Okay. Here's the situation.

Since the rotation was doing so much traffic, I decided to simplify things a bit.

There are now two directories for audio files: one for the Love Hina Fanboy War (/audio/Love Hina Fanboy War OST) and one for the normal rotation (/audio).

Move the mouse over the file name in the directory listing, then take a look at the status bar at the bottom of your screen. If the filename is that of the song you want, then download it.

Click here to go get the songs.


This month, we're going angsty with Tuxy's playlist of songs: EmoList!

... Blame Kana.


This will save me immense amounts of time and allow me to update the rotation more often.


If you're looking for the PublicList - the massive collection of music available on my FTP server and for requests - click here.

If you're trying to get to the FTP server, click here.

Before you go to the FTP server, make sure you've read the FTP server Primer.