Neon Genesis Evangelion

The A.L.I.A.S. Vignettes

Disclaimer: Evangelion and its characters are copyrighted by Gainax and are the creation of Hideaki Anno.

Asuka Langley Is A Slut – Vignette 1


The door slides aside with a gentle ‘woosh’ and Shinji Ikari enters his apartment.

It’s 1:34 AM in Tokyo 3, but Shinji doesn’t know this.  The past few hours had been spent trying to appear amused by his friend’s pathetic attempts at ‘cheering him up’, and he had been far too miserable to pay attention to something as trivial as the time.

None of these attempts had worked, obviously, and the reason for his troubles now lay scattered aimlessly near the apartment entrance.  At his feet are two pairs of shoes, obviously discarded in haste.  One is Asuka’s, and the other he doesn’t recognize.

This is the third guy this week, and it’s only Tuesday.

Shinji musters forth every ounce of willpower in his small body, and he walks straight past the door to his room.  He can go into the living room and blast the TV.  If he’s lucky, it’ll block out the sounds.  Last time, she had been too loud.

No one is allowed in her room, so for these occasions she always used his.  Besides, she doesn’t want to have to clean the sheets. 

Shinji stops at this thought.  Why the hell should he have to respect her privacy when she’s in his room without permission?

With this rebellious thought masking his true intentions, he turns back and slides the door open just enough so that he can peek through.  His erection is already bulging in his pants, defying the sickening feeling in his stomach.

They’ve just started.  Asuka is fully clothed, lying on her back.  Above her, kneeling with knees on either side of her head, is number three.  His back is straight, one hand in his hair.  Her head is lifted slightly off the bed as she bobs back and forth on his cock.

“Jesus, babe...”

Asuka works diligently, never taking her eyes off his cock.  She sucks like she has a purpose, single-mindedly working her mouth around the shaft. 

Shinji shifts uncomfortably outside the door, his erection persisting despite the nausea.  He had had the erection, after all, ever since he left Kensuke’s house.  It was in anticipation of what he had hoped he wouldn’t find. 

Asuka finally looks up at her partner, letting a thick glob of saliva fall onto her hand, and rubs it up and down his already lubricated shaft.  Holding his gaze she wanks him with one hand while folding his balls with the other.  Then she starts to give the underside of his head small, quick licks.  She slowly moves lower, running her tongue all up and down his shaft, her face expressionless.  She rolls it around in her mouth, causing her cheek to bulge obscenely.  After releasing it she rubs it all over her face, leaving a gleaming trail of pre-cum and saliva on her pale skin.  The boy could only take so much of the sight, and he comes.

“Jesus fucking Christ!” he breathes, shuddering violently.

Her face is now pinned under his crotch.  She strains to keep her head slightly above the bed, and she takes his dick back into her mouth.  Asuka sucks hard until the first ejaculation splatters against the back of her throat.  She pulls away and lies her head back down.  She wanks him furiously while and stream after stream of semen spurt onto and past her face.

He stays above her breathing heavily until she pushes him off.  She wipes the sperm off her face with the back of her hand and cleans off her hand on the bed sheets.

Without a word she steps off the bed, and turns back to face the other teen.  His chest rises and falls slowly.  She waits maybe a minute for him to calm down.

The kid’s focus is on the ceiling when a soft ‘snap’ brings his vision drifting back down to the redhead.  He sits up and pulls off his shirt and sits up as he sees her grab her zipper.  She unzips slowly, and then hooks her thumbs in the waistband.  She slithers and inches the jean-shorts slowly down, and then lets them fall.  She fiddles with one of the straps of her tight shirt, but decides to leave it on.  She stalks back towards the bed, swaying her hips, and the two teens share a laugh at the expression on each other’s faces. 

Shinji feels the tears begin to flow.

She stops at the edge of the bed and parts her legs slightly, her expression becoming serious.  Her hand settles onto her panty-clad crotch, and she presses her middle finger inward.  She moans seductively.  She thrusts her pelvis forward and leans back as she pulls the garment down as far as she can by the crotch.

