Neon Genesis Evangelion

The A.L.I.A.S. Vignettes

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Asuka Langley Is A Slut – Vignette 2


“Hey Shinji do you want to kiss me?”


“A kiss... kiss.  You've never kissed a girl, have you?”


“Then lets do it.”

“But why?”

“Because I'm bored.”

“Is that a reason?”

“Do you not want to kiss on the anniversary of your mother's death? Afraid she may be watching you from heaven?”

“It's not that...”

“Are you scared?”

“Why would I be scared of a kiss?”

“You brushed your teeth didn't you?”


“Then here I come.”

“Stop breathing, it's tickling me.”


Asuka squeezes Shinji's nose shut with one hand, ending her brief moment of hesitation.  Before he can recoil in surprise, she presses her lips tightly against his and holds him to the spot.

She had spent two hours working up to this, going over why kissing him was a bad idea.  Not just a bad idea, but utterly detestable.  She knew, though, by the time she began to seriously consider it, that the thought had already burrowed itself too far into her mind.  She had come to recognize the signs.

Having her fingers clamped over his nose gives her control over the situation.  It's all she can do to salvage what little pride she has left.  More importantly, however, is that it distracts him..

Her logical mind tells her that she had nothing to worry about.  The shock of kissing a girl would already be enough to stop Shinji from breathing, so combined with an already restricted supply of oxygen, it should be more than enough to turn him into a vegetable. 

This does nothing to quell her worries.  How could he possibly not feel her heart pounding?  The sound is reverberating so loudly through her body that she is almost sure it's coming from outside of her head.  The slight tremble on her lips feels like a quaking, and she is afraid that at any minute he could open his eyes and see the expression on her face.  An expression that she is sure would give away far more than she was willing. 

The worst is that she is positive he can hear the slight rustle from her shorts as she slowly rubs her thighs together.

The temptation had been growing in the past few days.  She had known it would happen eventually, after living in such close proximity to a boy, but she believed she could control herself.  She always thought she could, and each time she succumbed.

She had tried to tempt him a few times, teasing him.  Brushing up against him ostentatiously, rubbing against him in the kitchen, or leaning over his shoulder as he watched TV and purring in his ear.  It was easily passable as torment, but she desperately wished he would catch the signs.  She had even taken to waiting to exit the bathroom until she heard him walking passed the door, then pretending to be surprised and angry.  She thought it was obvious, as if she could possibly think it was his fault for using the hallway.  But he would fall for it every time, turning away quickly, obviously afraid of retribution.

Completely oblivious to the fact that if had walked up and ripped the towel from her body, he could have done anything he wanted to her.

The thought sends tingles up Asuka's spine and her tongue beings to swirl around her own mouth as imagines it intermingling with his.  She wants to part her lips and let her tongue flutter out to brush against his lips, begging for entrance.  She wants to run it along his gums, to feel every tooth, and to crush his tongue with her own.  She can imagine pushing her chest against him and moaning as she sucks hungrily on his mouth.

Suddenly, in her mind’s eye, she sees herself in all kinds of compromising positions: on the living room floor, bent over the kitchen counter, face stuffed into the bed sheets, upside down against the wall...

Her leg muscles flex involuntarily as she imagines them pumping in the air in time to some feral rhythm.

The quickness of breathe, the musky heat, the unrelenting desire to be penetrated; these things are not new to Asuka, and it brings to mind the last time she lost control.


She had never told anyone about the med student.

It had been a mistake to agree to the blind date in the first place, but Asuka hadn't exactly been in a clear state of mind.  She hadn't had any relief since before she had left Germany, and spending time alone on a ship with Ryouji Kaji hadn't helped matters.  Yet she had persevered, and even managed to live with the third child for quite awhile without incident.  The fact that he was wimpy and annoying had made it considerably easier.

The enormity of the mistake became clear quickly.  She had masturbated twice while preparing for the date (not counting the aborted third attempt that ended in quite an awkward moment between herself and Misato).  Despite her attempts at relieving herself, she was still hot when she met the boy at the carnival.

It became apparent early on that he was far too polite to try anything, and she cursed herself for not wearing a more revealing dress.  He was charming enough - he had even managed to win her a doll at the squirt gun game, which she had uneasily accepted - but she wasn't in the mood for 'charming'.  It was while waiting in the line for the roller coaster that she finally lost it.

