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Pretty much every fic here has been used without author permission. Don't look at me like that, you write naughty fiction based off of cartoon characters - you don't get an opinion.


Author Pages: PJ (Pedophile Jones)

A Change of Heart Author: Kodora Ikkitousen
  • Sequel to some non-lemon lesbo fic from shoujoai.com called A Little Different, where Maya sticks her tongue down Asuka's throat for no reason.

A Day at the Horaki's    Author: Steve VADER
  • I took the liberty of making the title not suck.

A Day at the Carnival Author: Anthony Brothers
  • Fairly standard shitty lemon.

A Day at Misato's Author: FatBoyFat
  • Maybe next time he'll write a lemon in his own language.

The A.L.I.A.S. Vignettes - Part: 1 2 3 Author: Me
  • This guy fucking sucks hard... wait a minute...

A Life She Cannot Have, A Love She Cannot Claim Author: stormofdragons
  • Fuck Maya. Literally and metaphorically.

A Little Different/A Change of Heart - Part: 1 2 Author: James and Kodora Ikkitousen
  • Seems like the original author chickened out and had someone else write the sex for him. Sigh.

Amhrán Grá Tokyo-3 Author: Andrew Carey
  • More like a lime than a lemon, but I'm not very picky. Threesomes are always good.

A Moan... What The Hell is That? Author: Alighieri hijo
  • Not even sure this guy speaks english. The formatting is horrible, and I didn't even read most of it. But there are some Eva characters in there somewhere...

An Angel's Desire Author: Lacus Somniorum
  • Kaworu is a rapist. Hardcore.

An Unusual Lemon - A Boy Who Loves His Work - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Author: Steve Vader
  • Prepare for a ridiculous amount of supernatural characters you don't know or care about having sex with each other. Shinji's there too.

A New World For Shinji And Asuka - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Author: Al-I-Bus
  • Al-I-Bus is one crazy, slightly illiterate fuckass. He was definatly 13 with an F in Language Arts when he wrote this; grammar and format is horrible, and I think there is a plot of the shitty variety, but I can't remember. I'm sure that's not what you're here for though, and there is of course plenty of random sex to be had. Enjoy.
    Note: Sequel to Object of One's Desire.

A New World For Shinji And Asuka - Part: 7 8 Author: Jonathan Gaters
  • Apparently 6 parts wasn't enough, so this guy decides that it would be a good idea to pop in two more. At least the format is readable. That doesn't save him from his horrible euphemisms. If the idea of inserting your "pussy pleaser" into her "verticle smile" turns you on, then go for it.

Asuka and Baby Oil Author: Tobias
  • Pfft. Baby oil.

Asuka and Touji - School Project Author: Tam Ka-Wing
  • This is quite the hot piece of work. Further proof that Asuka is, in fact, a slut (which is a compliment, by the way).

Asuka Aida Author: Janus
  • Aida makes Asuka his bitch, but she doesn't know who he is. o0o0o0o, the drama. Unfortunatly/fortunatly, this fic has been dead for God knows how long.

Asuka's Good Morning - Part: 1 2 3 Author: Chameleon
  • Chicks that write lemons = hot. Coming chapters may include "girl sex"!!

Asuka's Pride Author: SIGMA

Asuka's Punishment     Author: psianogen
  • Fetishes are genetic.

Ayanami Afternoons Author: Antaeus Feldspar
  • Fan-fucking-tastic. With a fucked up name like Antaeus, you'd figure he'd have to have something going for him. Turn's out he does, and it's writing about 14 year olds getting it on. Sexy as fuck - read it.

Be Gentle and Be Rough Author: T-V|ru$
  • This is fucking COMEDY. Five fucking stars. Read it and praise Jesus.

Best Laid Plans OVA: There's a First Time for Everything Author: Ryoma and Rx7
  • It's been so long since I've read this that the only thing I could tell you about it right now is that it's long.

Blackout     Author: bsmart
  • I routinely get laid by staging blackouts and molesting girls in the dark. I'm assuming that's what this is about.

Blatantly Gratuitous Author: Violence Jack
  • I like lemons that read like a porno. Just enough "plot time" between sex for you to get more tissues.

Broken 4th Wall Author: St Fan
  • This is part of an anime "choose your own adventure" type of deal. Ranma/Asuka. Feel free to browse that annoying large archive and find all the eva lemons in it for me.

