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__________________________Border line____________________________________

Neon Genisis


A day at Misatos appartment


Misato's apartment, after school.


Asuka was enjoying a nice warm bath dreaming of Kaji. Shinji sat in his room listening to music.

Shinji looked at the time and noticed Misato wasn't back. He turned his music off and went the



Knock Knock


"Asuka! Have you finished in there yet?" He waited for a reply.


"SHINJI! You idiot!"


Shinji stepped back from the door. "What did I do?" Shinji looked as if he was arguing with the



"I was having the best daydream and YOU ruined it."


Shinji crossed his arms and closed his eyes. "Kaji is going with Misato so you'll never get him."


He put his head up against the door and heard Asuka splashing about. Asuka was now standing up

in the bath and pointing at the door. "YOU dare say that to me. At least I fancy someone. You don't

even think about that stuff. I'm more mature."


Shinji began arguing with the door again. "Yes I do. I think about that thing all the time!"


Asuka laughed "HA! So you admit it, pervert. All you can think about is sex."


Shinji grinded his teeth together. "I didn't mean it like that I just meant..." He could hear Asuka

laughing again.


"HA HA HA. Who would you fantasize about anyway? Rei, Misato or even me?" Shinji became



"Why would I think about you? You're not the best looking girl ever. Reis cuter than you!"


Asuka stood now bent over towards the door. "That dolls no way as nice as me, she doesn't even

know the meaning of sex."


Shinji smiled. "How do you know? She could be a hooker for all we know. At least her breasts are

perkier than yours." Asuka held her breasts up and looked at them.


"No way! Mine are well rounded and cuter than hers. Shinji, I'm much more developed than Rei."


Shinji smiled again. "So you want me to fantasize about you Asuka. I understand, jealous of Rei."


Asuka was pulling her hair out. "AAARRRRR! NO WAY! I'm not jealous and if I find you

fantasizing over me I'll beat you to a pulp." Shinji grin grew across the whole of his face.


"Maybe you don't want me to fantasize about Rei because you want her for yourself?"


Asuka's temper rose "THATS IT! She jumped out the bath and onto her towel but the slippery floor

made her fall forwards. "AARRRRR!" She fell straight through the door.


"ASUKAAAA!" BANG! Asuka lay naked on top of Shinji but both were too dazed to notice.


At that minute: "What are you two up to?" Misato looked at her pilots. The two of them looked at

Misato and then at each other "IT WAS HIS/HER FAULT!"


Misato winked at both of them, "I understand. Living together for so long has brought you to into

each other's arms. I'll just go around the block a few times."


She walked out the door.


"Shinji next time get out the...What are you poking... AAAGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!" Shinji and

Asuka's face lit up


"Well you laying on me naked, it's your fault, YOUR FAULT!"


Asuka ran in the bath and closed the door. Misato stuck her head back in the house.


"Is it all clear?" She saw Shinji sit himself up and rub his head. "Well it looks like the little man of

the house ain't so little."


Shinji looked confused until he realised he was still erect. "Misato stop looking!" He ran into his

room and Misato went up to the closed door.


"Come on Shinji, just a little peek. A promise not to touch" She put her ear to the door. "Misato.

GO AWAY!" She went to Pen Pen's fridge.


"And how is my other lttle man?" Pen Pen's door opened and he walked out across the floor, over

to the bathroom. Asuka stormed out but Pen just stepped sideways and walked past her.


"If a dumb bird can move why not SHINJIIII!" A mummbled cry came from Shinji's room. "Shut

up Asuka!" Asuka Sat in front of the TV leaning her back on a seat. Misato sat behind her, put a

can of beer on the table and began brushing Asuka's hair.


"Why are males all pigs?" Misato couldn't answer Asuka as she was going out with the biggest pig

of all. "Shinji is not as bad as some men." Asuka snarled.


"He isn't a man, he is just a boy." Misato brushed Asuka's hair through a few more times and then

put Asuka's hair clips on. "If he is just a boy then you are just a girl."


Asuka jumped up and snarled at Misato. "I'm mature, I've been to college and my Eva's a better

model than his unit." Misato gulp down some beer.


"I've been to college as well Asuka and I'm not a mature adult.  And as for your Eva...  what's that

got to do with it?" Asuka folded her arms and turned away from Misato towards Shinji's room.


"The mature thing to do is go in and apologize to him. He was as embarrassed as you." Asuka

turned to scream at Misato but she couldn't because she knew she was right. With some restraint

Asuka walked over to Shinji's room.  Shinji lay face down on his bed with the pillow over his head

thinking about what happened.


"Its not my fault, I have no control over...over my... and Asuka fell on me. If she had only been

more careful...but if I had caught her or at least moved out the way..."


Knock Knock


"Who is it?"

A timid voice sounded from behind the door. "Asuka.  Can I come in?"


Shinji didn't know what to do. "Why? So you can ball at me more?" Asuka was about to Scream at

Shinji but she though about it.


"No I..." The door opened. "I want to say sorry."


Shinji lifted up the pillow. "Really?"


She sat on the end of the bed. "I'm sorry, I should be more careful." Shinji sat up behind her. "If I

had got out the bath slower I wouldn't have embarrassed you like that."


Shinji smiled. "I'm sorry too. I should have tried to catch you. I'm sorry for embarrassing you. I

don't have much control over what my... thing does." They looked at each other and smiled.


"It's gone down now hasn't it?" Shinji felt embarrassed by the question "No...I'm sorry it was

just...you do have nice breasts Asuka." She felt her face begin glowing.


"Its OK...I guess your...thing didn't feel that bad, it was just...it had been pushed into my...well my

thing." Shinji looked between his legs at the bulge in his trousers.


