that her friend would care so much.

Asuka covers her sneer with a raised can of soda, keeping one eye on the game and avoiding Hikari's character as best she can to make sure it looks like she's trying.

What's her damn problem anyway? She always acts so goody-goody. She hears a few rumors and suddenly I'm not good enough for her.

Hikari has been acting just like Shinji lately.

Shinji. Asuka's hands clench reflexively.

It had been awhile since he had started acting weird. His synch ratio started climbing higher, and suddenly he began acting differently - ignoring her, and casting her dirty glances for no apparent reason.

How dare he. Suddenly he thinks he's too good for her because his stupid Eva gets higher synch ratios? The irony of the situation infuriated her.

He was such a weakling, and yet because he got better scores on a theoretical test, he thinks he's somehow above her.

What had got her the worst was the snubbing he had been giving her. She had always been able to turn his head at will with a little bit of teasing or the right clothes, but he even stopped falling for that. How could he not be interested in her?

Either way, she hadn't taken it sitting down. And what she had been doing to him for the past month or so had crushed him. She could see it in his eyes, in his posture. He had snapped once and become angry, but it only took two angry words to get him to back down.

And this was the invincible Shinji.

Asuka stops her meandering as she feels liquid running down her hand. She looks to see that she had unconsciously crushed the half-full can of soda. She puts it back down on the floor and looks over to see if her friend had noticed, but the other girl was still focused on the screen. Asuka watches her friend play out of the corner of her eye.

She had found him and Hikari talking after school one day. She had only been in the bathroom for a few minutes, and when she came out they were already chatting it up. After that she had seen them talking a few times, always playing the observer, pretending not to see or care. Then Hikari started asking questions about him, and she had even heard Shinji talking on the phone with her while he thought she was asleep on the couch.

Both of them, thinking they're so high and mighty, and then flirting with each other...

Asuka looks up at the clock on the wall and stops her mental ranting. She notes the time as 5:47. With an exaggerated sigh, she drops her control paddle to the floor in front of her and stretches.

"I'm done," she says, standing.

"Oh," Hikari says, sounding somewhat disappointed, "Well, we can -"

"Nah, you keep playing. I'll just watch," Asuka replies, going over to curl up on the couch behind Hikari.

"... okay."

Asuka stares at the back of her friend's head, tracing the strands of hair with her eyes. Her hair was pulled neatly into her two signature pigtails, and though they would defiantly have been perfect in the morning, strands of hair had pulled away and were frayed about.

She reaches forward and rakes her fingers through her friend's ponytails, causing the other girl to shift in her seat. After a few seconds of this, she gently pulls the hair bands off, causing the chocolate hair to cascade down the other girls back.

Asuka stops for a moment, a frown on her face. After a long moment of contemplation, she pulls the neural clips out of her own hair, and drops them off the side of the couch, away from view.

She settles in her seat and begins slowly running her fingers through her friend's hair, causing Hikari to sigh contentedly and subsequently causing her performance in the game to suffer. She alternates raking through her hair with running her nails along the back of her friends neck or up under her jaw-line.

By now the dull heat that had been throbbing between her legs all day is being fanned by the intimate contact. She rearranges herself on the couch so her head is above Hikari's, and her fingers slowly trail from the girl's shoulders around to under her chin and her collarbone, always returning to her hair.

By now Hikari has completely forgotten about the game and lets the controller fall into her lap, where - Asuka notices with a smirk - it rumbles steadily from the pounding her virtual avatar is now receiving.

"Mmm. That feels good, A-Asuka," her friend croons, and Asuka finds herself being aroused by the quality of her voice to the point where she has to strain herself to keep from moving too quickly.

After a few more seconds, Hikari succumbs and leans completely back into the sofa, her head craning back to rest in front of Asuka's folded knees. Her eyes are closed as Asuka's fingers sail over her cheeks and up along the bridge of her nose.