Body Heat Author: Axel Terizaki and Disaster
  • WAFF. Axel Terizaki is a sick man. But you gotta read it anyway, it's a "classic". By the way, if you squint your eyes real tight, the script format dissapears.

Caught In The Act Author: Warp Wizard
  • Mmmm, warpwizard. Clicky.

Class Project Author: stormofdragons
  • Lesbian threesome omgomgomgomg.

Class Project 2: Extra Credit Author: stormofdragons
  • I seriously doubt they're getting extra credit for this. =/

Commander Ikari Author: Hououza
  • Trying to be tricky, eh?

Damn Giant Beer Cans Author: Violence Jack
  • Basically the same thing as Blatantly Gratuitous. Random threesomes ahoy and such. Not that that's a bad thing, of course.

Days of Desire - Part: 1 2 3 Author: Salamander
  • Crazy Swedes.

Demented Love Author: Lord Ultima Havoc
  • This may not be good. And by "may not be", I mean "definatly is", and by "good", I mean "pretty shitty".

Dimensio     Author: Lara Bartram
  • Someone managed to take a completely unsexy idea and make it even less sexy.

Doujinshi Adaptations - Part: 1 Author: WarpWizard
  • Lemon adaptation of a poorly translated, crappy Saigado doujin. Smells like success.

Dream Machine - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Author: SW 01
  • Another man who realizes the magnitude of Asuka's slutness. He also realizes all stories are judged quantitatively by the number of commas they contain.

Dry Your Tears Author: Ryoko Blue
  • I think this is boring, but I wouldn't know, I didn't finish it.

Evangelion: A New Awakening Episode 2:25 Author: stormofdragons
  • Side story time. The original fic can be found here.

Eva Training Academy - Part: 1 2 3 Author: Asamake
  • ... what?

Eva X - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Author: Daisy-chan
  • Hmm... my friend says its good...

Expedition Shinji - Part: 1 2 3 Author: cd818
  • Asuka's level of slut is good enough for me. Hikari's too.

Experiencing History - Part: 1 2 Author: Chameleon
  • Fouresome sex with just the right amount of "gay" thrown in.

F3 Angels - Part: 1 2 Author: Phillip Masters
  • Yeah, crossover with the hentai series Frantic Frustrated, and Female, in case you didn't get it.
Fallen Angel - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Author: David 'Psaiyan' Hawthorne
  • Rei/Gendo madness. This is some pretty good shit, and it's actually complete.
The Fallen Angel - Part: 1 2 3 Author: Ultima Bigaroh
  • No, not Psaiyan's... this is another one. It's much, much worse.
Final Exams Suck Author: Violence Jack
  • I forgot what this one's about, but I'm sure it's radically different than everything else he's written.

Flame Angel, Frost Angel - Part: 1 2     Author: GrandMoff
  • Awww, it's cute. They wuv each other. ^__^

Fulfillment Author: Phillip Masters
  • If I remember correctly, this is some good shit right here.

Friends4Eva Author: Emtar 85
  • This thing sucks. Also, I'm not even the slightest bit embarrassed to say that I've never seen the term "mung" before in my entire life.

Glad As Hell You Woke Up Author: Al-I-Bus
  • Al-I-Bus is back, with a vengence. I'm sure you can tell what's going on by the title.

Gone dirnkin' Author: Alex Gordon
  • Misato gets drunk and fucks Shinji because she thinks he's Kaji. Seems pretty in-character.

The Half Sister Author: Shinji the 10 O'Clock Assassin
  • Cool, Ritsuko get's some action. She's such an old skank, makes you wonder why she doesn't get any screen time.

Haven of the Dolls Author: Eeichiroo
  • This one is mighty fucked up. You'd think with Eva being what it is, there'd be more lemons along the same vein as this. That vein being "fucked up". But alas, there ain't.

HEY Gendo! Stop SKULLFUCKING REI YOU BASTARD! Author: InsaneNoodleGuy
  • It's a good thing someone saved this, because I missed it during the 30 seconds or so it was on FFN.

Hidden Angel Author: Dragon Master
  • OMGWTF AWSOME ASUKA/DOUG ACTION!!1 HAWT!!@! .... who the fuck is Doug?