She lets out a shuddering breath as her pussy is revealed, and she stimulates herself directly.  Overcome with desire and sporting a brand new erection, her audience reaches forward and pulls the panties towards him as hard as he can.

“Oh!” Asuka half-yells, half-moans, as the panties snap and she stumbles forward.  She braces herself with her arms on either side of his lap, almost smacking her head into his.  He reaches forward and cups her pussy in his hand, causing her to moan.  She shivers above him and rubs her legs together.  However, to his surprise she pulls away and pushes him back onto the bed.

“What the...” is all he manages to get out before she is straddling his head.

“Eat me,” she commands.

She spreads her lips with two fingers and closes her eyes.  He obliges. 

She pushes his head into her with one hand and uses the other to push her bangs back out of her face.  “Mmm,” she groans and begins grinding her pussy into his face.

She becomes very vocal, hissing and moaning and gasping at increasing intensity.  His hands finally leave their place on her hips and push her shirt upwards, exposing her bra-clad chest.  She reaches down and pulls the shirt the rest of the way off her head.

“Auughh, eat me!  Eat me you motherfucker!” she yells and grunts loudly.

Shinji spins from the doorway and slides down the wall.  He wants to vomit.  He wants to come.  But he knows that if he were to come, he would surely vomit.  He can’t take this anymore.  He remembers when this first started, nearly two months ago.

He had been sitting on the couch, worrying about Asuka who had gone out on one of her increasingly frequent dates.  It was already 3 AM, and she hadn’t called.  It was hard enough seeing her go out on dates, knowing what would be going on, but to have her not come home... and having to imagine what she would be doing. 

He wouldn’t have to imagine for long.

He heard the door open and close, and he signed in relief.  It was an odd sort of relief, especially considering her recently increasing hostility towards him, and what he knew...

“Here?”  A male voice cuts through his thoughts.

“Mmm, yeah.”  That was Asuka.  “My guardian isn’t home.  We can use the idiots room.”

“He’s gone too?”

Shinji got up and slowly made his way to the edge of the hallway.  With dread, he stood there, daring himself to look.

“No, but fuck him.  He doesn’t care.”

He peaked and gasped.  Asuka was leaning backwards into her date, who had one hand up her shirt and the other in her shorts.  Asuka’s left hand was rubbing him through the crotch of his pants.  They both turned to look at him.

“Uh...”  The boy tried to say something, but Asuka shoved him dismissively into Shinji’s room.  She only gave Shinji a deadly glance before walking into his room and shutting the door.

He had cried himself to sleep on the couch, a pillow held tightly over his head in a vain attempt to block out the sounds of sex.

Shinji fuzzes back into the present and once again notices the tears falling down his cheek.  He turns back around and looks through the slit in the door.  He’s a masochist.  He knows it.

Asuka was now on all fours, totally naked.  Her breasts sway under her as the also naked boy slides himself into her from behind.

He runs his hand up and down Asuka’s naked back, and into her hair.  He pumps back and forth a few times before grabbing a handful and pulling.

“Ah, shii-ii-itt,” she stutters as her head is pulled back.  Her gasps mingle the wet sound of flesh on flesh.  He lets go of her hair and she falls face first into the bed sheets.  She grips and bites into the sheets and a guttural moan escapes her body. 

He is pounding away, almost violently, and she is loving every second of it.

He stops suddenly and pulls out of her, but he hasn’t come.  Asuka moans and scoots back towards him, asking for more.  Instead, he holds his dick a few inches behind her and spreads her ass cheeks with one hand.

Asuka looks over her shoulder, now suprised.  “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

He grins at her and rubs his slick head against her anus, pushing slightly and withdrawing.  “There’s a first time for everything.”

Asuka seems about to argue, but instead turns forward, as if realizing she is in no position to retain her dignity.  Besides, the idea – not to mention the gentle pressure he is exerting on her opening - is making her hot.  “Ungh.  Whatever.  Just be careful, asshole.”

“Will do, hot stuff.” 

He grabs her by her waist and twists her so that her lower half falls off the bed.  She lets out a surprised “unf” and attempts to stand up, only to have him push her back down.  She is now leaning over the bed, and he is again spreading her ass cheeks. 