She pressed herself into his back and whispered huskily, "How about we go somewhere a little more private?"

"W-what?" the boy asked, stiffening.  The way she was rubbing her hand lower and lower down his back left no question as to her intentions, but he couldn't come up with a more appropriate response.  He eventually relaxed as he overcame the shock from the unexpected question, and his voice leveled out a bit.  "Where do you want to go...?" he whispered over his back.

"I don't care," she said simply.

He shivered, partly because of the frankness of the statement, and partly because she had breathed it hotly into his ear.  Her other hand was resting on his shoulder, the doll dangling from her fingers.  He grabbed her wrist and led her away from the line.  "There's not really anywhere private around here -"

He was cut off and found himself being dragged towards one of the darker corners of the carnival, away from the mass of people still enjoying the festivities.  They passed by the last stand at this end of the carnival, and the man behind the counter leaned over and smiled a toothless grin.  "How about I intrest you young'uns in some ring toss?  Get some rings over the hooks and win some prizes."  He haggled them as they passed by, holding rings out towards them and raising his voice.  It was obvious (and not surprising) that he didn't get much business.

They walked for about a minute, the paranoid boy turning around every so often when he thought he heard someone following him, until they found their path blocked where two sides of a large chain-link fence that surrounded the grounds met.  It was fairly dark, the ambient light of the carnival far behind them.  At this distance, the sound of crickets overpowered the distant laughing and cheering.  Many stacked crates, barrels, and spare lumber littered the area.

After circling around some high-stacked boxes, Asuka stopped suddenly, and the boy bumped into her back.  Before he could apologize, she spun and pressed her lips violently against his.  The doll was flung behind her and she moved with him as he stumbled backwards, toppling a haphazardly stacked box and almost spilling both of them to the ground.  He managed to regain his balance and stood up straight.  Her back arched and her breasts rubbed against him, coaxing a deep purr from within her chest.

He was more shocked than aroused, but her sloppy, passionate kissing and roaming hands were changing that quickly.  Not willing to idle, he placed his hands on her thigh and began massaging.  They rolled back until they were cupping her cheeks and squeezed, eliciting a throaty giggle from the redhead.  He let out a small moan when he felt how tight the muscle was underneath the dress, and suddenly wished to tear the thick, offending fabric away from her body.

Instead he elected to let the obviously horny girl dictate the pace, and he moved his hands up the small of her back and into her hair, running his fingers through her silky mane.

Suddenly, she stopped kissing him, and he was afraid that she had somehow come to her senses.  He brought his hands out of her hair and held them up as a gesture of surrender.  She appeared to be looking straight through him, her face blank.

Asuka's eyes were unfocused, and her thoughts centered elsewhere.  She reached up to her hair.  When her fingers brushed against the cool plastic of the neural clips, she nearly flinched.  After a second of hesitation she quickly unclipped them and tossed away, making sure to note where they landed.

Her locks floated down onto her shoulders, and the boy suddenly noticed how the multicolored lights reflected off her hair, almost like a halo.  He found himself growing more aroused, and he thanked all the gods he knew when she broke out of her trance and pressed back into him.

This time her lips fell on his neck.  She kissed around under his chin and on his jaw-line while her hand moved steadily south until it reached his belt.  She breathed hotly into his ear as she pulled down his zipper, and as her hand reached into his pants her tongue darted into his ear.

She enjoyed his shudder, and the feel of her silky fingers wrapped around his half-hardened member.  She gently stroked it, and it engorged in her grasp.  She ran her tongue along his chin.

He turned his head towards her and captured her mouth with his own, twirling his tongue around hers and suckling at her lips.  She withdrew her tongue and pulled back slightly as she finally pulled his hardened cock out of his pants.  He heard her breathing become louder and could feel her shiver as she looked down upon it.  She turned back towards his face and the look of arousal was plain on her face, accentuated by the licking of her lips.

It was too much for him, and he felt ready to explode.  Asuka seemed to sense this resumed darting her tongue into his ear and nibbling as she began to jack him quickly.