Hidden Desires and Deep Passion - Part: 1 2 Author: Robster80
  • Sex and stuff.

Holding Hands 2 Author: Strike Fiss
  • Fiss rocks. If you haven't read the original Holding Hands, then:
    1. Dumbass
    2. You can find it here.

Home/Bodies - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 5.5 6 Shard2 Shard5 7 8     Author:Rx7
  • For those who have rapetose intolerance, Chapter 7 also comes flavored in Consensual.

The Huntress Author: Crackatomb-Lupaz
  • Super kinky, but kinda short. Remember, a woman can NOT rape a guy unless she's fat, ugly, or over 40.

Hurts So Good Author: JeffreyScott
  • I swear if that kid doesn't stop fucking stuttering I'm going to go insane.

I Mustn't Run Away - Part: 1 2 3 Author: FaerieFortune
  • I forget, but it's not as good as Date Rape.

It's Not For Everyone Author:Rx7
  • Asuka's a dyke!

Improbable Author: The Blue Turtle
  • "Oh no, Rei, I just wanted to give you your new security card, I didn't mean to fall on top of you and for my dick to slip into your mouth!"

Innocent Seduction Author: Gord!
  • Reading the author's notes at the end, you can see the man's logic is spot on. However, he must have missed the memo that went out informing everyone that Hikari/Shinji is perhaps the most boring pairing ever, second only to Hikari/Every-other-male-castmember.

I Used To Love Her Author: Alain Gravel
  • I didn't read this (long + boring), but anyone who kills Asuka off can go straight to hell.

Kaji and Asuka Author: TheKingofTheSeahorses
  • Date Rape's illiterate step-cousin.

Kaji's Special Tea - Part: 1 2     Author: psianogen
  • This is pretty funny. Uh, intentionally, I mean. The sex ain't bad either.

Kensuke Episode Author: Violence Jack
  • Odd pairing fic: Kensuke/Maya.

Lifespan of a Love Affair - Week 19 Author: Rx7
  • "Alternate" ending to Lifespan of a Love Affair.

The Lovers Awaken Author: The Beast from the South
  • Sex is always better with crying. Always.

Maya Snaps Author: Ammadeau
  • This one's a rather long one. I suggest you have a sandwich handy. And by "sandwhich", I mean "box of tissues".

Memories Brought Together Author: Neo Cloudski
  • Rei and Shinji are so kawaii together. :D

Midnight Snack     Author: psianogen
  • Mmm, blood of the innocent.

Misato Massage Author: Shinji the 10 O'Clock Assassin
  • This thing is just fucking ridiculous.

The Misato Chronicles - Part: 1 2 3 4 Author: Katsuragi Misato
  • Misato galore. This is pretty good stuff.

Misato's Dream Author: Jayson Deare
  • Rei, Shinji, Misato, Asuka, and Anthony get it on. Anthony is Asuka's boyfriend (hawt), and he is someone else's SI. Whoever invented Anthony must have felt awkward after reading this. And some of the narrative is hilarious. I like the part where the author describes all 5 people taking off every article of their clothing one short delcaritive sentence at a time. Classy.

Misato's Tears Author: SIGMA
  • Some Misato/Shinji ackshon.

Moonlight Author: Psaiyan
  • Drunk Gendo + Rei = one crraazzzzyyy night

The Morning After Can Be Really Interesting Author: The Mad Penguin
  • I think this is more of Misato being a drunken whore. Or maybe just a regular whore... I forget.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Lemon Author: Greengo
  • Just terrible. If it makes you feel any better, the author apologized for it.

Nerv Cosmetics - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Author: Guruhoro
  • I like lemons that go on forever. This story has potential. Well, as much potential as a sex story written about cartoon characters can have, anyway.

New Mynds Author: Derek Zischke
  • Some side story to some fic I never read. There's no Asuka in it, so I didn't read it. Sorry. :(

NGE Continuation - Part: 1 2 3 Author: The Lucky Dog
  • I don't know, I didn't even read this one.

NGE: To Save The World -Lemon Side Story Author: Seraphofstrife
  • Asuka/Asuka action in this lemon side story to NGE: To Save The World. Basically, Asuka and Shinji go back in time after 3rd Impact to meet themselves. They get split up in time, and Asuka ends up in 2015 (the target) while Shinji is stuck in the past. This story is a bathtub encounter between the two Asuka's from different times. Masturbation rules.

