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Sailor Moon
Fic Name

The Kunzite Horror Picture Show Basically, it's a fusion of RHPS and Sailor Moon. It's... twisted, to say the least.
This Old Doc Mother Goose meets Sailor Moon... unfortunately.
Youma's Paradise Coolio, Weird Al - they've got nothing on this.
The Youma Come From The Land Down Under Messed up it is. Damn 80s crazes.

Love Hina

Over-Violent Student Double Hail Hina:
A Crossover that Should Never Be!
A fusion of Sailor Moon and Love Hina with at least 5 different endings.

Chapter 1: Men and Lace Panties Don't Go Together

Chapter 2: I Need to Rip Out my Eyes

Chapter 3: Youma Don't Necessarily Follow the Laws of Anime

Chapter 4: Don't Piss Off the Dark Queen

Chapter 5: I'll Go Anywhere for You!

Chapter 6: The Countdown to the Apocalypse

Chapter 6.1: Has It Really Come to This?

Chapter 6.21: But Hasn't It Ended Already?

Chapter 6.3.145159: This is What, the Fifty-Second Time It's Happened?

Chapter 6.40.480: This is the Last One, I Swear!

Chapter 7: The Reference Guide

The Kyoto Liddo-Kun

A mystery/romance fic with a highly unusual pairing, even for me.

Special warnings: Shoujo-ai.

Prologue: Kanako

Chapter 1: The Policewoman

Chapter 2: The Ronin

Chapter 3: The Girl

Chapter 4: Kimi no Koto wa Itsudemo Mamoru

The Night After Christmas And people wonder why Keitaro has such a horrible Christmas.
The Love Hina Fanboy War: The Bonds of Time I've whipped up two chapters to this, and because I use asterisks and underscores, which FFN says are forbidden characters (may they be beaten with a curly computer keyboard cable), I've posted them here in their wonderous plain ASCII .txt format. Read, enjoy.

Tuxy's Interlude: The Wreckage

Tuxy's Interlude: Betrayal

Final Fantasy

Thanatos A songfic set in the Forgotten Capital of FF7.
Sakura Poetry in a slightly abstract form.
One-Winged Angel Cid plus poetry equals trouble.
Final FantaStupidity FF5 and Magic. Not one of my better works.

Shinseiki Evangelion

The Book of Shinji A magical book from the Angels reveals far more about the cast members that they wanted known.

Chapter 1: If it's so damn powerful, why the hell is it being sold on the streets?

Chapter 2: Ecchis and Fantasies and Nosebleeds, Oh My!

Shinseiki Hinagelion

Spoofy fun goodness with just a touch of crack.

Chapter 1: Aw, Christ, not this again

Chapter 2: Face the wrath of the Almighty's messenger! ... A giant squirrel?

Chapter 3: Why, God, WHY?

Chapter 4: The End of Hinagelion, Part 1

Chapter 5: The End of Hinagelion, Part 2

Card Captor Sakura

Poke-Captor Sakura A failed crossover with Pokemon. Don't ask. You really don't want to know.

Furniture Warriors X

Chapter 9: Illuminating Dark Corners of the Attic Loft of the Mind!

Chapter 13: Lampshades of the Heart!

The two parts that I wrote of said Improfanfic series.

The Card That Never Was A godawful remembrance to 1997.

Warning: references to a certain author whose works were long thought lost.

Zero Wing

Prologue A piece on Cats and his inner thoughts before the whole thing.

Caroline in the City

If Only Hey, so sue me. I liked that show.

Screwed-Up Christmas Carols The first of the two years' worth of messed-up parodies.
Screwed-Up Christmas Carols: Another Mistake Why, oh why did I continue this?