The rest of the world faded away for him, the only feelings he was conscious of being the wet sensation on the side of his face and the coolness moving quickly up and down on his erection.  The ambient noise faded away until all he heard was her breath and the sound of her hand slapping obscenely against his skin.  He came with a groan that did not belay the pleasure he felt.

As he came back down, he realized that she was still rubbing him and seemed unconcerned with the semen that oozed between her fingers.  After a few more seconds, he decided that she had control for long enough, and that he would have to take charge, if only for the sake of his masculinity.

Asuka was taken by surprise when the boy under her suddenly lifted himself upright, taking her with him.  She found a hand suddenly kneading her breast through her blouse, and that she was being pushed backwards.  She felt her backside hit the edge of what must have been a crate and she leaned back onto it for support.  Both of her breasts were being tended to, and he was kissing at the nape of her neck.  Her nipples were hardened underneath her bra.  She wanted to reach behind her and undo the strap, but with his weight pushing down on her, she needed her arms to brace herself.

Her already labored breath quickened as one of his hands left her left breast and began to hike up her long dress.  Asuka moaned loudly, and her eyes rolled back into her head as a hand trailed up her leg, inching towards her inner thigh. 

The boy had stopped kissing her some time ago, so he could see her long legs as he pulled up her dress.  His hand wasn't visible as it rubbed at the crotch of her panties, as her dress had only come up to her mid thigh.  He wrapped an arm around the small of her back, and pulled her up so that he was holding her in the air, though her arms were still braced against the box.  With his other hand, he undid the skirt and pulled it away from her body, letting it pool on the ground underneath him.  He put her back down and marveled at her long, naked legs.  Her blouse only came down to her waist, so her legs were framed only by her panties.  It seemed that the sight aroused Asuka as much as it did him, as he grabbed his hand and brought it back to her vagina.  He could feel the moisture growing.

"Ohh..." she shuddered, the first real verbalization she had given him since she had pulled him out of the line.  "T... take them off."

He moved to her side, and her one arm reached up to wrap around his shoulder.  His fingers hooked into her panties and he slowly pulled them down her thighs.  A small, neatly trimmed patch of red was revealed, and then her glistening slit.  She brought her legs together, allowing the panties to fall the rest of the way to the ground.

He took a second to drink in the sight of her.  Leaning backwards against a box, holding on to him.  Her eyes were closed and her chest was rising and falling quickly.  Mostly importantly, she was naked from the waist down.  He cupped his hand over her nether lips, and lightly pressed down.  The girl hanging on him gasped, and he began to rub.  Her gasps turned to steady moans as he spread her lips apart and stimulated her clit through the hood with the palm of his hand.  This continued for a while, and her moans escalated.

Then he slipped a finger into her, and she whimpered.  She began to rock her hips, and he inserted another finger.  Soon her breathing was coming very quickly, and her hips were bucking.  He tore his gaze away from her glistening cunt to look to her face, and his eyes widened.  Her eyes were closed, but she was mouthing something silently into the air.  He brought his ear close to her mouth, but she wasn't making any noise.

He wet his lips. "Say it,"

She opened her eyes and looked at him, her mouth still wide open, and began to speak.  It was low, but he could hear it.

"Oh god, yeah, finger bang me.  Harder... fuck yeah, harder." She was talking dirty.  He groaned and had to look away from her stare, his cock now hardened again fully.

He began to ram his hand into her with abandon, spurred by her continuing words.  Soon her hips were bucking wildly.  After a few seconds, he stopped and gripped onto her pelvis tightly, wiggling his fingers around inside her.  With a final low cry her back arched, her pelvis sticking high into the air.  Her muscled tightened around his fingers, and he felt the wetness against his hand as she orgasmed.

It was a few seconds before she finally relaxed.  She pulled him towards her and kissed him fiercely, showing that she was far from done.   She let go of him, grabbed her blouse, and lifted it over her head.  He quivered in anticipation as she unsnapped her bra and threw it away.

There she was, leaning against the box, completely naked except for her white shoes.

"Fuck me."

Asuka grabbed his cock and maneuvered him in front of her, but at this point he didn't need any guidance.