Nocturnal Emission Author: soul.assasin
  • Kensuke/Rei? Meh, might as well throw the losers together.

No Need For Shinji - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 Author: Shinji the 10 O'Clock Assassin
  • I don't know, I didn't even read this one. Either.

No Point in Wasting Time Author: Chameleon
  • I like chicks that write lemons. Good stuff.

The Object of One's Desire Author: Drakken Fyre
  • This was like the first lemon ever written. Ever. At least that's what I've been told.

One Night Stand Author: Psaiyan
  • Goddamn I knew Ritsuko was a skank. I love skanks.

Orgasms Author: Takaru
  • Pretty hot. Then again, lesbiansismism is always hot.

OverDrive Author: KoalaKiller
  • Damn sex for being so addicting!

Payback - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Author: WarpWizard
  • Pretty hawt shit, right here.

Pen Pen! You fucking pimp! Author: InsaneNoodleGuy
  • I'm actually somewhat upset that no one has taken to the time to explore the Misato/Pen-Pen relatinoship seriously.

Pheonix Rising Author: Red Horseman
  • Pretty fucking long. By the time your done, your wrist will be the only part of your body that isn't atrophied.

Pilots Author: Al-I-Bus
  • Some threesome action courtesy of the infamous Al-I-Bus.

Plain and Simple     Author: KoalaKiller
  • I don't remember being a 14 year old as being this hot. I guess I went to the wrong school or something.

Plotless Author: Jino Turtlegod
  • Last useful lemon to come out of FFN before it decided to ban them. This is hot shit. Read it.

The Quiet First Child and the Fiery Second Child Author: Ryuumaru
  • See? Smut still comes out of FFN every once in a while.

Rabbits Author: Stuv
  • Stuv is like a modern day Shakespeare.

Rainy Day Blues Author: Violence Jack
  • ;ju89pg5d648e54w4213
    Sorry, there was a spider on my keyboard.

Ranma In The Pokegirl World - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8     Author: WarpWizard
  • Eva comes in at the end of chapter 4.

Red     Author: Ikari Yui
  • Angsty and bloody. Yay?
    At least it's kinda in the spirit of Eva... just with more lesbianism... kinda...

Rei and Asuka     Author: Unknown (oh no!)
  • This is a pretty crappy lemon, but we here at Lemontastica don't discriminate. Our standards are low, and goddamnit, they're going to stay that way.
    Note: I'm fairly sure this is written by the male version of the yaoi fangirl. You'll see what I mean.

Repayments & Redheads         Author: KoalaKiller
  • Let this be a lesson for you. Ask retarded questions that no real person would ever ask or care about and you'll get sex from 14 year old redheads with superiority complexes.

Reunion Author: Dark Nagisa
  • You see, in the future when you meet up with someone you haven't seen in a long time, it will be customary to stick your penis in them rather than shake their hand.

Revisions Author: Shinji the 10 O'Clock Assassin
  • No, I don't know what is up with this thing.

  • Hahaha, coochie cutters.

Ritsuko and Misato Author: Lara Bartram
  • There's nothing better than college girls getting drunk and having lesbian sex, is there?

Ritsuko's Device Author: David Eddy
  • This is some classy shit. It say's "more to come" at the end, but it's lying. :(

Roommates Author: Al-I-Bus
  • More threesome action courtesy of the infamous Al-I-Bus. This time it's Asuka, Shinji and Misato.

Second Katsuragi Expedition Author: Shinji the 10 O'Clock Assassin
  • More, it seems.

Second Chances Author: StormofDragons
  • I get surprised if I run into a neighbor at the grocery store, but I guess it's not all that improbable that two people from two different countries run into each other in the middle of a third.

The Second Person Author: Daniel Snyder
  • This has to be my favorite Eva lemon. Plenty of people bitch about it not really being Eva. Well, as far as I'm concerned, when the purpose of the fic is to jack it, as long as I can picture the character in my head, it's Eva enough for me. And this fic here is mighty hot.

Seriously Wrong: An Unlikely Incident Author: Guruhoro
  • Hot robot sex.