Shinji can see clearly now as he pushes the head of his penis slowly into the tight knot of her anus.  Asuka lets out a whimper and a gasp as the head becomes fully immerged.  Her breaths come quickly.  With a grunt of pleasure he forces more of his length into her.

“Ahhhhh,” she whimpers as her knees and elbows buckle.  She almost falls to her knees when he slams himself the rest of the way into her.

“AH!  FUCKING -!” she yells, her voice muffled by the bed sheets.  She is now kneeling into the bed, her entire body pressed into the mattress

“Ohhh shit that’s awesome,” he grunts and flexes his cock inside of her.

The feeling makes Asuka dizzy through the pain.  Not giving her time to recover, he begins to slide in and out.

It takes a few minutes for Asuka to find the strength to sneak her hand underneath herself to rub her clit.  Soon she has both hands down there, fingering herself madly as she feels him quicken his pace.  With a final grunt and push, he comes deep into her ass.  It triggers her own orgasm, and her entire body flexes – her ass somehow becoming even tighter around his cock, making the intrusion feel impossibly larger.

“Fuck, yeah.” he moans as he stops and lies on top of her.

Shinji runs to the bathroom.


He emerges in time to see Asuka and the other boy both fully dressed and leaving his room.  They walk past him towards the front door.  He looks down at Shinji – being a few inches taller than him – with what could either be pity or ridicule.  Shinji can’t tell, nor does he have enough mental strength to care.  He stays in that spot until he heard the door open and close.

Asuka reenters the hall and pauses.  There is a moment of silence, as she looks at him with distaste.  A look Shinji had come to know all too well.

Shinji’s hands began to flex.  What had he done to deserve this?  He was nothing but nice to her.  He had tried, he tried so hard to understand her, but she had just pushed him away.  He did what she said, every time.  He never insulted her.  Why did she hate him so much?  Couldn’t she see that he needed her?  Was this her idea of a sick joke?  Why didn’t she like him?  Why didn’t she love him- ?!

His emotional tirade is cut short as she brushes past him.  The air is cold.

Silence, only broken by the sound of her door sliding shut.


Asuka’s door flies open, startling the redhead.

“What the fuck are you doing in my room?”

Shinji rages. 

“Wh-... what... what the hell was that?” he finally gets out, gesturing madly towards the front door.

“I don’t see how it’s any of your business, you asshole.  Fucking pervert, I bet you were spying on us,” she snarled.

Shinji shook.  How could she be so ignorant?!  How could she call him a pervert with all he's seen?!

She steps forward and pushes him back, out of the door.  She doesn’t expect it when he grabs her by her upper arms, forces her back into her room, and presses her against the wall.

“WHY DO YOU TREAT ME LIKE THIS?!” he yells.  She struggles under him, and manages to free herself from the wall long enough to slap him.

“Get the fuck away from me, you weakling,” she growls, inches from his face, reeling back for another slap.  Shinji, in a surprising display of hand-eye coordination, grabs her wrist as it comes.  He raises his fist to punch her, but then notices the proximity. 

Her face is inches from his, her hot breath washing over him.  Suddenly he can feel the tension between them in every muscle of his body.  Looking into her eyes, he can see that she feels it too.

They’re both silent as the heat pulsates between them.  Finally, Shinji begins to move his face ever so slowly towards hers.  He almost whimpers.  He knows this is what he needs, and he knows it’s sick.  She fucks a different guy every few days, but she shows him nothing but distaste.  He should hate her, but this is all he wants – her acceptance... he just needs -

“Get.  Out.”


Shinji lay clad in only his boxes.  The sheets he is resting on are wet with bodily fluids.  He can feel the stickiness and the wetness under his back, but he doesn’t care.  It was hers. 

He squirms in it, the disgust only fueling the intensity of his strokes. 

He always knew he was sick.

He groans and stretches as he comes, and it falls against his stomach in spurts.  There’s no point in cleaning it.  He rolls over and closes his eyes.  He notices the tears dripping down his face, adding to the wetness of the sheets.  He hadn’t started crying again... he had never stopped.


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