He harshly grabbed her legs, and lifted them straight up in the air, forcing her to once again brace herself against the box with her hands.  She let out a small yelp, and almost lost her balance when he pressed the tip of his cock against her lips.  Without a word, he pumped into her all the way, and she released a long throaty groan.  Her legs were up in the air, resting on his shoulders, and they bounced with each thrust.  She pulled her hands away from the box, causing her to fall backwards and bang her lower back into the corner.  The pain was easily ignored, however, and her hands came up to squeeze her breasts.  She threw her head back and pushed her chest into her hands, causing her red hair to fall behind her and spread in a semi-circle around her head.

She was completely lost in ecstasy, finally having achieved the glorious sensation of being filled.

The boy, however, wasn't as satisfied.  He grabbed the leg resting on his left shoulder and brought it across to the other side of his head, letting the other leg fall from his right.  This twisted her body so she is lying sideways on the box, with one leg up in the air in front of his face.  The movement scraped her skin, but the pain didn't register. He pumped harder, relishing in her groans, and licked up and down her raised leg.

She found her voice again, and began to yell.  "Oh yeah, fuck me.  Harder, please harder."

She wasn't left in that position for long, as he completed the rotation, bringing her raised leg down to his left so that he was fucking her from behind.  The sensation of her pussy twisting around his cock was almost too much, and he didn't have much time left.

The sensation was similar for her to, and she felt her climax approaching.  Her breasts were now pressed against the cool wood, and she enjoyed the slightly painful feeling of it rubbing against her nipples as he pumped in and out of her.  She felt a growing sensation building in her pelvis, and raised her head up to moan when she stopped with a gasp.

There was the doll, sitting straight up and looking directly at her.  Suddenly her mind seemed to become clear as she gazed into the beady, emotionless eyes, but it was too late.  The moan caught in her throat, all she could do was hastily press the doll face down so that it could not watch her as she came.  The pleasure swelled from her crotch and shook her entire body.  Her legs pulled close together and her muscles tightened around the boy's cock, and she felt a full blush creep up her chest and face.

Her eyes were closed, and she kept one hand holding the dolls face against the wood.

She felt the tightness leave her as he slid out of her vagina, and said nothing as she felt the hot spurts land on her ass and lower back.  She slowly stood up, trying to fight off the afterglow.  The blood rushed to her head and spotted her vision.  She caught movement out of the corner of her eye and turned towards it, but only saw another stack of crates..

He tried to talk to her, probably apologizing for the scratches on her midsection, or maybe for the whole experience, but she ignored him and dressed herself in silence- not even bothering to clean off the semen.  The old man at the ring toss booth blew kisses at her as she left, and she felt sick.

That night she had went directly to her bedroom, ignoring the melancholy music floating from Shinji's cello.  She hadn't wanted anyone to see her disheveled appearance - her knotted hair, the dirty dress - or to smell the musky scent that she was certain followed her home.


Back in the present, Asuka briefly mulls over those events in her mind.  She knows the consequences - the sickening feeling that follows afterwards, the self-deprecation - but as she stands there, feeling Shinji's warmth through her lips, the memory has no feeling.  All she can comprehend is the growing heat and the comparative emptiness in her vagina.

She is oblivious to the boy's growing need for air as her left hand inches forwards, towards his zipper.  What will happen next passes through her mind and excites her.

She'll grab his cock right out of his pants and feel it grow.  She'll caress it, and wrap her red, red lips around the head.  It'll slide along the inside of her mouth, bulging her cheek and pressing against the back of her throat.  She can probably take it all, she thinks, and she muses about what a pleasant surprise it would be if she couldn't...

Suddenly she can feel his cock in her mouth, and it pulses, shooting a jet of cum down the back of her throat.  More comes, and it splashes the inside of her mouth.

Her eyes shoot open, and she tastes salt.

She quickly lets go of the boy’s nose and they pull away from each other at the same time.  He falls backwards, gasping for breath, to preoccupied to see the look of shock and disgust on the girls face.

She snaps out of her stupor and runs for the bathroom.  She reaches the sink and spits, to no avail.  She yells something at Shinji - an excuse, she isn't even sure what.  She brushes her teeth, and gurgles mouthwash, intent on overpowering the ethereal salt on her taste buds.  It does nothing, so she stops and looks dejectedly at her own face in the mirror.  Though disgusted, she sighs with relief, and idly wonders when she had removed her neural clips.

Slowly, the taste fades.


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