Shinji and Asuka: Life After Eva Author: James
  • James, you slay me.
    This may very well be the first lemon EVER to end with the couple going to church and apologizing to god for having fucked out of wedlock.

Shinji and Rei: Illicit Liasons - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 Author: Warp Wizard
  • More from the PayBack dude. Some Rei fanboy somewhere just soiled his Sailor Moon boxers.

Shinji's Diary - Part: 1 Author: Blue Virage
  • Stop rape. Say yes.

Shinji Does Everybody - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 Author: Blue Virage
  • When you first start reading it, it's pretty hilarious - of course, not intentionally. But the author decides to distract the reader with sex, and I think it worked.

Shinji's Unusual Morning Author: Jeffery "OneShot" Wong
  • This guy is awesome because he has a nickname. "OneShot". Classic. The lemon doesn't suck either.

Short Flings - Part: 1 Author: WarpWizard
  • Sex solves all of my relationship problems, too.

Silence is Golden Author: Dragonhealer
  • It's got to be good coming from an author who also writes lesbian "Hey, Arnold!" fan fiction.

Stolen Time Author: Fade9wayz
  • You're not interested in this one; none of the characters are underage.

Sleep It Off Author: Sensual Touches
  • I'll write this one later, I gotta go. There's this creepy guy sitting next to me reading everything I type. Yeah, guy sitting next to me, I mean you.

Take Off Author: Chameleon
  • Shinji and Asuka have sex. Rei comes in for a bit, then five minutes later realizes she's late for a dentists appointment and leaves.

Those Who Hunt... Eva? - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 Author: Alpha-Zulu
  • You're going to be doing a lot of skimming. A fucking lot of skimming..

Three Pilots Author: Andrew Carey
  • One of the old-school threesome stories, I think.

The Third Side - Part: 2 3 Author: Rx7
  • Some lemon from Rx7. The neutered version was up on FFN, which is also where you can find the decidedly not-pornographical part 1. You don't want to read it anyway. You don't want to read the second part, either, because it's Shinji/Somebitch. But I put it up anyway, since I'm a nice guy.

Touji's Big Decision Author: Dawn B.
  • What a piece of shit.

To Make an Angel Fall - Part: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 Author: Mick T
  • This man may very well be the best person ever. 27 chapters of this shit. Read the damn thing. That's dedication to porn if I've ever seen it. And I admire nothing more than dedication to porn.

Tough Love Author: Tank Cop
  • Formatting sucks... I think it was taken from a MST and had all the actual MSTING deleted out by hand...
    Anyway, Rei gets spanked! Weee!

Tounge Author: Seph(Beserk_Eva-01)
  • This here folks is the fic that made TommyRude vomit up his brunch.

To Whom I Give My Heart Author: Andy Gibb
  • This is like Be Gentle and Be Rough 2. I have almost no idea what's going on.

Trinity Author: Rx7
  • Oh shit, Rx7 time...

Un-Bend Author: Psycho_Z
  • Asuka + cocain = win

Unforgiven 2.5 - Sidestory Author: Larnir W. Haigh
  • Another one of those lemon side-stories. I doubt any of you care about the rest of the story, but you can find it at secondimpact.net.

Unexpected Side-Effects Author: Redd Penn
  • Shinji falls on Rei and his dick accidently slips into her vagina. Weird.

Valentine Crush Author: Yuna Cutie
  • el oh el
    I think it's funny when the AUTHOR refers to Rei as "wonder-girl".


The Visitor Author: evil_eric
  • You know, I may be wrong about this thing trying to be pretentious. The ending is so out of place and random and drawn-out that there is a possibility that evil_eric might just not be all that good at writing fiction.


Water Hazard Author: Hotwire
  • The side story to Wake that everyone's read.

When A Video is Not Enough - Part: 1 2 Author: Chameleon
  • More Chameleon action. 1337.

Wet Dreams Author: Zaku Ikari
  • Stuff happens, things have sex, you fuck up your keyboard because you forgot to reload on tissues. Dumbass.

Wet Dreams - Again! Author: Zaku Ikari
  • More of the above, holy crap!

Well Kept Secrets Author: Anonymous
  • Someone didn't want their mommy and daddy to find out they write cartoon porn in their spare time.

What Dreams May Come Author: Bradmeg
  • "'Aiyenami?"

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