Asuka's breathing increases slightly, and finds her eyes locked onto her friend's lips. Her fingers move back down to her shoulders, and she runs them up and down the other girl's upper arm. Each time she reaches down farther, forcing her to bring her head closer and closer to the other girl's. She soon gets a look down her shirt at her bra-covered chest, and she suddenly wishes her friend were a little more open about certain things.

Though the bra won't be a problem for long...

Asuka takes in a deep breath and wets her lips as she brings her face slowly closer to her friend's. She notices that Hikari's breath had quickened as well, and that she had become slightly tense. By now she can certainly feel the breath washing over her face.

"As... Asuka?" Hikari whispers, forcing her eyes open in enough time to see the upside-down face of her friend descending.

Asuka gently captures Hikari's lower lip between her own, pulling it back with her as she withdraws her head back slightly. The other girl is trembling now, her eyes wide and her hands gripping at the carpet.

Asuka runs her hands back up Hikari's arms to cup her cheeks. She leans back in, only to be held back by a hesitant hand.

Asuka sighs mentally; she had hoped, delusively, that she would be able to get through the situation on heat alone. By the somewhat frightened look in her friend's eyes, however, it appears she will need some prodding.

But even as she stammers out a barely intelligible question, her physical state manifests itself to Asuka. It's in the rose on her cheeks, the tension in her shoulders, and the nervous shifting of the legs that her friend doesn't seem to be aware of.

Hikari repeats herself, this time slightly more coherently: "A-Asuka... what are you doing?"

Hikari had never imagined herself in this position before, and she finds herself paralyzed with confusion. What does this mean? Does she like me... is she gay? Aside from her friend's motivations, her body's reaction troubles her as well. She had never kissed anyone before, and found it to be quite intoxicating even despite the nervousness (the sporadic rumbling from the control paddle hadn't helped, either). There is also an unidentifiable feeling that all but sparks at the thought of her first kiss being taken (oh so gently) by her best friend.

Her addled mind is sorting the information slowly, and she suddenly realizes that she hasn't made an attempt to move away from her friend. The other girl's thumbs are still lightly massaging her cheeks, and her hair has fallen around her head, creating a copper veil that makes the proximity seem impossibly more intimate. And then there is the intense look in her friend's eye... something that could not possibly be desire...

Another strange feeling suddenly surfaces; a strange warmth that both terrifies her and keeps her rooted to the spot. Somehow, she realizes, Asuka can see this, and as her face lowers back towards her, she finds herself pursing her lips in anticipation.

Asuka stifles a moan as Hikari's lips move against her own. They kiss for some time; the sound of passing cars and chirping birds accompanying the gentle plopping of parting lips.

Their faces slowly separate, a think trail of saliva shimmering and then evaporating into the air. The heat of their mixed breaths warms their faces before they pull away.

Hikari picks her head off of the couch and looks forward, away from her friend. She takes a few deep breaths before speaking.

"O... kay..." she says. Silence lingers. It appears the redhead isn't going to offer up any explanation. "What... what was that all about?"

She hears her friend shift on the couch behind her, and she stiffens as she expects to be touched again. When the touch doesn't come, Hikari doesn't know whether she's relieved or disappointed.

"I... don't know," Asuka replies. For the life of her, she couldn't come up with anything better to say. She hadn't really thought this part through.

"Oh," the brunette says, the possible implications of the redheads statement weighing down her voice.

"Wait, look, Hikari. I'm... I'm not gay or anything. I just..." Asuka trails off, trying to phrase it as best she can. "Haven't you ever thought of anything like that before? You know..."

In truth, Hikari hadn't. At least, she didn't think she had. Of course she had realized her friend was pretty, and she had seen her in various states of undress in the locker room after PE. She was certainly able to appreciate her friend's physique, but she had never really thought of her sexually.

But now, especially since Asuka's assurance that she wasn't gay had alleviated a lot of the pressure, she finds that the ideal is somewhat attractive.

She suddenly realizes that she had left Asuka's question hanging in the air, and she responds as appropriately as she feels she can, given these new feelings.