"... you really like my breasts Shinji?"


Shinji felt his face warm up, glowing red. "Yes Asuka they're...errr well." She stood up and took

her long t-shirt off. Shinji looked at her then turned away, his...thing throbbed.


Asuka's Breasts bounce a little as she moved about. Shinji looked again. All she was wearing was

her white cotton panties and white cotton socks.


"Here Shinji! You can play with them if you wan to." He nodded at her. She moved above Shinji

forcing him to lay back. Her breast jiggled in his face.


"Asuka I can't..." She took one of his hands and placed it on her breast. He began squeezing it.

"UHH! There, see, you can do it."


Misato stood outside the room looking into the slightly open door. She remembered her first time

with Kaji when they were young. "Oh young love." she mumbled to herself.

She left them alone and went out to see if she could force Ritsuko to go out with her.


Shinji now had both hands on Asuka's breasts moving them around. "Asuka, your heart's racing."

Asuka pushed her breast to Shinji's face. "Listen."


Shinji put his ear to her breasts and listened to her pounding heart. Asuka opened up Shinji's school

shirt and put her head to his chest. "Yours is racing too, Shinji."


They looked into each other's eyes and for a brief moment they thought they saw each other as

children. They forgot their differences and kissed one another. Both timid at first but soon their

tongues met as well.


"That was better than are first kiss Asuka." Asuka moved further up the bed to let Shinji kiss her

nipples. As he began licking his tongue around Asuka's erect nipple she felt his hard bulge push

against her leg.


"Does it hurt?" Shinji stopped "A bit." She began to rub the enlarged area with her hand. Shinji

tightened his eyes. He looked at Asuka, watching what she was doing with her hand. He put his

hands on her butt and put out his knee into Asuka crotch. She tried to move away but Shinji

tightened his grip and pulled her forward.


"AHHH! Shinji." He moved her so that her crack opened around his knee. He then started to move

Asuka back and forth. "Shin..ji..i...AHHH!" Her hand moved faster over Shinji's bulge. Shinji

suckled at her breast, his tongue licking around the pink peaks of Asuka's breasts.


"Shinji!" She unzipped his trouser and pulled out his dick. She changed hands over using one to

masturbate Shinji, the other holding her body up.  Outside the door Misato had returned with a



"Look I told you Shinji could be a man."


Ritsuko looked in through the gap. She saw juices drip from Asuka's panties onto Shinji's trousers

dampening the schoolboy's knee.


"Young love." Ritsuko mumbled. "That's what I thought." Misato was crouched underneath

Ritsuko. Ritsuko smiled.


"Here Misato... let's be young again." She lifted her mini skirt up and pulled her tights and panties



"Ritsuko!" Surprised by the sexy scientist's move on her she nearly stumbled into Shinji's room.

Ritsuko slipped her fingers into Misato's vagina.


"Ritsuko!" Her fingers were digging deep into Misato's crotch. Misato couldn't do anything. If she

moved forward she would lose balance and fall in on the young lovers, but if she pushed back

Ritsuko would force her fingers deeper in. Misato decided to enjoy the experience of watching to

lovers embrace each other while another woman played around inside her cunt. 


As well as Asuka's cunt dripping her nipples now were soaked from Shinji's constant sucking.

"Shinji, you're making me all wet." She let go of his dick and put her hand in-between his knee and

her cunt. She pulled out her hand now covered in juices. "Look." Shinji pulled himself away from

Asuka's breast. The solution dripped onto his face. He opened his mouth to taste the sweet honey

of Asuka. After most was off her hand she began to wank Shinji again. He licked the juice from his

face and went back to sucking Asuka's nipples. 


Outside Misato was biting her lip. Ritsuko had now slipped her hand into Misato's top and was

tweaking at one of her nipples. "Ritsuko we have to stop. It's their first time, don't you think this is

a bit sick?" Ritsuko carried on. "Yes I do, but it's a real turn on to know we watched them do it for

the first time. Admit it, you like it to." Ritsuko started to dig her nails into Misato's clit. "Admit it."

Misato took a look at her two brave pilots. She though of them as her own children but even

something like that turned her on more. Ritsuko twisted her clit and dug her nail in one more time.



"Shinji I can't...I'm going to....AHHHHH!" A splash of liquid covered Shinji's already damp knee.

"Asuka!" Sperm spurted out from his cock covering her hand and panties in cum. 


"Oh your children have cum!" Misato bit her tongue to stop from screaming out. The splash of her

juices told Ritsuko she had cum. "I want to see you in my office tomorrow, lover." Ritsuko pulled

Misato's tights and panties up and her skirt down. She licked the Drippings of juices off her fingers

and was gone. Misato fixed herself and left the house so they wouldn't know she was there. 


"Shinji..." Asuka looked at her fellow pilot lying tired underneath her.


"Asuka...." He looked deep into her eyes again, but the child had gone.


 "I think I'm falling in love with you Ikari." He smiled and embraced her one last time.




The next day Misato looked over the back of the chair.




"NO! I'm making myself beautiful."


"WELL I NEED THE TOILET!" He looked desperate with his hands over his pants and his legs



"You will have to hold it."




"BITCH?! I'll kill you for that Ikari"




"There you go, thinking of sex again."




"Shinji I told you to forget about that!"






Misato sat back into her chair "Some things will never change." 

Sang by Asuka


Fly me to the moon,

and let me crack my whip once more.

Let me bind your wrists

Behind your back, so they are sore


In other words lick my boats

In other words baby kiss them


Fill my cup with piss

and I will pull the chain some more

Let me dominate you,

hold you down against the floor.


In other words baby BEG!

In other words I love you

In other words I love you



The End



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