The Rules:


This is an Evangelion centered contest, but crossovers and fusions will be allowed. You must have eva characters though.

no furries. Catgirls will be alowed though, so long as they are the anime style, and not the zomg furry kekekee style.

This is a lemon contest, so that means sex. Waffy sex, angsty sex, I don't care, so long as its sex.

Pairing can be ether regular or yuri. No yoai please. group sex is fine however.

no excessive violence, or hardcore rape. If your entry sounds like the KoS wrote it, don't mail it to me.

Stories should be one-shot style, as that makes judging them easier.

No min or max word count, but remember you will probably get more votes if you actually have such things as a plot, or characterization.

please submit in .txt format, as that will make it easier to post online.

how the contest works:

mail all entries to

This is an anonymous contest, so don't have your name in the lemon itself, at least not until after the judging is complete. This prevents people from voting for their favorite author, rather than the best lemon.

Only one entry per contestant. If you wish to remove one fic from the pool and replace it with another that's fine, but please tell me a bit ahead of time.

Lemons will be posted to the website (as soon as its up) ether as I receive them, or I can withhold them till closer to the judging, if the author prefers. Just tell me in your submission email.

This is a peer judged contest, via online poll over at Lemontastica. Keep that in mind.

The last day to submit your entry is January 7th, 2005. Judging will be opened the following Monday, January 9th, and run until the end of that week, if everything goes to plan.

Once the polls are closed, and a winner selected, the prize will be sent out once the winner has contacted me (or vice versa) and I receive a shipping address. Will send it out however comes out to be cheapest yet fastest. Priority mail in the US, and probably air or first class to the rest of the world, depending on what's best.

Names of the fic's authors will be released only after the polls have closed, and a winner selected. Please don't submit your lemons to another site with your name attached till after the contest is over, as that would sort of defeat the purpose of the anonymousness.

In the event of a tie, I'll hold a runoff poll to determine the winner.

good luck guys and gals. Hope to see some good stuff come out of this.