Asuka sighs inwardly with relief. She is so worked up she's not sure if she could have take no for an answer, and Hikari's admission was certainly a good sign.

She again adjusts her position on the couch, keeping her one hand tucked conspicuously between her thighs. The heat has built nearly to the point where control has become impossible.

Although it is not quite a lack of control that she experiences, part of her muses. She feels as if she is completely lucid, but her wants... no, her needs... change so radically that it consumes her.

Asuka suddenly readjusts herself so she is kneeling right behind Hikari's head, and says, "Well, we're best friends, right?"

"Yeah..." comes the unsteady reply.

"Girl friends do this kind of stuff together don't they? There's nothing wrong with it..." Her hands move back down to Hikari's bare shoulders. "It's just some experimentation."

With that last word, she slips her fingers underneath the straps of her tank top and lets them slide down her arms.

Hikari shivers, but makes no move to readjust them. They both know what this means.

Just experimentation. There's nothing wrong with it...

Hikari's thoughts are disrupted as her friend leans down to press her lips to her right shoulder.

... We're going to do this!

With the affirmation, Hikari's body relaxes, and her hand comes up to guide Asuka's mouth up to hers. As their lips touch, Asuka's other hand slides down into her shirt, past her cleavage, to rub her belly. Hikari opens her mouth to moan, and Asuka's tongue creeps in. They kiss hotly. It feels sloppy to Hikari, but that only serves to increase her passion. She rubs her tongue against Asuka's, suckling on it, trying to capture as much of her friend as she can until Asuka withdraws to rains kisses back down her cheek and onto her shoulder, using the hand that had been rubbing her belly to pull the top upwards.

She finally steps down from the couch and settles down next to the brunette. She resumes the kiss, using her other hand to pull the top up until it is completely bunched up around Hikari's neck. They break the kiss and Hikari hurriedly pulls the top off and flings it off to the side, revealing her bra-clad chest and flat stomach.

Asuka raises herself up higher than her partner and uses a finger to tilt the girl's head upwards. While holding Hikari's head still with the finger, the redhead positions her mouth directly over her lips, but does not touch them. She darts her tongue out as far as she can and begins to lick hastily along the other girl's lips, and begins to tongue her gums, running them underneath the lip and the cheek. The teasing generates deep groans from her victim, but still she is surprised when Hikari pushes herself upwards so they are on equal ground and violently captures Asuka's mouth with her own.

She begins sucking hungrily on the redhead's mouth, and soon they are kissing with more intensity than either expected to feel.

Hikari's current distorted sense of time tells her that it has either been 20 seconds or two minutes when Asuka stops the kiss. She finds herself being pushed back so she is again leaning on the sofa. Hikari moans in ecstasy at the sight of Asuka getting on all fours and bearing down on her stomach. She looks up at the ceiling as she feels her best friends tongue running back and forth around her belly button, and slowly moving upwards.

The class rep is breathing long, shuddering breaths by the time Asuka's probing tongue makes it up to her ribcage. Asuka's hands trail up the other girl's side until they are cupping the sides of Hikari's breasts through the fabric, eliciting a low. Hikari reaches behind her and fumbles at her bra strap.

Her breath catches as the clasp unhitches, and she whimpers when she feels the cups rising from her chest.

Asuka is almost delirious with need as Hikari's small, perky breasts are reveled. The level of arousal she's achieving from being with her best friend astounds her. She reaches forward and grabs each breast with the tips of her fingers and kneads the flesh, careful not to disturb the already hardened nipples.

"Oh, God... Asuka...."

The sound of her friend moaning her name is almost enough to drive her insane. She dispenses with any build-up she had planned and pulls off her own shirt, the gasp she hears from her friend sends a shiver down her spine. She quickly leans forward and grabs Hikari's left breast in her mouth, immediately attacking her nipple with the flat of her tongue and sucking at the skin.

"Oh, GOD!" her friend exclaims.

She must be nearly as worked up as I am, Asuka thinks as her friend's chest pushes up into her mouth. Asuka is lying as flat against Hikari as possible, so she can rub her own hardened nipples against the other girl's abs. She moves her body up and down as she suckles, rubbing her breasts along Hikari's stomach in smooth lines.

"Mmm," she moans deliciously as she pops the breast out of her mouth to favor the other.

Hikari whimpers. One hand is rubbing against her own cheek while the other grips the carpet, and she realizes with a daze that she could be more productive. One hand moves down to rub Asuka's bare back while the other reaches between them to squeeze one of Asuka's nipples as it comes within reach. Asuka stops moving back and forth, allowing Hikari to play with her tits as she works.

Hikari watches Asuka when she pulls away, entranced by the light swaying of her breasts. She suddenly feels the need to take them into her mouth, but with the fire burning between her legs, she can barely coordinate her breathing.

Asuka decides it is time to move to the next step, and her decision is affirmed by the reaction she gets when she begins to undo the buckle of the girl's pants.

Hikari nearly gurgles as Asuka loosens her pants and begins to tug them down her legs. The slight sensation of them sliding down her pelvis is maddening. Oh my God, I'm already about to come.

When her pants are gone, Asuka immediately presses her palm against Hikari's panties, causing her legs to spread reflexively.

Oh God oh God oh God oh God oh God...

Asuka's own desire has built up to a plateau she had never imagined, and if she doesn't get release soon, she is afraid she will lose her mind. So she hooks her thumbs around Hikari's panties and pulls them quickly down her legs. She intends to bring her friend off as quickly as possible. She lies flat on her stomach between Hikari's legs and begins to move forward.

Hikari spreads her legs as wide as she can and closes her eyes. Unsatisfied, she reaches down and grabs her legs behind the knee and pulls them back into the air, exposing herself as much as possible.

It feels like there is a fire burning in her and she knows one touch will set her off.

"Oh my God..."

Asuka can read the signs, and her face settles above Hikari's crotch, washing her friends pussy with her hot breath. She slides her hands down her friend's thighs until they frame her glistening slit.

"Oh my God..."

Asuka takes a breath, and shoves her face into her friend's pussy, licking with abandon and using her nose to stimulate the clitoris.


Hikari comes harder than she ever thought possible, her mouth open in silent screams as her entire body is wracked with pleasure.

Asuka holds onto her friend's ass with her hands and keeps her face pressed against her as the girl's hips buck wildly.

As the panting girl finally comes down, Asuka quickly pulls away from her and stands.

Hikari looks up in a euphoric daze to see her friend standing above her, her face glistening with her juices. She watches as the girl urgently reaches down and pulls her shorts off, leaving her clad in only her panties. Hikari is surprised to see a pained expression on her face.

Of course... if she was anywhere near as hot as I was....

"Hikari," the redhead pleaded in a voice like she had never heard before. "Please..."

Hikari sits up against the couch again motions for Asuka to come to her. When she is standing above her, with her legs on either side, the brunette reaches up and pulls the panties down her legs.

Pausing only momentarily to gaze upon her prize, she reaches around behind the girl's legs to grab her ass, and pulls her towards her face.

Asuka stumbles with a moan, and bends over Hikari to support herself on the couch. She squats slightly to give Hikari better access to her vagina. She is rewarded with a tongue delving inside her and running along her inner walls.

Ah... why is this so intense...? Asuka thinks. Her pleasure quickly builds, causing her to stand on her toes arch her back.

Hikari finds herself enjoying the taste of her friend, and she runs her hands all over her friend's legs and ass. She buries herself in her friends lap and quickens her pace.

This easily pushes Asuka over the edge. She comes with a guttural moan as wave after wave of pleasure snakes up her body from her center, leaving her vision spotted with red and her knees weak.

She slides down until she is almost sitting in Hikari's lap, panting. The other girl rests her head on her shoulder, and they stay in each other's embrace for quite awhile.

While Asuka is still riding the afterglow, Hikari is seriously contemplating the naked girl in her arms. She pulls back a little bit and as she looks down at the naked skin in front of her and finds herself becoming aroused again.

In fact, the thought of her and Asuka doing this again was suddenly very appealing. She had never expected a world of pleasure quite like this, and the ability to engage in such an activity freely made her head swim.

Now I'm sure I find her attractive, she thinks. God, just the idea of being able to look at her naked body whenever I want...

After she is sure Asuka has calmed down, she snakes her hand down between their bodies and finds Asuka's pussy. She begins rubbing gently, causing Asuka to squirm in her arms.

"... again?"


The two girls stand up, and Asuka pushes Hikari down on the couch. She lies flat out on top of her and kisses her deeply. For a minute they lay there, squirming against each other, hands wandering aimlessly across each other's bodies.

Finally Asuka arranges herself so that one of her legs is pressed against Hikari's pussy and begins grinding against Hikari's leg. Although this doesn't stimulate them nearly as much as direct contact, it creates a slowly budding pleasure that both of them find incredibly enjoyable. Asuka rubs her nipples against Hikari's, and her hands roam all over Hikari's body and Hikari does the same. As the pleasure intensifies, the sound of their panting begins to get louder, and moans once again fill the room.

"Oh, Asuka, I'm gonna come soon."

They're now rubbing furiously together and as Asuka feels her own orgasm approaching, she leans back away from Hikari, rearranging their legs in a scissor-like position. Hikari bucks against her and comes loudly, but as Asuka looks up to see watch her friend's face as she comes, she stops dead.

She is looking past the couch, past the sweaty face of her friend, and right at the front door, where Shinji Ikari stares wide eyed into the small room on the other side of the screen.

He always had been punctual.

"Asssukkkaaaaaa!!!!!" Hikari nearly screams her name, too caught up to notice the horrified look on Asuka's face, or the fact that her partner had stopped moving completely. Asuka watches as Shinji stumbles backwards down the front steps, and disappears from view.

Her body suddenly feeling very cold, Asuka rolls off the couch and off of Hikari. She stays there for a moment, panting. Legions of completely different thoughts march through her head, and confusion threatens to overwhelm her.

I can't believe I completely forgot about him... how the hell did I forget? She looks back at Hikari who is watching her through half-lidded eyes. How did I get so wrapped up in her that I completely forget...?

I only did this to get back at Shinji, she thinks. Suddenly, she feels slightly sick to her stomach and wracked with guilt. No, but... he deserved this. I didn't do anything wrong -

"Asuka...?" Hikari's hesitant voice cuts through Asuka's thoughts, causing her to flinch.

She stands up on shaky legs and collects her panties and shorts.

This is what I wanted, what the hell is wrong with me. Why am I feeling guilty?

"Asuka... what's wrong?" Hikari asked, and Asuka suddenly became aware of her presence right behind her. She didn't turn to face her though, because she couldn't.

She had never felt the way she had felt with Hikari before. It wasn't just physical attraction or sexual energy...

I don't need anyone.

"N-Nothing... I'm fine... I just have to go."

"But Asuka... we... what's wrong... please tell me." Hikari reaches out to touch Asuka's shoulder, but the girl steps away.

Asuka barely registers the sound of her voice as she pulls up her shorts.

She walks over to the TV, where her discarded shirt had landed. She pulls the fabric off the screen, revealing blinking white text.

'Game Over.'


Asuka steps out of Hikari's house and walks down the steps quickly, only pausing to scoop up a small white piece of paper that lay discarded at the bottom of the steps. She doesn't slow her frantic pace until she is sure Hikari could no longer see her from her house. She looks down at the familiar piece of paper.


Meet me at my house around 6 tonight,

- Hikari'

The note sustains the massive confusion she feels. She is disgusted with herself for feeling guilty about what she had planned out. She knows it was what she had wanted to do. She had justified itself to her many times. But the guilt is still there, and strong.

I don't know what to think anymore.

And the fact that she had left her guard down so much scared her.

She crumples the offending piece of paper and tosses it into a trashcan as she passes.

I don't even know who I am.


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